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  1. Vortex Cloud Simulation

    Why my cloud push away in the few final frame?~ my velocity field is not change direction~~~~~ Thank you~ cortex_cloud.mp4
  2. Vortex Cloud Simulation

    here is my file and cache thank you. odforce.rar
  3. Vortex Cloud Simulation

    Wow!thank you,I think I should increase the centripetal force as much as the rotational force increases
  4. Vortex Cloud Simulation

    I solved the problem with divergence~~~but any better solution to do vortec cloud?? thank you
  5. Houdini mantra shadow~

    i just need self shadow don't need the shadow on another object how to do it?~Thank you
  6. Galaxy

    it's realy beautiful but ~how to do it~?
  7. Render depth layer but force matte object in the depth layer.
  8. High-speed moving objects

    Like a sphere or a motorcycle in 120km/h around . i don't want big fire, so in source volume node i turn source volume option to copy, then i get clean fuel field , but pyro can't emite the fire properly as static object. This picture is source volume in add type. So anyone has same problem?and know how to solve this one ? Please.
  9. HI Did anyone know how to use those .cpp .h file? in vs always warring somehow...and i also want to put those scriot into houdini mayabe need translate to vex did anyone done this before? Thankyou! SPH.zip
  10. Flat Tank in houdini

    Hi guys, I have some question thanks for help me:) When i simulate whitewater there are many spray foam and few bubbles point leaking through geometry geo motion: $FF/1.9 , 54km/h around isnot fast but have a lot of point inside the geometry don't know why .. Sorry for my english:) flat_tank.zip
  11. flip fluid sliding too much over ground

    sound like my situation:)
  12. Flat Tank in houdini

    did you use that two delete node in import_whitewater ?~~ nearly can't see any partical on the ship