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  1. Curves are arranged neatly in surface?

    I'm not good at painting.. I don't know if I can do this on any shape surface If there are some simple help, Thanks!!
  2. hello guys! I want to do this effect. On any surface, the curve can be arranged neatly on the surface I don't want to use VEX. It's too hard. I won't :((( help!! I didn't succeed I'm too stupid thanks very much
  3. Spray very very very little, why?:(((

    Hi,Perception. I am a simulation of a slow object from the water appear 50m*10m*2m I think this size is enough for spray But it didn't, I was troubled.
  4. Hi Guys. My whitewater spray launch is very little I used whitesource to get a lot of emission sources. But why is my spray only a little bit I'm thinking is not because the acceleration reached a value of the case Will appear spray I don't know how to make it a lot. help!! Thanks, very much
  5. Logo rises from the water. It's slow and flat

    Hi, thank you for your help It's just a simple hip In reference to the video when logo hit the water, there will be a beautiful splash I did it for three weeks, but I didn't get a good result. But my object velocity is very slow and object surface very smooth. I think there will be only water in the real world. I don't know how to let logo appear this kind of only high speed impact will appear splash
  6. This is a reference mov Hi guys I have a logo model ,Rise from the water Its surface is very flat and very flat, and the speed is very slow. It was only the surface flow down some of the water is very small it is ugly How do I make it appear to be very beautiful splash I am very stupid I have been doing it for three weeks. Asking for help Thanks.. test.hip
  7. Hi Guys I use tank flat to solve a section of the object water But there are some questions The edge of tank is not calm. But if I want to expand it into a big ocean How do I deal with the edge so that it can be matched to a flat, so I can give mesh to do a ocean replacement And then, after the edge of the match, then how do I Whitewater and after the replacement of the mesh match it? I think this is a very difficult problem to solve. Ask for help.. and thank you
  8. Particle age in a group..

    Guys hi In the particle, how can I get the particles to enter a certain group, and then calculate the $AGE? I have some points. It's black. Now. There is a red ball passing through these points. I now want to add a $AGE attribute value to these points is $T But I would like to make these points at the beginning of the red will be calculated from 0 $T, and I now all the $AGE attributes are the same value What should I do? thanks..
  9. Noise how to convert into line?

    ohohohoh very thanks ! I haven't seen your reply for a long time. I love you!
  10. Noise how to convert into line?

    Hi guys. I made a noise like this with VOP. But its animation is on the Cd, and the point cloud is not moving How can I get the point to follow this noise? Or...... how I should turn this noise into a line. Thanks
  11. How to merge the two meshes?

    Thank you for your help. I have solved it. I make it too complicated. I ended up with two P.y. Oh, my God. I think my brain is eaten by zombies.
  12. How to merge the two meshes?

    I now want to merge the two ripples onto a grid I used intersect under the VOP it can only fusion half I think it's not good for me to do. help me thank you
  13. How to merge the two meshes?

    hi guys I now do two kinds of ripples But I don't know how to get them together. I've tried ray but the shape will change. I should how to integrate the two effects without changing the form?? thanks!
  14. ripples

    Yes I've tried him But if there's a SOP, it's better.
  15. ripples

    Hi Guys! I now want to make a ripple effect on the surface of the rain I use DOP under ripplesolver But I don't think it's easy to control. So I would like to ask you guys Ripple under the SOP node how to make the rain ripples Raindrops, the contact surface of the location of the ripples, and gradually disappear? Or you have a better way to SOP. Have a good day!