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  1. Hi Guys, Sorry I haven't had time to help you with this. I'm presenting at Node fest this November. I'll be covering some of these techniques in detail. The videos will be online as usual. Cheers, Ben.
  2. Thanks for your help Diego, the more pieces I have fractured, things start screwing up even with "Parallel Cons" turned on. I'll continue to try & figure this out.
  3. Hey Diego, it's bizarre that Anthony (above) and myself are getting this behavior but you're not, his suggestion is definitely working by the look of it. Still not quite the behavior I expected without "Use Parallel constraint solver" turned on. BTW if you're ever speaking to Craig Tonks, say Hi for me
  4. Awesome, glad you were seeing the same thing as I was, Phew! I'm also seeing the pieces staying in place now thanks to "Use Parallel" and NO impacts are detected which is what I expected to begin with. Thanks so much!
  5. Ok so when I play the file I attached, after frame 15 impacts show up in the geo spreadsheet then pieces start to move apart. How on earth is this not happening for you! ...So frustrating
  6. Ok man, thanks for checking it out. I'm installing 14 395 right now, gonna check & let you know
  7. Whattt!! So when you're deleting the glue over time the pieces don't move?? I'm using H 335, will update just in case.
  8. Hi Guys, Wondering if someone could help me out here. Say I have a standard box fractured (packed) with Voronoi and I sim that with no forces in play, as expected the pieces stay together and are perfectly aligned, no impacts, no moving away - GREAT! When I glue them in the same situation, then delete the constraints either in sops (animated) or with a sop solver connected to the constraint network, impacts are detected and start moving the pieces apart, Grrr. Not sure why this happens, there's nothing that has changed. Test file attached. Any help would be GREAT! glue.hipnc
  9. how to grab flip visualization color in sops?

    Awesome thanks eetu