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  1. TOPS crashes and corrupts HIP?

    Cheers, edited H version. Cheers but the other post is just about corrupted headers from recovered files, but for us its happening when baking some IFDS through TOPS, H crashes and the hip is dead.
  2. Anyone run into an issue where H18.5 crashes and corrupts the hip when baking IFDs using TOPs? Really strange. Cheers!
  3. Whitewater setup for Large Ocean Toolkit

    Any idea how to do this? I would like to take a meshed flip sim and use OceanFoam to create whitewater as if it was using a Spectrum. Cheers!
  4. Consulting on fibre/wire systems

    Think a bit nuts to try and do individual strands but good luck
  5. Consulting on fibre/wire systems

    Could you just do a ton of 3x3 polys with random bent shape, vellum, squash em, texture with a cluster texture? Or you want them to be completely volumetric? Could try the polygon "Asterisk" like in games, with a fuzz cluster texture and it would sort of have depth until squashing.... Simulating every strand etc would be a bit mad but doable if you really needed vellum hairs.
  6. Any other suggestions on how to take a large wavetank sim, and crop just a small swatch, to do whitewater testing on, instead of the huge tank? I need to take the compressed fluid cache, and crop out a small bit. Tried something like this which sort of worked, but the whitewater source changed completely, so I am guessing I am screwing up something? Cheers! this is the ww source before cropping - this is ww source after, completely different as if it has more curvature?
  7. Yeah I thought of that, just do a bunch of small domains with edge boundaries, combine all the flip sims into one with soft edges, then do whitewater from that... but it will look like mixed sims a bit.
  8. Well that sucks. So you can not simply sim one slice, finish, sim another etc on one box? Damn...
  9. Houdini : Need Suggestion for talcum powder simulation

    I vote for pyro sim for bulk with particles advected for details
  10. FLIP-Fluid and a vellum interaction, how?

    What about trying 19 Vellum Fluids?
  11. Guided Ocean vs Wave Tank?

    Cheers all. This is the key I was trying to determine... can a Wave tank still match the spectra on its edges... and seems sort of using the boundaries, if large enough will smooth out the sim in middle as it nears edge, to then match Spectra. Although can look a bit strange if you have much vel and details that then must slow down and flatten to the edge. And yes Guided wont give you nice rolling waves, it will simply follow the spectra, so a wave may rise and start but will never make a "pipe" like surfers ride. So in the end a Wave Tank is best to use if you want some nice pipes and splashes that then mix into a Spectra. I also did wonder if Guided would somehow be faster to sim but its not really.
  12. What if you need to do a flip sim that requires 10 km and 100 million particles but can only sim 20 million before your machine crashes? Can you use distributed with/without HQueue to slice it up and just sim 5x on the one machine, but in the end have a nice 100 mill sim?
  13. Guided Ocean vs Wave Tank?

    Cheers but that still does not really explain the real difference. Both are spectra driven, one acts like a "collider" that the sim sits on... is that REALLY it? What would be the reason to use one over the other?
  14. Guided Ocean vs Wave Tank?

    Ocean experts - what is really the difference these days between a Guided Ocean and just a Wave Tank? Are Guided Oceans just legacy and no use anymore? Pros and Cons? Cheers!
  15. Vellum fluid and cog wheel

    wheel.hiplc This is a quick hack but you could do something like this.