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  1. Too high Surface Tension causes this sometimes View your Surface in the Fluid Obj to get an idea of the actual sim. In the Solver Tab did you scale down the Spatial Scale? You don't need 10/20 substeps (1/2 is fine), just in the main Dop try 3 substeps. You can also use an Attribute Blur post sim to pull parts together before meshing. Edit: Didn't see the vid before, to be honest everything in middle with those shapes, when meshed will look good i bet, just that last bit, which you could always delete those points post sim.
  2. Dynamically Adding Geo to Vellum solver

    Would this help?
  3. How to? Vellum Constraints and Rivet

    Quick fix was to use a pointdeform on a sphere to follow the character and then attach another sphere to the ptdeform, all within the same SOP that has the vellum in it. Works but is hacky!
  4. Hey all, trying to have constraints attach to geo in vellum to follow a sphere, all works, but then tried to rivet it to a moving character and vellum sees the sphere at 0,0,0, not where its riveted. Cheers!
  5. Vellum input geometry update per frame

    Mate, you are a god! Been looking for this for ages... works decent with a carve! Thanks so much!
  6. Vellum input geometry update per frame

    Anything ever become of this? Cheers!
  7. flip, vellum and rbd in one effect

    Not exactly what you want but will help you to figure out how to get there if not also blow your mind... needs to be seen more often anyway!
  8. Got a mad question for you all but I am sure you have asked the same question at one time or another. Is there an app, browser, Windows Explorer method to view sequence files as one entry like we can in Houdini or Nuke? So if I needed to sift through and move/delete hundred of sequences, thousands of files, all named similarly with a .001.bgeo, .002.bgeo, .003.bgeo naming convention etc. can I select an entire Sequence as One Entry to do so? Cheers!
  9. Is there an app like Windows Explorer that will list entire bgeo Sequences as One Entry like we can in Houdini? Make sense? Trying to find a program that will do this, list like Houdini or Nuke, an entire seq as one, but cannot. So I have wedged 100s of sims, all named like Geo.001.bgeo,Geo.002.bgeo,Geo.003.bgeo etc and need a way in Windows to list them as one entry, so I can easily select that one entry and delete it. Manually Shift-selecting 100s of these would be too time consuming. Cheers!
  10. Flipbook Motion vectors stuttering (ue4)

    Have you tried an 8x8 atlas? Or is that a 7x6 atlas but your columns/rows are 7? Did you render with pad power of 2 and have that in your ue4 image?
  11. Cheers Tomas! Cool stuff, does not seem to work in 18.5 though...any ideas? Cheers!
  12. Swirl Pyro Equivalent

    Hey guys, any way to make tile-able swirls in a static volume? Where edges line up and can make it an infinite tile? I guess like a tile-able curl noise? Cheers!
  13. Interaction between two different smoke objects

    This is WICKED Cheers!
  14. smoke has a hairy look

    What are your noise setting in the shader? Your new 18 sims, renders look as hairy as the old ones....looks like a mad overblown noise in the shader. Its kinda cool for some soft stuff.