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  1. Well actually its opposite for me, was fine until 18.5... 19+ it seems to be happening.
  2. Cheers Atom, work files unfortunately, will try home later. Cheers Ryew, any chance you have a demo scene that shows it? Good to hear it IS happening to others. Swear it started after 18.5.
  3. Maybe I have turned on/off a setting by accident? Double checked and nothing pinned, nothing crazy. But some strange reason, and I swear since 18.5+ Houdini seems to want to re cook something that it should not. A simple example - If I convert something to vdb, and then smooth it, and below it put a filecache... before if you had just baked to vdb and then displayed the smooth and then go to save filecache, it didnt rebake the vdb or smooth node above.. but now does... and its really such a time suck repeatedly rebaking. Feels like something post 18.5.... Cheers!
  4. I think my initial confusion was thinking this has to do with Reseeding like FLIP.
  5. Anyone know what Reseed Frames does? Assuming its the number of frames before a reseed of the repellants, but there are no docs or info anywhere? Cheers!
  6. Just make a simple rig, chain of bones or kinefx, pose in a shape you want to flow, and move the entire cloth through the bones/kinex that has noise... and make bits loose in vellum
  7. Turns out a simple Timeshift after Materials in LOPS and Transform before works! Cheers!
  8. This one has me stumped - is it possible to move and offset (not retime!) Spectrums and corresponding Foam caches post sim? I'm rendering an Ocean in Karma but need to transform and offset it at render time. For previews I am timeshifting and transforming the Ocean Preview Grid with applied Spectrum, moving it around in camera to art direct where a wave is along with its Whitewater foam cache etc. Works great, can easily take a long cache, offset it, move the whole ocean closer or farther from cam as per supervisors needs without having to resim etc. Realized at render time, simply doing the same to the Spectrum wont work. Thought to offset the Time in Spectrums but that of course just made totally new patterns in the waves. And cant move it with a Transform really can you? I am worried the only way is to bake the geo then move and offset? To be clear, I dont want to retime, or change the look or speed of the sim at all. I simply want to take the cached foam and its corresponding ocean (which works when the spectrum is baked to geo and then moved), and move it in space, and offset its cache a few 100 frames so Karma renders it correctly. Cheers!
  9. Spatially. Like when testing an ocean, with whitewater foam, make a small patch so you can iterate faster. Or if you need to do a beach wave crashing, a thin sliver of a beach for testing. Yes par sep for res. You can also play with Grid Scale and Particle scale, sometimes I have found you can get a good setup, and maybe jack up Grid Scale a bit and still get same results with faster sims. Also look in the Volume Motion/Solver tab, for Mass and Space Scale and tweak accordingly to your scale if you lets say have to sim at 10x/.01x scale. Forgot to mention to save time, filecache any and all colliders and things (perhaps emitters, VDBs, etc) that take a little time to recompute every time you do a test (if they havent changed). Pretty much though many different fluid effects require different setups, and its all about as I said just getting a "feel" for how to 'tweak the knobs', so you arent wasting any time with crap you dont need. *and I would never really do a full flip sim for landscape sized oceans use a spectrum, do some ww sims on it, done.
  10. After a few lower res tests, I find it best to work in a res close to your final, but work on a very small patch and just become a robot, tweak an attr, do a quick test, understand what raising or lowering a little does, re-read some docs, scour some old tuts for nuggets, do more tests, repeat, a lot. A LOT. After a while you will know within a few frames if something is completely off or not. Or Wedge like there is no tomorrow. But for initial tests and understanding what to tweak, I find it just easier to do small tests quick then once you "feel" it, wedge a few variations. Also as far as reseeding, you really need to do some tests and it depends on what you need, like an ocean vs a blood splat and how to use reseeding and oversampling. Sometimes its better to use very low thresholds. Again tweak a little and notice how .5 vs .1 reseeds, watching the Geo Spreadsheet. See how many points per frame you're blasting into your sim. Is it way too many? Tweak!
  11. I have no idea what you want to do? make scarf move and fly and wrap around, or leave neck and fly off? look at the scenes in the post... you can draw a curve and move the carve the cloth to draw through it...
  12. Silly me, didn't Allow Editing and dig deeper, CHEERS! Some nice stuff to tweak here -
  13. Is it possible to jack into or change the Noise in Repellents, other than the standard controls? How is the noise calculated? Can we add to it or change it? Add a Perlin noise or custom vel? Vex or Vops? Maybe effected by a POP sim? Or is it hard coded? Cheers!
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