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  1. vellum grains - flips interactions

    really? sounds good
  2. vellum grains - flips interactions

    you cant... you can make vellum fluids and vellum grains interact...
  3. Someone asked how to do something similar and I couldn't find any setups or tutorials so hacked this together. HIM_popVellum19.5.v004.hiplc
  4. RBDs floating on FLIP-Fluid issue

    its your resolution in your domain... too low res, the box collision passes through between frames. visualize vel with a bounding box with hash try a par sep of .025...
  5. looks like overlapping polys... tweak your fracture settings a little
  6. You can not use Packed RBDs. If you do not care too much about the splashing etc, and just want floating, etc... try this method https://www.artstation.com/blogs/mikealvarez/N3jw/cetacean-stranding-log-04
  7. what do you eat to be a vfxtd?

    Any pro knows its Pizza & Beer
  8. Sharp spikes growth effect

    That is WICKED Konstantin
  9. Vellum Grains ID

    cool foam!
  10. TOPS crashes and corrupts HIP?

    Cheers, edited H version. Cheers but the other post is just about corrupted headers from recovered files, but for us its happening when baking some IFDS through TOPS, H crashes and the hip is dead.
  11. Anyone run into an issue where H18.5 crashes and corrupts the hip when baking IFDs using TOPs? Really strange. Cheers!
  12. Whitewater setup for Large Ocean Toolkit

    Any idea how to do this? I would like to take a meshed flip sim and use OceanFoam to create whitewater as if it was using a Spectrum. Cheers!
  13. Consulting on fibre/wire systems

    Think a bit nuts to try and do individual strands but good luck
  14. Consulting on fibre/wire systems

    Could you just do a ton of 3x3 polys with random bent shape, vellum, squash em, texture with a cluster texture? Or you want them to be completely volumetric? Could try the polygon "Asterisk" like in games, with a fuzz cluster texture and it would sort of have depth until squashing.... Simulating every strand etc would be a bit mad but doable if you really needed vellum hairs.
  15. Any other suggestions on how to take a large wavetank sim, and crop just a small swatch, to do whitewater testing on, instead of the huge tank? I need to take the compressed fluid cache, and crop out a small bit. Tried something like this which sort of worked, but the whitewater source changed completely, so I am guessing I am screwing up something? Cheers! this is the ww source before cropping - this is ww source after, completely different as if it has more curvature?