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  1. Minpos in pop wrangle working with vellum?

    Hey dude, hows it going? ABC! I did give that back didn't I??? Drop the wrangle under the vellum source.
  2. Difference and why use both with Vellum Source and Object ?

    Any chance you know how to do something like this - Vellum:Continuous Emission with Dynamic Constraints – ZYBRAND but with geo instead of just particles? Or even with changing topology from a SOP? For instance, imagine emitting the money but then having constraints connect them as they emit, so imagine more like a roll of toilet paper connected, using continuous emission. Or even more complex imagine in SOP carving out a curve, extruding the geo over time. How can you tell vellum to update it (without constraints) I would like to do something like lets say have a Scarf flowing along a curve, but the scarf starts as just one poly, etc... extruding along the curve. I would like to make that live vellum, so as it grows it can wrinkle and blow in wind , etc. I am a bit confused about why you can not just have updating topology in vellum, yet continuous emission emits into ONE vellum object, in essence adding and changing the topology. You get me? Is it simply that under the hood its actually several objects? Its a tough one! Sorry to hijack cinnamon!
  3. Vellum cloth scatter issues

    Hah, well why didn't you say that in the 1st place? The main problem is scatter messing up point counts. Here are 2 versions in this scene. Your way tweaked a little, and a copy points version. Switch the switch to 1 and reveal your instances to see your version tweaked. Copy points is another way that may allow more control with packed geo. Maybe someone will chime in with a completely better way to instance geo, POST sim, as its not good practice to rebuild every frame like this. _Example_Vellum_Scatter.HIM.v012.hiplc
  4. Vellum cloth scatter issues

    It's your scatter. Just add a frozen Timeshift after it.
  5. Making tidal wave

    Mate! That wave6 vop! wow!
  6. Help with ice fracturing

    Here is a quick setup to point you in the right direction. A little Ben Watts propagation methods mixed with some Entagma's Voronoi love. Of course you can redo this with much better shapes, etc. Read into using Shortest Path too. HIM_Icebreaktest_v05.hiplc
  7. Any way to update topology? I am trying to carve out a curve>polywire, basically grow a shape over time along the curve and make it vellum cloth, live and waving as it grows. Seems like trying a sop in dops does not update it over time like you can with constraints. Cheers!
  8. Creating bubbling lava

    https://hdbp.io/9fBpySbJ Great new-ish tutorial site with a cool interface too Also do a search here or SideFX Forum but Atom I believe posted another way to do bubbling.
  9. Cellular structures in fire

    opunhide Dop gasdsd to use the old solver. <------ You can get that look in Pyro with the right settings and shading.
  10. fire from small source

    Or just do a few different high res sim caches, and instance them all over the branches, if you dont need full realism or any dynamic movements. Can offset the timing, scale, etc of each instance.
  11. Floating animated character on Flip

    You could try faking it all with a high res grid and vellum, depending on your shot. Are you more interested in the way the lizard floats and slightly deforms the water? Or more a realistic splash and ripples?
  12. Bend Pyro Import!

    Holy Shi* you guys are sick, how did I miss something like this! Sim one plume of smoke, bend and warp tons of instances, done!
  13. Tying a Knot

    Tidied things up a bit, faster to sim, less substeps, thicker knot and rope. Less popping but still a few issues, will see if its the sim or the point deformer. Any suggestions? Added a little twist to the polyWire to do some actual geo threads. HIM_Vellum_Rope_v014.hipnc
  14. Tying a Knot

    Whats wrong with vellum? Had to go and do it the hard way. Far from perfect, tough to get no stretching without tons of substeps, etc. And Point Deform doesn't seem to be best way to go but a good start. HIM_Vellum_Rope_v007.hipnc
  15. Hey guys, trying to retime a FLIP sim cache, and even starting at 1.25 as suggested here - still getting some flickering... any ideas how to fix? Cheers! https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/59321/?page=1#post-273194 Also any chance there is a new UPRES RETIME for FLIP like the GasUp Res node? Would be great to slow down flip and fill in the gaps! Cheers!