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  1. ÖBST

    HAHA nice one... I swear I recognise those Walrus sounds or Seals? Blue Planet?
  2. Vellum Balloon Pressure

  3. Vellum Inflate From Flattened State?

    Strange, you would think Vellum would have this... nCloth can do it easily too. I imagine under the hood its just expanding rest lengths of the springs in Maya.
  4. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/dyno/vellum.html
  5. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    Amazing work mate!
  6. Please critique my beast rig

    Just wanted to point out, those Threadrippers use a TON of power, even when idle. Something to consider.
  7. fake fire rnd

    Thank you mate, very kind of you! Great setup!
  8. Know this is old, but jesus old school, thanks!
  9. Pyro OpenCL vs CPU - Why do the sims differ?

    Cheers, but again I am asking WHY? What does it compute differently, or what are the main reasons the sims look different? I would imagine GPU would simply just use the GPU which may sim faster, etc... but why are the maths different, etc...
  10. Pyro OpenCL vs CPU - Why do the sims differ?

    Amazing, cheers! I will take a look.
  11. Can someone please give me an indepth explanation as to why the CPU vs GPU sims look different? I have noticed when making a fire sim, GPU gives a bit more streaky and jagged sim (better licks) than a CPU sim which tends to be a bit more billowy with more 'shrooms' or rounder shapes in general. Sadly GPU crashes on any large scale sims yet I really like the look. How can I get CPU sims to look as streaky and jagged as GPU? Any tricks to stop a GPU sim from crashing? Cheers!
  12. Cheers, did not know that?!!? Btw thanks a million for your link page, amazing help!!!
  13. One other idea, what about doing something like this to cheaper older boxes, and just get 2 instead? Have a mini farm going? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2H73cLbyzI Oops, nevermind forgot about 64g limit!
  14. Cheers, Do we have a list of which solvers do and don't use cores? I am considering building a new box, thinking of avoiding i9, but getting an 2066 motherboard (to upgrade to i9 in future), with something like a top of the line 6 core i7 OC at 5.0ghz, start with 64gb until ram goes down. Or thinking of getting an older z840 with more cores but slower clock speeds. It seems from your posts and others in other threads that most people agree with clock speed. Just wondering where that sweet spot is for price, performance and no hassle with things like mad water cooling, or power consumption (shame about threadrippers being energy hogs... they seem like the right thing to go for!) Its pretty daunting as usual to figure out whats best to get....worse than buying a car I am still confused how my i5 4 core OC to 4.2ghz sims almost as fast as i7 or i9 and faster than xeons which all had so many more cores!?!? Thanks!
  15. Sorry to ask the same question but it really seems like there are so many different posts about this, hard to tell whats what in 2018. For simulations in H, is it better to get less cores, but faster clock speed? Cheers