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  1. Creating bubbling lava

    https://hdbp.io/9fBpySbJ Great new-ish tutorial site with a cool interface too Also do a search here or SideFX Forum but Atom I believe posted another way to do bubbling.
  2. Cellular structures in fire

    opunhide Dop gasdsd to use the old solver. <------ You can get that look in Pyro with the right settings and shading.
  3. fire from small source

    Or just do a few different high res sim caches, and instance them all over the branches, if you dont need full realism or any dynamic movements. Can offset the timing, scale, etc of each instance.
  4. Floating animated character on Flip

    You could try faking it all with a high res grid and vellum, depending on your shot. Are you more interested in the way the lizard floats and slightly deforms the water? Or more a realistic splash and ripples?
  5. Bend Pyro Import!

    Holy Shi* you guys are sick, how did I miss something like this! Sim one plume of smoke, bend and warp tons of instances, done!
  6. Tying a Knot

    Tidied things up a bit, faster to sim, less substeps, thicker knot and rope. Less popping but still a few issues, will see if its the sim or the point deformer. Any suggestions? Added a little twist to the polyWire to do some actual geo threads. HIM_Vellum_Rope_v014.hipnc
  7. Tying a Knot

    Whats wrong with vellum? Had to go and do it the hard way. Far from perfect, tough to get no stretching without tons of substeps, etc. And Point Deform doesn't seem to be best way to go but a good start. HIM_Vellum_Rope_v007.hipnc
  8. Hey guys, trying to retime a FLIP sim cache, and even starting at 1.25 as suggested here - still getting some flickering... any ideas how to fix? Cheers! https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/59321/?page=1#post-273194 Also any chance there is a new UPRES RETIME for FLIP like the GasUp Res node? Would be great to slow down flip and fill in the gaps! Cheers!
  9. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    Something like this?
  10. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    Is there any chance there is a FLIP Upres Retime tool similar to the Gas Upres in H17 that will create this sheeting effect? Cheers!
  11. New Retime sop with flip fluids cache

    Cheers for that tip! BTW is there an Upres Retime for FLIP like Gas Up Res?
  12. POP Curve Force, @oncurve - how to?

    Awesome, cheers!!!
  13. Particle Fluid Surface node - Mesh 2 together?

    Silly me, I forgot to use a VDBreshape to "gloop them together", which as you can see in 2nd image is working where the particles meet. Now the issue is, how do I make this only happen only where the points/mesh meet, not all the drops away from the core as I lose their detail. Cheers!
  14. Particle Fluid Surface node - Mesh 2 together?

    Hope this helps make sense of what I am asking.