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  1. Mask Flip Suction

    I'm trying to control the suction force for flip with point attributes. Eg: only want the suction force to work when an attribute is above 0 (in this case, the "suction" attribute, I created in the emitter represented by the colored sphere). The suction force however is created using a gas wrangle dop. How can I import this point attribute to work with this dop? flip_suction.hip
  2. cloth interpretations

    If your animated cache doesn't have subframes, then increasing substeps will probably not do much. Try adding a timeblend SOP after your file cache, and also create an ID attribute for your cache before that.
  3. Volumetric Light Fog with Redshift

    Solid tutorial, thanks for pointing me to this. Got it working!
  4. I'm trying to create a light fog effect similar to the one in the image. I know how to do this with mantra but I cannot find any way to make this work with Redshift. The RS docs have a section on this but unfortunately no information on building it in Houdini. Is this a feature that is not available yet?
  5. Insert Many Edge Loops - HELP!

    I think the issue is that OP is manually adding the polysplit node in the Network view. When you hit "Q", it's going to default to creating the default polysplit node. However, if you create the edge loop directly in the view port (Tab in viewport > Edge loop), you should be able to use "Q" to keep creating edge loops easily after that. It will automatically drop down the polysplit node for you, with the edge loop mode selected. Try it.
  6. Which Linux For Houdini?

    Feel like Ubuntu has too many bells and whistles that I don't need. Been running Centos 7 with no issues using Nvidia with Houdini, Nuke and Maya running smooth.
  7. Linux newbie Nvidia drivers & related questions

    Are you running Houdini from the terminal? If you aren't, you should probably source houdini in your shell and try running houdini from the terminal. It will at least give you some sort of message of why Houdini may be quitting on you when you launch.
  8. Linux newbie Nvidia drivers & related questions

    I think that's definitely something to do with the way you created your boot installer. From the Centos wiki, it says that Universal USB Installer is not supported. I'd recommend using Rawrite32 to make your USB disk, has worked for me multiple times without any problems in the past.
  9. Linux newbie Nvidia drivers & related questions

    Hi Jim! I usually go with the DVD ISO and just mount that to a USB and boot via that. I found that Rawrite32 is the most stable for making the boot USB. You can try Rufus, but I have had inconsistent results with that. As for the NVIDIA installation, I've followed that guide, but I usually get an issue saying that the Nouveau drivers are still running, even though I blacklisted them. I've fixed this with the “initramfs” file, the commands can be found here http://www.tecmint.com/install-nvidia-drivers-in-linux/. You'll know the blacklist worked when you reboot and your resolution as at it's lowest. I'm not sure of any shortcut, if any experts want to chip it, I'd like to hear it too.
  10. FLIP Ocean Breach

    Hey all! I'm excited to share this project that I finally just completed. I started this about 4 months ago when I was interning at SideFX and continued to develop it after I left. I worked with another intern (Naveen Sabesan, now at Method Studios) who super talented! He did the UV's and shading for the ship, and also came up with the name for the ship Thanks to the people that helped me on this, especially the awesome people at SideFX! Cheers, Kevin
  11. Displacement Popping Issue

    Was able to fix this by adding a Facet SOP and checking PreCompute normals on. I'm not sure how it fixed it, but if anyone has an explanation, would like to know what actually happened... **EDIT** That actually did not fix it, made some really bad lighting artifacts instead.
  12. Displacement Popping Issue

    I'm using a TIF as the brick displacement (attached, with a HIP file). Tried dialing down the displacement, but it still happens? I'm not sure if I get what you're trying to say about the center of displacement. Weird thing is, I dropped in a box, very similar in dimensions, and plugged the same material into it, I'm not getting that issue at all... disp_issue.zip
  13. Displacement Popping Issue

    Hey guys!, I'm running into an issue with my displacement popping during render time with all objects that have a material that's displaced. I can't seem to pinpoint the problem, other than that it occurs only when "True Displacements" is ticked on. It happens only along the edge of the geometry. The displacement is image based, on a mantra surface. Here's a few frames of what I'm talking about. Any help in trying to figure this issue out is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  14. Sharp Corner Extrusion/Loft

    Was actually able to fix this, accidentally! Used a sweep, then skin. For some reason, ticking "V order" on in the skin sop and changing the value to 2, gave me the desired results. While I'm happy with the results, it would be nice to have an explanation of why the order of splines along V fixed this problem..
  15. Sharp Corner Extrusion/Loft

    Hello! I'm trying to extrude a profile from a curve and retain a sharp corner. I've tried using a sweep, but it gives me a rounded corner (makes sense because it's nurbs). Also tried poly loft, gives me the desired results, but I don't want the polygons. Tried using the new Poly Extrude tools but to no avail. Would really appreciate any tips on this. Thanks! sweeploft.hipnc