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  1. Gas Disturbance

    Solved. I didn't now that is possible to add older version of operator by using opadd function in textport.
  2. Gas Disturbance

    Hello, Following a tutorial about dynamic cloud simulation i get weird result applying Gas Disturbance operator since in houdini 18.5 have different parameter and totally different behaviour that what showed in the course (recorded in H17.5.258 ), any hint on how to set it so it behave like older version? In specific: Binding have not "Disturb field is vector field" option "Cutoff" parm in Disturb setting mode "Block based" have now a lot of new parameter realted to noise that doesn't exist in older version Control setting doesn't have "Control influence " parm Thnks!!
  3. Copy paste issue on w10

    Thanks, fixed by reinstalling.
  4. Hi, I got a problem after updating to H18, whatever i try to copy paste i receive clipdoard errors, i upload a screnshot of the error window, apart from this erro the pasted node works. I'm on w 10. Thank in advance best
  5. Set angle between poly

    Hello folks. I need to manually set the angle between 2 polygon, i now how to calculate the angle but i'm stuck on how to set it to a different value, i think that i have move the vertex opposite to the adiacent edge but i don't now how to find the correct coordinate. Thank
  6. HDK&KrakatoaAPI Render DSO

    Hi. That is great Thank you. Looking forward to try it
  7. HDK&KrakatoaAPI Render DSO

    That's look awesome!!!Any chance to try this tool?i have used krakatoa some yers ago, and i found it incredible!!