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  1. H16 Chopnet

    It has been possible to have the display flag on for multiple CHOPs pre-Houdini 16 and have them display in the motion FX view. As for the null shape, I don't really know, but I do know that I will be turning off the custom shapes as soon as I get going in 16
  2. PQ Houdini Tutorials

    Peter Quint's tutorials are a great start. Go with basics first, he explains concepts very thoroughly
  3. using break sop

    The best solution will be available through the new boolean tool in Houdini 16 which ships next week. For now you are able to do rotations on your own cutting geo which goes into the second input of the Break SOP
  4. Frank, I'm not having that issue. Is this what you are doing? 1. Go inside instance1 network 2. Delete old Object Merge, create a new Object Merge 3. In Object 1 field of the object merge properties, select /obj/grid_object1
  5. The object merge node inside your instances had a bad parameter reference. A bit weird but might have had something to do with you locking the parameter or messing with it in some other way instance attempt_fix.hipnc
  6. Reinstalling the drivers has fixed the issue. Thanks!
  7. Thank you! As soon as I get home I'll do that. Very happy that there is a solution
  8. Thank you for your help, I will try that as soon as I get home. I tried all the things you tried before giving up - only came short of reinstalling drivers. Thanks again
  9. I noticed a difference on my windows 10 laptop on the weekend as well. Creating a box would take a minute, selecting and moving nodes would be a complete pain. I checked for latest drivers but there were none available. Everything was working fine before. Any ideas?
  10. Kelp

    You can alternatively try a wire sim which tends to be fairly straight forward on your curve, and attach leaves to that afterwards
  11. I'd do this as a hand-over to FEM on a frame of your choice
  12. CopySOP - move pivot of copies

    Hi there; Your answer lies in your question - use "foreach" after measuring the connectivity of the pieces. Inside, use an expression to move the pivot to the bottom of Y axis with $YMIN and subtract it from the Y translations copy_222_trans.hipnc