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  1. Ptex question

    I do like this: 1. I import one object modeled with houdini to mari and paint ptex texture. 2.then import the object from mari to houdini. but ,I found that the textures on models built with quad faces is OK,but for trigle and pentagon ,the textures is incorrect. then i downloaded the samples from ptex website and import them to houdini ,the same problem is again. so ,how to fix the problem? thanks samples: ptex.us/samples/triangle.zip ptex.us/samples/pentagon.zip
  2. why there is no no Digital Assets in rsl_vopsurface ? I create new OTL which type is vexBuilder.In vopsurface,it's in Digital Assets we can find under tab Menu,but in rsl_vopsurface,it can not be found. in textport,I can find it in opadd。
  3. how can I kill the overlayed particles

    actually I want to do the effect that if particles get close to each other to a certain distance, they get killed. like the image below. but I can't get the id of the original particle. houtokill2.hipnc I'm thinking if the overlayed particles created by split node could be killed, the problem might be solved.
  4. how can I kill the overlayed particles

    Thanks for your reply, Emanuele. This problem is easy to solve in sop, but is it posibble to solve it in pop?(kill the overlayed particles caused by split?)
  5. 1. create a source of particle, create 10 particles at first frame, the speed is 1. 2. create a split node, which create particles from the original particle, the speed is 0; so the result is 10 particle lines. problem is , 20 particles are overlayed each other. how can I kill the overlayed particles? howtokill.hipnc
  6. how to random rotating ?

    the problem seems be solved. Here is the new code: #include "math.h" pop testop() { vector myP = normalize(P); float myrand = fit(random(Frame),0,1,PI/-9,PI/9); matrix myrot = ident(); myrot = rotate(myrot,myrand,myP); vector myV = normalize(cross(v*myrot,myP)); v *= myrot; P = normalize(myP*20+myV) *5; } but still has a long way to go till the final result
  7. how to random rotating ?

    There is a sample click the picture to play animation
  8. I want to make a particle moving randomly in the range of (-pi/9, pi/9) on a sphere, but the result I get is rotating around X axis, Is there anyone could help me with it? Thanks. #include "math.h" pop testpop() { vector myP = normalize(P); float myrand = fit(random(Time),0,1,PI/-9,PI/9); matrix myident = ident(); matrix myrot = rotate(myident,myrand,myP); vector myD = normalize(cross(v*myrot,myP)); P = normalize(P+myD*3)*30; } rotation.hipnc
  9. how can I source my own expression

    eg: there is a fuction float bias(float b, float x) { return pow(x, log(B)/log(0.5)); } ——> saved as bias.h ——> when I enter houdini, from the edit menu ——> open aliases and expressions menu ——> Load Expresssions File hit Load Expressions file and load " bias.h" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Every time I have to redo these steps in Houdini, is it possible let Houdini auto load it?
  10. how can I source my own expression in Houdini, so I do not need to reload it at each time when Houdini is opened.
  11. Need help on an effect/video

    Thanks The moment I started watching this video, my first thought was to determine the dynamics. As such, I used DOP to simulate the effect I was looking for, wire is very soft and can not maintain the original length. Later, I considered using spring surface nodes, however the effect is not very good. The video I posted was my own attempt at resolving this problem and I had hoped that by posting up my issue, that I would be able to gather more and better solutions to this problem than what I had come up with. In fact, I hope that I'd be able to get results that were closer to real-world results, if at all possible.
  12. Need help on an effect/video

    Hello everyone, Recently, I saw a effect/video in which a plant is affected by the wind. However, when I tried to create my own versions, it did not come out as well as I would have liked. I would like to ask anyone if there's any suggestions or ideas you might have that would help? Thank you for your help. hairSimulation_01.mov softbody.hipnc
  13. render flicking problem

    Thank you very much, in future productions, I will be sure to be more careful in regards to the shadow map. Again, thank you very much for your help and advice.
  14. render flicking problem

    Dave, I resolved the issue yesterday by changing the map resolution to 512x512 as well as lowering the shader density value. In any case, thank you very much for your help.