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  1. Hi guys, Doing with my first steps learning this marvelous software :-) I was under the impression that CARVE SOP will slice/cut our meshes (even imported ones) following the information derived from UVs. But now I see that this assumption was wrong… I understood what Carve does when using on Sweeps, Lofts, Birails… stuff created inside Houdini. On a next step, I decided to do some tests using Alembic geometry imported from Modo. My first results were great, because I imported some basic figures, like a thorus or a tube (and at these stage I will continue thinking that slice operation should be derived from imported UVs). But now, using a more complex imported geometry/UVs, I get unexpected results… Now I suspect that Carve Slice operation is derived from internal point order structure and not UV map. My question: is there some SOP or (relatively simple) procedure to apply a slice operation, like the ones produced by Carve, but derived from UVs information? I would like to get something like this mockup, slicing geometry through green and red lines that would be pairs of U and V coords, like the Carve SOP: Unfortunately, this is what I really get: Thanks for your help! :-)
  2. PBR all purpose layered shader

    Hi Dany, I'm doing my first steps with Apprentice. Going to Orbolt and trying to install your shader, it gives me the option to “Launch in Houdini”, but this doesn't work in my machine: a floating window with a big Orbolt logo appears and nothing occurs… Other assets offers the possibility to manually download a OTL, but this option is not present here… It's possible to access to the OTL and install manually? Maybe sending an email to you? (I don't want to spam your email, for that reason prefer to ask here before). A big thanks in advance!
  3. Path Deform HDK Plugin

    Yeah! Thanks Goldleaf! I will save alias to all those directories, since they are really useful! Big thanks
  4. Path Deform HDK Plugin

    Thank you so much, Rayman! Just to be sure that I didn't broke something… I placed both files here: /Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/13.0.582/Resources/houdini/dso/sop_pathdeform.dylib /Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/13.0.582/Resources/houdini/config/Icons/SOP_path_deform.svg It's that right? THANKS!
  5. Path Deform HDK Plugin

    Thanks Alexey! Please, excuse my complete ignorance (doing my first steps with Apprentice), but where I should place these files for Houdini-Mac? I'm searching for some “plugin” directory, or similar, inside my Houdini folder without success… In fact, it intrigues me were really is installed the main application and related files?, since the files I have inside /Applications/Houdini 13.0.582 are so lightweight… THANKS!
  6. Slice from UVs, similar to Carve, but for imported meshes? (SOLVED)

    Here is the scene with the imported Alembic boy. It works like a charm! Thanks again for your help, Petz slicedBoyFromUVs.zip
  7. Slice from UVs, similar to Carve, but for imported meshes? (SOLVED)

    Thank you so much for your input, Petz! The scene you provide works perfectly fine. Now I need to study it to completely understand the procedure, specially that VEXpression on Attribute Wrangle SOPs. I will investigate also how to use PolyCut SOP to slice poly-surfaces. I never used that SOP. Well, in fact I never used the 95% of SOPs in Houdini, since I'm a complete novice!
  8. Slice from UVs, similar to Carve, but for imported meshes? (SOLVED)

    Yes, that is exactly the conclusion I have arrived :-) Well, I did some tests on an imported polygonal torus and tube (as Alembic, from Modo) and it works fine. I should add a Convert to “Mesh” SOP, however. The curious thing is that UVs were NOT necessary there. This is a clue for me about the use of some kind of inner point order for Carving these imported objects… And the help says: “The Carve op works with any face or surface type, be that polygon, Bezier, or NURBS” Yeah, I suppose Houdini could do something like this (I'm pretty sure, in fact, being the power of this tool), but maybe it's something not no obvious and to much intricate for my poor knowledge… Using the UV map to “slice” geometry (animating results) is something that I have used frequently, but with simple Texture Maps, or gradients, using the Stencil or Transparency channel. But using a real geometry slice derived from UV would be a useful feature for some situations, certainly. Well, I will continue… So much to learn, so little time! :-D Thanks for your feedback, guys.
  9. Hi guys, We can use $PCT in the Sweep Scale parameter and will get a linear scale from 0-1 along the backbone. That is great and fast! But, why using 1-$PCT does not give us a precise result? As you can see on attached image, both extremes on right sweep are bigger than on left one. It's obvious on the thin end, but also occurs on thicker one… $PCT gives us an 0.0 ... 0.25 ... 0.75 ... 1.0 scale 1-$PCT should give 1.0 ... 0.75 ... 0.25 ... 0.0 scale, right? The same problem occurs when using a ramp: chramp("profile", $PCT, 0) It works perfectly fine at first stage, but if you change your first ramp point control from 0 to 1 and last one from 1 to 0 it clearly appears that the thin extreme is NOT zero size… (?) Maybe I'm misunderstanding something obvious? THANKS for your feedback! NOTE: these alternatives works perfect… $PT*(1/($NPT-1)) 1 - ($PT*(1/($NPT-1))) chramp("profile", $PT / ($NPT - 1), 0) …but it really intrigues me that the more simple $PCT has this problem.
  10. Using 1-$PCT doesn't gives precise results? (SOLVED)

    Thanks again for your clarifications, Netvudu! Really appreciate your help
  11. Using 1-$PCT doesn't gives precise results? (SOLVED)

    Damm! Thank you so much for this alternate version, Netvudu! I think that I follow the net (more or less), although that green operators… ufff, I need to learn some more basic things before completely understand. Specially that expression in the Atribute VOP: vcc -q $VOP_INCLUDEPATH -o $VOP_OBJECTFILE -e $VOP_ERRORFILE $VOP_SOURCEFILE Of course, I will save your example as gold for further reference and study! Step by step… ----- A different issue: trying to open your file in Houdini 13 I received lot of warnings, and then I saw I can open in 14… Is there some way to save this 14 scene to open with 13? (it occurs that even if I instaled the new 14, it doesn't run fine on my system… and I plan to continue learning for some months on 13, until I acquire a brand new machine…) Thanks again for your great help, guys!
  12. Using 1-$PCT doesn't gives precise results? (SOLVED)

    Aha! Yes, you are right, it gives a nice result once you resample the NURBS! However it seems a “curious” thing to me that, even without resampling, it works fine in one direction ($PCT) and “not so fine” in the opposite (1-$PCT). Something related with NURBS interpolation or something… I suppose… In the other hand, without resampling, it works fine using $PT*(1/($NPT-1)) and 1-($PT*(1/($NPT-1))) Big thanks for your help, Pradeep!
  13. Using 1-$PCT doesn't gives precise results? (SOLVED)

    It occurs both with 13.0.582 and Attached is the scene corresponding to screenshot (v13). sweep_invert_PCT.hipnc.zip
  14. UPDATE. I have received this feedback from support: I'm sorry that you are experiencing these problems. Our system requirements have changed for Houdini 14.0. Your graphics card does not support Houdini 14.0. You might get better performance by switching to Yosemite. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi guys, I recently started my path on learning Houdini Apprentice (~1 month ago) using version 13. Last week I installed the new 14 release and I'm really intrigued with these new handles. It seems to me something strange and difficult to use. Maybe an OpenGL problem? (iMac with MacOS 10.9.5 here) Are these handles display normal? (just open Houdini and add a simple box)
  15. Strange display of handles in Houdini 14

    It's an iMac 27" - 2.66 GHz - i5 (+4 years) with Mavericks 10.9.5 I'm running Houdini 13 Apprentice on same machine and works pretty well… My goal is to learn the basis of this app along 2015, and then I will probably acquire a MacPro or at least a “high-end” iMac… and go to the Houdini Indie route. Of course I can stay with 13, but just installed the new 14 (more a curiosity than a need…) and found these strange behaviors with handles. Other parts seems fine…
  16. Strange display of handles in Houdini 14

    Thanks for your input, Elena. I have deleted my prefs and nothing changed on handles visualization… :-/ Just in case, I deleted this entire directory: /Users/cristobal/Library/Preferences/houdini/14.0
  17. url4short.info redirects?

    This is my experience on this: Last week I needed to make some operations with administrative tax authorities here in Spain (a PITA) and that site forces to users to disable and enable lots of things in our browsers (related with Javascript, mainly). And the days just after that operations I suffered this url4short.info redirections coming here (and also to some other site) from links in another places, like Google or Twitter… But this was very erratic: just from time to time, not always… Once I installed JavaScript Blocker in my browser (Safari) I never more suffered that issue.
  18. Hi guys! This is my first post here! Doing my first steps with Houdini Apprentice (love it!), thanks to Ari Danesh tutorials. And I have a couple of questions: QUESTION 1 — Say I'm drawing a NURBS curve with 16 CVs in perspective view… — And I need to translate various (6-8) of these points… — …or in the middle of edition, I change to TOP view and discover that I want to re-orient my curve, like rotating all 90º in Y — Using the “Curve Point Translator Handle” I can only move points one by one and is not possible to use a lasso to select and modify various at a time, AFAIK — Of course, I can change to Select Tool (White Arrow) to select various or all CVs, using lasso, to translate or move all at a time, BUT then this adds a new Edit Node… Is there some way to translate (or rotate, or scale) various CVs at a time, not one by one, WITHOUT adding a new Edit Node? -------------- QUESTION 2 — Once I draw my NURBS at “floor” (Y=0) I decide that I need to elevate all points from Y=0.0 to Y=8.5 — Again, move each 16 CVs one by one using the “Curve Point Translator Handle” is something tedious… — And using the Select Lasso + Translate creates a new Edit Node (and I don't want that here) Is there some quick way to change all coordinates for that 16 CVs from Y=0.0 to Y=8.5? I see that all coords are available to edit in the Node Coordinates Field in the form of: -5.88943,0,-4.53718 -2.55728,0,-5.74685 -0.019098,0,-4.35751 2.68056,0,-0.789587 0.164164,0,2.45453 -2.47971,0,2.05491 -4.41809,0,0.407587 -7.34409,0,1.07099 -7.21616,0,3.55875 -4.44833,0,6.02655 -0.512206,0,5.01098 3.61948,0,5.01341 6.90084,0,3.8506 7.40246,0,1.13527 7.4175,0,-1.95664 6.55921,0,-5.94921 But looking for each "0" there to change by "8.5" is not exactly the quickest procedure… Using RMB buton in the Curve node I can access to the "Spreadsheet", but this seems a thing only for checking (and not for edition purposes). I can change each value there, one by one, but then this creates a “soft lock” in node (which destroys edition once you unlock that…) Any help on these basic questions will be really appreciate! THANKS in advance :-)
  19. Two basic questions on editing NURBS curves (SOLVED)

    Thanks for you input, Netvudu. Yes, Point SOP is perfect, not only because I can to “align” all my points to a specific coord but I can also use a simple expression like $TY+8 to simply move my NURBS 8 units up, maintaining original form. This learning process will be a long path (my goal is to dedicate all 2015 to learn Houdini, a bit each day, around 1 hour) and then try to implement it for future projects, thanks to that Indie License that is really affordable. In the mean time I am really enjoying this great application! Thanks again for your help, guys! :-)
  20. Just to say that I learned a couple of interesting things with this post Thanks Kim!
  21. url4short.info redirects?

    I have suffered this issue on past 3-4 days. Trying to arrive here from a link (both directly from a Google search, and also through a bit.ly on a tweet) and, sometimes, my first try derived me to that url4short.info damm site… The second click brings me here… After further investigation in Google I have installed JavaScript Blocker on my Mac-Safari, and it seems that it could be addressed…
  22. Two basic questions on editing NURBS curves (SOLVED)

    Oh, yes, that is a really good trick! And also can to attach a new curve to extracting coords with Kim's script! Thanks for your suggestion, 7ofDiamons
  23. Two basic questions on editing NURBS curves (SOLVED)

    YES! I saved it as a preset, of course (my first preset, and I will use it a lot, for sure). Thanks for the Ctrl+Shift+LMB trick! So many new things to learn, I'm a complete novice! You make my day, Kim! Really appreciate.
  24. Two basic questions on editing NURBS curves (SOLVED)

    YES! That is exactly what I was looking for. It works like silk. Once I paste and apply your code using Expression Editor, I just need: — Expression > Toggle Expression on Curve2 Coordinates — Copy all coords — Delete original Curve1 and Edit1 (this will make that Curve2 dissappears temporarily) — Paste (“flat”) coordinates on Curve2 — And voilà, my modified curve appears, without other external inputs. Not sure if these steps are the regular procedure or probably I'm ignoring some more simple operation. Thanks again for your help, Kim. I will save your code as a gem! :-)
  25. Two basic questions on editing NURBS curves (SOLVED)

    A-HA! That works like a charm! Just a final question, after re-reading your first post, exactly these two lines: That is exactly what I was looking for. By this way I would get a NURBS not dependent from previous stuff. How would be that python adjustment? Thank you so much, again, Kim :-) --- EDIT: please, don't worry at all for that small mistake. Your help is extremely welcome!!!