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  1. Modeler And Flux developer. Need help

    Hi Alexey, you've done a great job with this tool and I suggest you just to lower a price a little bit, maybe not so drastically like 10€ version) but at least half of original price
  2. Matching IK to FK

    Try to use option from a first picture and run the script. If it's not working you need to set Child Compensation option in your python script on the IkHandle you need to try both options, I don't remember the exact parenting and pre-tranform stuff in houdini
  3. Matching IK to FK

    Try to use this option under the preferences tab
  4. HScript question

    thanks for your help guys
  5. HScript question

    My approach is to force scale parameter when a bend control will be above 0.03 and it work if I wrote something like this: if(ch("../bend/ctrl_bend")>0.03, ch("../bend/ctrl_bend"),0)*4 but when my bend param is 0 then my scale param is also 0 but I want to keep my initial scale value someting like 2 and when the bend param kicks in it must just add his values to scale I try to implement it by my experience in scripting is pretty bad if(ch("../bend/ctrl_bend")<0 then return 2 else if(ch("../bend/ctrl_bend")>0.03 then ch("../bend/ctrl_bend"),0)*4 else return 2 endif Thanks
  6. Save .hipnc instead of .hip

    or how can I open that .hipnc file and do not enter into non-commercial mode?
  7. Suddenly my houdini starts to save a .hipnc files instead of .hip I choose filename and .hip eextension but file saves as .hipnc Needs help. Thanks
  8. open MPlay

    Is there any way to open up MPlay after I close it with rendered image or some cache folder location maybe?
  9. Export CHOP

    Thanks for your response, I was trying to grab a rotation from one control of my rig to another 3 FK controls. The reason I experiment with Export CHOP is because the FK Control setup sometimes not working properly, couple changes on a rig, couple of undos and the FK type of rotations is broke, so the more efficient way to prevent a bugs is to copy rotations from one control and paste them as a channel references to all other controls, the result will be the same as grabing all those controls in a scene and rotate them But there is a limitation - When you copy values and paste them as a channel references, yes ,you will be able to control other controls manipulating just one control but when you want to grab one of that controls and change the rotation in a viewport independently its not working, all chain starts to rotate. Thats why I think that the Export CHOP will allow me to export rotations, and then when I need to add some extra rotations on one of my controls, i can just disable or blend from the export chop. Today actually I solve this, I create some extra (dummy) parent nodes for each control, set the referencing on that extra nodes as I would normally did on my FK controls and still have the abillitty to rotate my "main" controls independently.
  10. Export CHOP

    Hi to everyone, Can the Export CHOP save (apply) the values on a nodes rotations when you turn off export flag on a node or uncheck box "Active". I want to be able to export some values, than stop (turn off) exporting and move on but the values needs to be applied. Just experimenting. Thanks