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  1. Hi, Unreal engine has a standard skeletal mesh they use for the default car rig- its set up a certain way with a set hierarchy and joints facing a certain way, Im trying to make it so i can import-modify-export this car rig through houdini using fbx. Ive managed to import it and then export it again getting the same thing, but im having trouble changing the rig in houdini before exporting.Im not very experienced riggng in houdini. Ive attached my hip file, this exports to unreal fine and works with their car physics component, but... 1- I dont know how to change the bind pose on the rig. I want to move the wheels forward or back in houdini to fit another car., i move the bone and capturedeform moves the wheel, but when i export the fbx the wheel goes back to its original position, it seems to be exporting the bind pose. How can i change the bind pose? 2. I want to attach new geometry to the rig but im unable to, the capture regions for the wheels dont seem to work? I probably dont even want to use capture regions- i want to do a rigid bind based on groups, im unsure how to do that. How can I bind new geometry to the rig? If i could make it work i could make a super useful hda to get cars into unreal. any help/suggestions would be awesome! unrealcar_01.hiplc
  2. I have a feeling that this is what the stroke cache sop is for. The documentation on that node is a bit light though.
  3. Hi all, this is a bit tricky and im wondering if its even possible. Im drawing a curve onto a piece of geometry with the draw sop and then giving it thickness with a wireframe sop. Now i want to draw another curve on top of that old curve geometry. I want to be able to pile worms over the top of each other without having to make a new draw sop each time. Now i can plug the output of the draw sop back into its input and it sort of works, the problem is that it feeds back every step so that the curve collides with itself and it just pushes itself towards the camera. I think what I want is the geometry to only feedback every time a new stroke is laid down. So it would be draw stroke -> give it thickness -> merge it with other strokes -> feed back into draw sop collision -> draw new stroke. Is there any way to do this?
  4. Ever render with Houdini in the cloud?

    Hey Steve I too am extremely interested in that workflow. I dont think its possible at the moment but it has got to be in the works.. It would be good to hear from someone at sidefx about this. I noticed in the documentation they have noted - S3 integration would make what you want possible, in theory you could just use the s3 web address like a local drive - sim to and load from http://s3.amazonaws.com/mybucket/myfluid.bgeo
  5. How to make your own global variable in a simulation?

    thanks anim that solution is simple and it works great! Using the geometry wrangle to make your own loop seems pretty useful
  6. anotherGhostInTheShell

    Really nice work! I particularly like the flaking one.
  7. How to make your own global variable in a simulation?

    Im getting closer but still having some issues.. It seems to be that detail() only runs once at the beggining of the frame and not again for every particle. I was using setdetailattrib() previously and it also seemed to have this problem. However, if i use setattrib() in "add" mode it seems to run for every particle. I cant avoid using detail(). This leads me to believe im not understanding how its all structured.. its like its a threading issue and the add operation is the only one thats thread safe. My wrangle POP has this code at the moment- adddetailattrib(geoself(), "counter", 0); if (@hitnum > 0 && @state == 0) { @state = 1; //changes particle to go to goal @goalId = detail(0, "counter", 0); //sets goalId for the particle setattrib(geoself(), "detail", "counter", 0, 0, 1, "add"); //increments the counter detail attribute } Ive also attatched the file im working on, its sort of working but not quite... You will notice that the particles are doubling up on their goalId attributes. for example the first few particles go 0,1,1,3,4,4,4, where i want them to go 0,1,2,3,4,5... goalTest_04.hipnc
  8. How to make your own global variable in a simulation?

    Awesome thinks for your help Anim! I thought it might be something to do with detail attributes but im still learning how to manipulate them. I havent been able to read the detail from a wrangle node within dops... I can create the attribute a couple of ways and see it in the geometry spreadsheet, I can make a sop solver in dops and use an attribute create like inside the POP source. I can also create it in a POP wrangle node- adddetailattrib(geoself(), "counter", 10); I can change its value- setdetailattrib(geoself(), "counter", 50); But i cant work out how to read it from the POP wrangle... this doesnt seem to work, always returning 0- int myCounter = detail("../popsource", "counter", 0); i think because the wrangle is in dops and not sops?
  9. I have some particles and I have a curve with many points. What i want it for particles to zoom to the points on the curve in order. I want to be able to have particles floating in the air and then make a dummy sphere that expands colliding with the particles. The first particle that collides with the sphere zooms to point 1 on the curve. The next point that collides with the sphere zooms to point 2 etc.. I have it set up in dop pops so that the particles change streams when they collide and I have them zooming to the curve based on thier id and it works great, but its not ordered... I think my solution would be to create and increment a global counter variable to use in a POP wrangle node? but im not sure if thats possible.. The goal that the particle chooses needs to be set at the moment of collision, and it needs to account for all the other particles that have already chosen a goal. In my head the psuedocode for this kind of thing would be something like this- //at start of simulation counter = 0; //while simulation is running if (collided == true) { @goalId = counter; counter += 1; } I just have no way of creating that counter variable.. I may be thinking of this all wrong so any ideas would be super helpful!