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  1. soft selection

    Librarian By the way, the first example was to make a curve follow a ray. It doesn't work well on curves. An alternative might be to match the curve to the polygon deformation. For example, Lattice Deformation But anyway, I'm glad that Soft Selection has become easier. FallOff_SoftSelectionCurveRAY_v001.001.hipnc
  2. soft selection

    Ofcourse, this solution works also on RAY(SOP). distanceAlongGeometry(Falloff) is similar "soft-selection" in 3dsMax, so procedural for any. FallOff_SoftSelectionRAY_v001.001OD.hipnc
  3. soft selection

    I'm sorry so late. i had found very nice tutorial about soft-selection. "HOUDINI FOR THE ARTIST: WORKING WITH THE FALLOFF NODE" https://lesterbanks.com/2018/11/houdini-new-falloff-node/ H.17 falloff(SOP), but in H.18, it's distanceAlongGeometry(SOP). distanceAlongGeometry(SOP) output "dist" atrribute. showing H.18 version. FallOff_SoftSelection_v001.001OD.hipnc
  4. soft selection

    thanks, Can i apply Ray(Sop) and other deformation through SoftTransform(SOP)? I want any deformation by procedual.
  5. hi, i want to apply any effects into geometry by it"soft selection". in 3dsMax, is very popular technique , it's very simply operation. i had heared, in houdini it's attribute blur. attribute blur work well on Polygon geometry, but "polygon-curve" is not soft result. What should i do? if you can, please check my file. this sample apply ray_sop by "softWeight" attribute. thanks SoftSelection_v001.001.hipnc
  6. Pyro through collision

    thanks I'm sorry, my explanation seems to be lacking. I don't want to trap the flames. I want to make the ball collide accurately so that it does not pop out. I also tried Volume-Sample, but it still popped out. However, the fact that the flame slides on the sphere may be accurate. --- Therefore, it may be necessary to add other flames at front. or, ball does not move, add velocity from front, or move only very slow, and move pyro simulated cache. These tricks aren't very good, but they are often used.
  7. Pyro through collision

    Using this as a reference, I added a collision object to Pyro second input (pre-solve). Then, improvement was seen. It ’s much better than before, There are still some front areas that are not covered. Please tell me know if there is a better way. thanks HDQ_FB_Fx_fireBall_v003.010_ODForce.hip
  8. Pyro through collision

    “Pyro and collisions” https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops#Pyro_and_collisions this sample hip file shows two setups. A) setup SDF volume from staticObject. B)SDF volume on SOP, for Collision volume. I set it by method B. However, the collision is not accurate and the fluid appears to slip through. what’s wrong? increasing substeps does not work well, and avoid it. thanks HDQ_FB_Fx_fireBall_v003.009_ODForce.hip
  9. Rigidbody hang into Vellum cloth

    I don't know if it's correct, but I'm going to set a part of Vellum-Cloth as a group and make it very solid. if you know best way, please tell me yours.Vellum_Cloth_Rigid_v001.004.hipnc
  10. how setting they are? velly popular case, Flag tutorial. flag pole and flag cloth, in this case constraint "Attach to Rigid body", it's easy. Rigidbody hang into Vellum cloth, this is opposite case. thanks Vellum_Cloth_Rigid_v001.003.hipnc
  11. thanks vicvvsh, bbox(opinputpath("..",1),D_XSIZE) centroid(opinputpath("..",1),D_X) their are work well!
  12. other way Size_X=bbox("../../initArea",D_XSIZE) Center_X=centroid("../../initArea",D_X) and Y,Z, by same way. This is possible, but I want the convenience of receiving input 1.
  13. hi, I want to define SmokeObject Area from SOP object (input1). SmokeObject is into DOPNet. DOPNet (0)<-emitter geo (1)<-init area geo examaple) Center = centroid(opinputpath(".",1), D_X) it do not work. how write in this case? thanks.
  14. sample file. the problem was solved. thanks your advice. Nearest_MaxPtNum_v002.002.hiplc
  15. thanks! in this case, i will using VEX as you said. i have tried using VOP-while, VOP-while is very hard for understand.