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  1. attribute access in parameters

    thanks. that's right in this case. How can I tell the difference between the methods? falloff_distance_v001_003.hip
  2. hi, i have simple wondering with attribute access for parameters input. here is "dist" attribute from distanceAlongGeo(SOP). on PolyWire(SOP)/radius, i can access with "@dist". on Mountain(SOP)/height, i cannot access with "@dist". by other way, point() expression, on PolyWire(SOP)/radius, i can access point(opinputpath(".",0),$PT,"dist",0) too. on Mountain(SOP)/height, i cannot access point(opinputpath(".",0),$PT,"dist",0) neither. what reason these difference? thanks. falloff_distance_v001_002.hip
  3. python date

    >like that the way store value other variables, i do not know it in houdini. Add the content you want to preprocess to "preCode" string widget and add "My_Submit" button instead of the standard "(Deadline)Submit" button. If you hide the standard "Submit" button, you can use it as same. in this way set date-time at once.
  4. keep userName as local-machine

    For example, create a "User" parameter for "ShotSetting" object and rewrite it before sending. hou.node('/obj/ShotSettings').setParms({"User":hou.expandString("$User")}) please tell me, if you know other way. thanks
  5. hi, If i use "$User" in the file path, it will be changing into the farm-machine's user-name when rendering in the render farm. How can I keep it the same? thanks
  6. python date

    very thanks your idea. i will try and report some days later.
  7. python date

    hi, I have set deadline Job-Name by python script, from $HIPNAME and "python-date". Some Output(ROP) are executed into dependencies. so the "date" strings are changing on ROP by ROP because the submitting needs some seconds. of course we can use minute, but the submitting needs over one minutes, the batch group is split some groups. *)bad example, splitted some batch-groups <s001_001_Fx_fire_v001.hip [2021-07-09 15:23:48.642000]> |-s001_001_Fx_fire_v001.hip/out/abc/vdb_rocks <s001_001_Fx_fire_v001.hip [2021-07-09 15:23:49.343000]> |-s001_001_Fx_fire_v001.hip/out/vdb/vdb_fire <s001_001_Fx_fire_v001.hip [2021-07-09 15:24:03.132000]> |-s001_001_Fx_fire_v001.hip/out/ass/Ar_fire |-s001_001_Fx_fire_v001.hip -Arnold- /out/ass/Ar_fire *)the case I want <s001_001_Fx_fire_v001.hip [2021-07-09 15:23:48.642000]> |-s001_001_Fx_fire_v001.hip/out/abc/vdb_rocks |-s001_001_Fx_fire_v001.hip/out/vdb/vdb_fire |-s001_001_Fx_fire_v001.hip/out/ass/Ar_fire |-s001_001_Fx_fire_v001.hip -Arnold- /out/ass/Ar_fire *)the python code import datetime hipFile=hou.expandString("$HIPNAME") dt=str(datetime.datetime.now()) return (hipFile + '.hip [' + dt + ']') do you have any good idea to being one batch group names from date? like that the way store value other variables, i do not know it in houdini. thanks.
  8. Parameter Expression by Python

    RMB > Expand_String_Value it seems to get HScript value in keeping python setting. it's easy, but i do not recommend this way. because it shows the value but does not show what language using. Houdini shows color green for active language, and shows purple for other language. but this switching show black for normal-strings.
  9. hi, Expression is very easy and useful. at first, this expression $HIP/geo/$HIPNAME.$OS_$F4.bgeo.sc is known from new Houdini user. using this expression in file-cache(SOP) and "Load_from_file" = on, when the Hip-file name changed, the file-path is missed on new hip-file name. How solve this problem? thanks
  10. FLIP - fill up water in a bowl

    you can do it with Statick_Object(DOP) only. it seems to other settings are no problem for volume collision. flip_bowl@3.hip
  11. get most newest version file

    Better way, ignore folders , files only "isfile" import os thePath = 'C:/myGeo/' fileList = os.listdir(thePath) isFileList = [] for f in fileList: if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(thePath, f)): isFileList.append(f) fName = (thePath + max(isFileList)) #print fName return fName
  12. get most newest version file

    resolved 0)files example > 'C:/myGeo/myGeo_v001.begeo.sc','C:/myGeo/myGeo_v002.begeo.sc' 1)set default Language = Python 2)Ctrl+E fot multi line script on the parameter slot import os thePath = 'C:/myGeo/' fileList = os.listdir(thePath) return thePath + max(fileList) return 'C:/myGeo/myGeo_v002.begeo.sc' thanks
  13. hi, very basic question i have, I want get most newest version file for "Load_Layer(LOP):File parameter" example in python import glob import re import os max(glob.glob('C:/USD/myUSD_v*.usda')) return>'C:/USD/myUSD_v003.usda' this code running in python, but not running in Houdini. this code does not include Houdini objects. how to write the code in this case? thanks
  14. avoiding this ploblem with below technique. adding Huge Dome(or Sphere) for Matting.(hope infinit geometry...) And RenderGeoSettings(Arnold/visibility) is CamerarayVis=On, Matte=On, others Off. no shader. domelight HDRI Alpha has bugs? please tell me any if you know. thanks
  15. hi, in solaris with Arnold, domelight fills alpha channel full. HDRI use or no use, it's no relation, always fill alpha. i heard, Mantra has the option hide light-geo. if you know please tell me,in solaris, how to hide domelight in aplha channel? if can do it , show rgb the environment color, only off alpha for tranparecy area. thanks