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  1. sample file. the problem was solved. thanks your advice. Nearest_MaxPtNum_v002.002.hiplc
  2. thanks! in this case, i will using VEX as you said. i have tried using VOP-while, VOP-while is very hard for understand.
  3. hi, i have a question. does PointCloudOpen get some points?(parameter:Number of points > 1) can i get only one point has maxmum ptNum from them ? the point is 'c5' in this image. points on circle c0~c5 points on line L0~02 the line position is center of the circle. distance from L0~L2 to c0~c5 is same. thanks. Nearest_MaxPtNum_v001.001.hip
  4. set expression by orderMenu value

    hi, this problem was fixed with this expression bellow. in Python (theFilePath) --- if (`ch("Type")`) == "0": return (ch("BaseDir")+"/"+ch("AssetName")+"/"+ch("fileName")) elif (`ch("Type")`) == "1": return (ch("BaseDir")+"/"+ch("SceneName")+"/"+ch("CutName")+"/"+ch("fileName")) else: return (ch("BaseDir")) --- DirctoryMaker_v001.002.hip
  5. hi, the orderManu "Type" has "Asset" and "Sequence" and so on. and I want to set "directory path" from elements. but each "Type" bring different expression directory path from some elements. example,in python ------- if `chi("Type")` == 0: theFilePath = `chs("BaseDir")`/`chs("AssetName")`/`chs("fileName")`; elif `chi("Type")` == 1: theFilePath = `chs("BaseDir")`/`chs("SceneName")`/`chs("CutName")`/`chs("fileName")`; else: ------- this expression error occursion. how to set expression in this case? thanks DirctoryMaker_v001.001.hip
  6. hi, Is it possible to generate Alembic-File on 'Render-Slave' using 'IFD' output from Houdini-Engine? the 'Render-Slave' does not has Houdini license, and it does not has Houdini engine license. but it has installed Houdini software and Mantra license. 'IFD' is file format for image rendering only? thanks.
  7. How to set timeline range by toggle value

    thanks animatrix! Exactly that in python.
  8. hi, How can I set the timeline range when changing the toggle value of the parameter? when set toggle value, set start and end. thanks.
  9. using new noise pattern in pyro

    thanks, but is there more image based way? that's very hard programming for me.
  10. using new noise pattern in pyro

    sorry my poor english Simply say. for smoke motion, what if you want to use a completely different pattern as turbulence? This is not necessarily a noise pattern. It may be a forced straight line or a box-like pattern. In such a case, other software will apply an arbitrary 3D map, but what is the similar method in Houdini?
  11. pyro solver and smoke object generate smoke and fire, but this default setting simular result by every one. if you want to use new noise turbulence or new shape desined noise, use micro solver in "Velocity-update" or "Acvection"? which solver uing? example, spheric or box pattern. thanks.
  12. particle position by VOP Mix

    thanks KarlRichter, sorry too my late. in simply case, your way is very good. but my project is more complex scene by particle, and needs flexible motion. --- Maybe this is the way to go. Calculate the value of the animation curve for each frame. (AF) Add that value by the number of frames. (SumA) Calculate the length of the first and last positions. (SumB) Divide sumB by sumA. (C) The distance to go for each frame is C * aF I will try a little more. thanks!
  13. particle position by VOP Mix

    hi, i want to move particles, from start position to goal position. *)goto_smooth_v001.003_mix.hipnc in POP_Net, the vop network "goto" is built with "Mix" operator, and "bias" is specify by parameter animation. animation 24f=0, 72f=1.0, thus 2 seconds animation. i want that moving slowly at around 24f, reach max speed in middle, slow down in end position at around 72f. but the particles reach around 48f, not follow animation curve that i created. this is same in ramp curve. how controlling particle speed by mix animation curve? *)goto_smooth_v001.002_ramp.hipnc (the best is ramp curve.) thanks. goto_smooth_v001.002_ramp.hipnc goto_smooth_v001.003_mix.hipnc
  14. HScript and VEX confusion

    hi guys. here is my Rough question. VEX in wrangle, and HScript in Parameters, they are tangled. How can i understand their confusion. i have programming techniques in tool development in 3dsmax and Python, some programming language, and so on. but HScript and VEX , their confusion brings very harder jobs. At first, How can these be organized and understood? $NPT[HScript] <-> @numpt[VEX] `npoints(0)-1` [HScript] , back quote `*` ...!? i'm happy if i can get your advice. thanks.
  15. thanks, it's good reference contents.