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  1. FLIP - fill up water in a bowl

    you can do it with Statick_Object(DOP) only. it seems to other settings are no problem for volume collision. flip_bowl@3.hip
  2. get most newest version file

    Better way, ignore folders , files only "isfile" import os thePath = 'C:/myGeo/' fileList = os.listdir(thePath) isFileList = [] for f in fileList: if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(thePath, f)): isFileList.append(f) fName = (thePath + max(isFileList)) #print fName return fName
  3. get most newest version file

    resolved 0)files example > 'C:/myGeo/myGeo_v001.begeo.sc','C:/myGeo/myGeo_v002.begeo.sc' 1)set default Language = Python 2)Ctrl+E fot multi line script on the parameter slot import os thePath = 'C:/myGeo/' fileList = os.listdir(thePath) return thePath + max(fileList) return 'C:/myGeo/myGeo_v002.begeo.sc' thanks
  4. hi, very basic question i have, I want get most newest version file for "Load_Layer(LOP):File parameter" example in python import glob import re import os max(glob.glob('C:/USD/myUSD_v*.usda')) return>'C:/USD/myUSD_v003.usda' this code running in python, but not running in Houdini. this code does not include Houdini objects. how to write the code in this case? thanks
  5. avoiding this ploblem with below technique. adding Huge Dome(or Sphere) for Matting.(hope infinit geometry...) And RenderGeoSettings(Arnold/visibility) is CamerarayVis=On, Matte=On, others Off. no shader. domelight HDRI Alpha has bugs? please tell me any if you know. thanks
  6. hi, in solaris with Arnold, domelight fills alpha channel full. HDRI use or no use, it's no relation, always fill alpha. i heard, Mantra has the option hide light-geo. if you know please tell me,in solaris, how to hide domelight in aplha channel? if can do it , show rgb the environment color, only off alpha for tranparecy area. thanks
  7. Parameter Expression by Python

    that's great! "Set a keyframe", really need. thanks
  8. hi, simple python script sample 'a_b_c'.split('_')[0] >'a' samely, i want to execute python script as parameter value, example) hip filename is "s001_c001_myScene_v001.001.hip" $HIPNAME.split('_')[0] but it's retuen same strings, very confuse. i want get "s001" in this case. please tell me how to write them? thanks
  9. Shaderball Preview

    so bad. last resort example, switch streams "shaderball-stream" temporary. i hope more advanced shader preview in houdini.
  10. hi, cannot prune Geosubset. simple example file atached. i want to careate some variant, the option is removing some Prims by prune GeoSubset. what's wrong my operation? thanks solaris_sahderWork_v001.001.hip
  11. hi, "Resample by Polygon Edge" option, keep same position. hope helpful velocity_resample_v001.hipnc
  12. on materialPalette and /Mat context, can i get shaderball preview the materials? only way on /mat, RMB>Update_ShaderBall_Icon ? it's not modern style.very slow, /mat has no texturemap previews. 3dsmax has standard style today mateiarl editor.(on-the-fly update, back-light, checker-environment, etc.) other parts, houdini is most future style good!
  13. soft selection

    Librarian By the way, the first example was to make a curve follow a ray. It doesn't work well on curves. An alternative might be to match the curve to the polygon deformation. For example, Lattice Deformation But anyway, I'm glad that Soft Selection has become easier. FallOff_SoftSelectionCurveRAY_v001.001.hipnc
  14. soft selection

    Ofcourse, this solution works also on RAY(SOP). distanceAlongGeometry(Falloff) is similar "soft-selection" in 3dsMax, so procedural for any. FallOff_SoftSelectionRAY_v001.001OD.hipnc
  15. soft selection

    I'm sorry so late. i had found very nice tutorial about soft-selection. "HOUDINI FOR THE ARTIST: WORKING WITH THE FALLOFF NODE" https://lesterbanks.com/2018/11/houdini-new-falloff-node/ H.17 falloff(SOP), but in H.18, it's distanceAlongGeometry(SOP). distanceAlongGeometry(SOP) output "dist" atrribute. showing H.18 version. FallOff_SoftSelection_v001.001OD.hipnc