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  1. Keep Group

    thanks jeremiah. i have wanted to just it! this problem was solved.
  2. Keep Group

    Thank you as always. i want to keep group at first frame. first stream, the points are moving.(A) second stream , set attribute by expression at first frame.(B) using attribute transfer sop, transfer B to A. in my text scene, overwrite group on after frames. Is this method something wrong? thank. Keep_Group_v000.001.hipnc Keep_Group_v000.001.hipnc
  3. particles acceleration limit?

    thanks! i understood the cause for this problem with your advice. i just use "pop_wind" in my network. i have applyed group option into "POP_Wind",only affect first stream. [^stream_frst] i made simple example fix this problem. POP_VOP_Acceleration_v001.001.hipnc
  4. particles acceleration limit?

    hi controlling particles by POP_VPO, subtruct v1 v2 multiply with float input vector into "v" geometry_vop_global. i want to accelerate the particles speed. multiply 0.1, the particles will be slow, multiply 1.0, the particles will be speedup little bit. multiply 10000, the particles will be speedup only a little. whats wrong? i hope linear acceleration effect to particles. particles has limitation speed any parameters? POP speed limit does not used. thanks.
  5. POP_Stream Smooth Transition?

    hi, POP_Stream creates other stream by expression. but the rotation is changed in one frame.(at 48f) the attachment file,this is simple scene. the particles go to from Outer Tube goto Inner tube at 48f. ”goto” stream with VOP. How can I make a smooth transition? thanks. POP_Smooth_Transition_v001.001.hipnc
  6. OrderMenu

    hi, Disable, Hide option is very easy, and useful. by the way, I want to set expression value into 'String'(FilePath) Parameter as default by value of other 'OrderMenu'(Category). how to set expression ? thanks.
  7. the problem with VRay version 3.6.04, ver.3.6.03 shows vray_velocity_element with no problems. Motion_blur(3d blur) has same problmes. thanks
  8. hi, Export pyro sim with vdb, input vdb into VRay_VolumeGrid on 3dsMax, 3rd party chennel mapping smome=dencity, temperture=temperture, each velocity = vel, the grid show velocity wit purple marker. but the vray rendering image is empty VRay_Velocity Elements(strength Zero). VRay_Volume_Grid is sat "Volumetric_Geometry" mode.(need geometric vray render elments) whats wrong my setting? Vray 3.6.04 (3dsMax2017) Houdini 17.5
  9. hi, the particle shape from other DCC tool with alembic file format, the alembic do not have velocity data. particles count changed frame by frame (has life-span, are delete by age), connectivity class id is changed frame by frame, thus, i cannot track the velocity. Alembic(delay_load?) -> Connectivity ->Trail(recompute_velocity) do you have any way fo this case? thanks
  10. Alembic Fromat, in Houdini, Primitive group names are "body" "neck" from 3dsmax "name" value, Rename Groups into 0~N - 3dsmax multi-sub-ID 1~(N+1)
  11. We export 3dsMax-geometry (asigned sub-material) as Alembic with ogawa option. In Houdini, We import it through Alembic(SOP), The Primitives are recognized by gruop "Max_Material_ID_*", but number is -1 compared 3dsmax-Submaterial-ID. using Voronoi fratcure, it's create nrew group "inside" into breaked new surface. DOP using this, no problem. SOP import DOP result, unpack after DOP-import and change Cd with Color-SOP, Primitives keep their group. Export ROP-Alembic with ogawa option. 3dsMax, import Alembic, the material asign is incorrect.Out-surface is 1, Break-inner is 2, missing surface asign. Show vertex color, ther are correct, same as houdini. from this result, we can re-asign muslsub-ID with max-script using vertex color value, but is's not comfortable. Is there a better way? thanks Destructure_Max2019_v006.hip
  12. get outside shape

    simple test your advice "Connectivity" is very useful for this case. getOutsideShape_v001-001.hip
  13. get outside shape

    thanks! my scene is 3D with complex scene. I understood the way of thinking. I am not used to Houdini, so it will take some time. I will try in your way. I will post the file if it works.
  14. get outside shape

    hi, the background object has some parts. ex) tree, house , Rock, snow, cliff , ... and so on. they has some intersectes each surface, and empty space. How we get outside-shape?(one-skin-mesh, like one-Volume.) Boolean or VDB_Combine? I cannot delete inside empty space. any options? thanks.
  15. 16 boolean error

    thanks, using "Unpack Alembic Delayed Load Primitive" option, it works fine.