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  1. Crowd blendshape

    Hey wonderful people ! I can't figure out how to use blendshapes on crowd agents. When i use the agent button in the crowd shelf, my blendshape appear in the intrinsic attribs of my agent, also comes it's value. I manage to change that value with the vex function "setagentchannelvalue" but the shape of my agent doesn't change at all. Here is a quick example Thank you. Crowd_BlendShape.hipnc
  2. vector rotation in vex (vop)

    You can do it without matrices by using a quaternion and a quaternion rotate like so : quaternions are just vector 4 float (axis X, axis Y , axis Z, angle in radians) qrotate_vector.hip
  3. Knitting in Houdini

    Some of my coworkers and I were wondering how to do a such tool. Impressive, thanks for the hip and explainations !