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  1. color picker not matching render result

    thanks a lots for this information i tried your method but it's still not working with some area , i'm trying to tweak it and i'll post the result , thanks again
  2. color picker not matching render result

    no problem dude you are smarter then me XD . another thing when i change my render pass to 8bit integer this little value pop up in the inspector if i can find a way to pick it it will solve my problem
  3. color picker not matching render result

    maybe there is something we can change via env or python ?
  4. color picker not matching render result

    the only problem is this random small value that change when i pick the color from my render pas , it ruin every things
  5. color picker not matching render result

    i'm trying to mimic the color id in quixel ddo , instead of creating for each part of your object a group and assign a material to it i want just to pick the color id from the render pass then it switch to it automatically here my example
  6. color picker not matching render result

    thanks for your reply i tried to fix it by reduce the noise in mantra rop but no successes, i just tested it in comp and i get the same result, is it a bug ?do you know any other tools than can pick a color from an image for houdini ?
  7. hi every one, whenever i pick a color from the final render i got this weird result , some times it's slightly bigger and other it's lower , i'm using default value in houdini didn't change any things in render or linear workflow any idea ?
  8. Hqueue not rendering per light component

    uncheck "output checkpoint files " in both mantra and hq_render http://puu.sh/mmJw2/0e06e6835c.png http://puu.sh/mmJwk/d4a9d4a3e8.png
  9. hqueue RBD

    i hope they will do
  10. hqueue RBD

    any one?
  11. hqueue RBD

    hi every one is there any workflow to simulate rbd on multiple machines ? since the slice work only with flip i'v tried some stuff like using the hq sim and hq render and no chance and thanks in advance
  12. How to set HQueue min&max hosts

    is it possible to share a rbd sim to multiples machines?
  13. Melt some icecream

    ok i've made some changes in your scene ,it was too small too slow for the sim , and now there is 132.992 particles in each frame iceCream_melting_001_a_0095_V2.hiplc.hipnc
  14. Melt some icecream

    hi pancho nice work , if you want a fix number of particles you have to uncheck "reseeding" in the flip solver
  15. flip uv, any suggestion?

    hi every one ! this is an attempt to generate uv for particles flip , the result look weird but it's because of Ray surface node and the low viscosity , i made a test before with high viscosity and it's work fine is there a way to fix the uv projection to the mesh ? thanks in advance uv_rnd_03.hipnc