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  1. abstract lines between model inner

    I have a idea. 1. get your geometry structure line 2. fill this geometry, 3. sim points growths to the structure line you can compare this video. I was paint a heart shape as curve, and growth particles like this ways. 4. render particles or convert to line
  2. Paint Peel effect on alembic

    Hi, Tomasz Dabert I have checked you file. And you need clean your geometry before bring to your sim dop. 1. you can add a clean node after boolean Because there are some overlap or polygons after after your fracture.
  3. Concave Geometry-Boolean Fracturing

    Hi Mike: I guess your fracture has overlap geometry. So I add a Clean node after bloolean, and It's work well, so you don't need to remesh. please check this file in attach. rbd_convex_concave_rd_addClean.hip