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  1. For Each problèm in Houdini 17

    Hi there, @Maurits could you please explain how to achieve what you just suggested ? I'm trying to create a name attribute, for all primitives in the same group, for all present groups. thanks
  2. OBJ transform to SOP lvl

    Hey Noel, Isn't it a little more complicated with transforms ? (for proper orientation)
  3. OBJ transform to SOP lvl

    I tried, couldn't get it to work. Finally I discovered that there's a node for that : RIVET.
  4. Simple RBD hanging

    I finally found how. rivet. *edit* Nah... It doesn't transfer the rotations ... will explore a bit more, see if unpacking can help to feed the rivet with proper info *RE-edit* Worked with unpacking.
  5. OBJ transform to SOP lvl

    Hi there, anybody how to do the OPPOSITE ? the opposite of the Freeze button : Can I transfer the transforms from SOP level to Object level ?
  6. Simple RBD hanging

    here it is. I'd want to "transfer" the position/orientation/quaternion/matrix/xform thingies of the big sphere to Null2, so that I can parent Null1 to Null2. I would get geo1, geo2, geo.... to replace the sphere. ODD_transfer.hipnc
  7. Simple RBD hanging

    Now I've got a working rope, with a proxy geo hanging at the end of it. I'd like transfer the position and orientation of the last RBD (the proxy) at the OBJECT level, but I'm stuck so far. I found info about swapping from proxy to highDef with the node TRANSFORM PIECES, but I'd like to "parent/attach" a bunch of objects instead. I'm going to make a hip file to illustrate better.
  8. Simple RBD hanging

    And again I found Gold info on tokeru.com !! http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=ConstraintNetworks
  9. Contract A Rope (Vellum)

    Hi, there's the new vellum FIBER contraction, might just do the trick.
  10. Simple RBD hanging

    HEy Matt ! thanks, I give it a go.
  11. Dam! no reply on that topic : / I'm looking into PFtrack atm too... Trevor, have you used it with Houdini ?
  12. Hi, maybe you could make a camera pointing down (for a top view) and make that camera orthogonal. Then you should be able to rotate it along y-axis. ?
  13. Hi, many ways to do that... here is one: make a "group by range" node, choose points as a group type, and put 0 for start, 1 for end, and check inverse range. This will select the last point. make another group, with point 0. blast those 2 groups. a shorter way would be a wrangler: put down a point wrangler node. and type this : removepoint(0,0); if(@ptnum == (@numpt-1)) removepoint(0,@ptnum); first line remove point 0 (the first point of the line). (0,0)means : (geometry entering slot number 0 of the node , point number 0) second line reads : if the actual point number is equal to the number of points minus one (the last point of the line) third line : remove that point
  14. Simple RBD hanging

    Hey everyone ! I'm miserably failing at making a simple dynamic set up : / I'm trying to hang a RBD object at the end of a rope. I can't get it to work with wire solver and bullet. I've only managed to attach the rbd at then end of the rope, but the attached rbd isn't affecting the rope. And with vellum it works, but I don't want a soft body object. I tried with vellum, thinking I could stiffen the softbody until it looks like a rigid object, but vellum bugs with I reach high stiffness value ! And anyway, I don't know how to replace that softbody by my final object : / If someone could help me back on the correct track, that would be great attched is a hip file with my 2 failing attempts.6ril_RBD-hang++.hipnc
  15. crowd simulation

    Those line look so cool on the rat Gave me an idea ! for you, they are cosmetic or functional ?