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  1. Erode / Rock tool I'm building

    Noice ! very floury, I mean they seem dusty. I guess you'll break that up with shader variations. look promising !
  2. Dynamic experiment of cloth and hair in water!

    uhuhuh that's something indeed Blue background and all ! congrats ! encounter with the invisible fish !
  3. Emit Particles on Painted Attribute

    switch to H18 it's free. if you need to use the old paint to create @emitparticles : you can go down a single line of nodes (no need for that attribute copy) : attributefromvolume -> paint (and redo your paint from scratch in order to see some values in the spreadsheet for @emitparticles) -> popnet it works. And don't forget to switch the emission mode to SCATTER ON SURFACE. (you can untick the scale point count by area if you want)
  4. Emit Particles on Painted Attribute

    you got the solution now tho ? is attributepaint available in 17.5 ? (can't remember)
  5. Emit Particles on Painted Attribute

    beaten by a noob : /
  6. Emit Particles on Painted Attribute

    okm there's a few mistakes in your network. If you check your spreadsheet with the paint node selected, you will see that you are not writing anything in the emitparticles attribute. It's all to zero. If you're with H18, use the ATTRIBUTEPAINT node, otherwise try to redo you painting, something seems odd there. Also, you wired the attributecopy the wrong way around : you are telling it to copy @emitparticles from a node where it's not there to the node where you try to create it (failing paint node). And mainly, to use the attribute feature in your popsource the emission type needs to be "scatter on surface". Otherwise the attribute field is ghosted, meaning it's not active. I got it working just fine
  7. Invalid Bindary Token

    hey, to change the title, you need to edit the first post.
  8. Voronoi Fracture in for loop

    yep, as Noobini said. We need to see how you set up the loop. It seems that you fetch the whole thing instead of looping on every piece... or something of that sort...
  9. Emit Particles on Painted Attribute

    you should post a simple .hip illustrating the trouble. I just tried to emit from attribute, and it worked just fine. I used that new FANTASTIC attribute paint node.
  10. Emit Particles on Painted Attribute

    I kind of recall running into this problem, and solved it by specifying a SOP path instead of using the first context. Not sure this is the same pb you have, tho *EDIT* Nah... it ain't the trouble, I just tried and it's all good in H18. better post a .hip of your problem.
  11. Dynamic experiment of cloth and hair in water!

    hey, seems like your query didn't get much response. easy. Make your sim without gravity. slip a blue bg. done ! I'm kind of kidding, but you should start something in order to identify where you're getting stuck or something..
  12. Volume Brain

    could not resist a simple softbody drop.
  13. Volume Brain

    Just tried Karma with the same brain, but converted into a polysoup. 1.7 million pts and optix denoised waxy shader