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  1. Old stone wall destruction

    Hey there, I'm curious about the result of your project Fred. Mind sharing ? Is it visible somehow ?
  2. Random link of interest

    impressive !
  3. Convert Slice images to Volume

    There's an entagma tutorial about that, I made a brain out of scans following it :
  4. GLU - music video -

    Hey, I made a few Fx on a music video for the band GLU. Had to be done in a rush, so it's far from good : / here are some fx :
  5. Procedural Robots

    hey Caskal, yes, animating is what I meant. And I added that it would be quite a difficult task, specially if you aim for realistic articulation ( not bending what seems to be metal), since the "randomness" of your process isn't placing pivot at the proper places.
  6. Materials, shaders within Houdini

    many tutorials online about shading with mantra or arnold, octane, renderman ...etc just do a search.
  7. RedShift motionblur problem

    hey, it depends a lot on what kind of geometry you're dealing with, and how it is animated. Is it Xform anim ? Deformed geo ? Particles ? You need to give more info, or better a .hip file in order to get proper help.
  8. Direction Attribute from Color ?

    eeerrr.... some weeeird things going on in that file, or is it me >? the pointwrangle1 and delete is such a messy way to just delete points with positive red values !!! Am I missing something there ? That for loop to compare a color channel with an integer .. uh??? O_o Guys I'd be interested to know if I'm not getting it, really.
  9. Boat explosion

    Hey, the deformed hull seems to works better now, I think. It's a little "popping" (1 frame) but with the pyro fx it should work. The rhythm is better too. I feel like a crescendo going on. I'm not sure about the big jump of the ship front half, but it's hard to judge without the water reaction. Wondering if such a vertical jump could happen from what seem to be a core explosion. An explosion under the ship would justify that, but... I like the tower slowly collapsing ! Nice touch *EDIT* An other thing, but it might be something you add on another anim layer, is the lack of rocking/rolling of the boat.
  10. Procedural Robots

    Oh-en-Fi ! that's scary good ! Thanks for the peak into your setup You even made a nice tool out of it, sweet. That yellow shirt brought a smile on me again makes you wanna break that static constraint and see a couple of moves ! Are you considering it ? Must be quite a challenge, specially if you don't allow cheating with a bendable metal !!!
  11. Boat explosion

    It's a SABOTAGE !@
  12. Boat explosion

    Hi, just a few comments, depending on the level you're trying to reach with this "usual" boat boom. Your ocean seems "fluffy" for some reasons. This is a metallic boat. The way you made the sides collapse is totally off, not believable at all imho. Feels like it a cardboard boat, or at least a concrete boat. You lack the plasticity that metal would show in such conditions. Tearing yeah, in some strongly exposed parts, but not without Bending ! I understand it's another (higher) level of destruction sim, but since you're tackling such a classic, overseen exercise ... That's where you should or could improve... maybe ... I dunno Also, animation-wise, it lacks rhythm and growth. That's probably the point of @Librarian 's comment. Your explosions are almost equally spaced apart and of equal strength. It will feel better if you break up that flat rhythm with something like : pop-pop--wait--BOOM! If you see what I mean. About animation too, the camera motion (cam shake) feels very cgi. With just a little more work on it, you could get a better feel to the whole shot. Add a slight translation to the left, a subtle one, and may be break up the smoothness of your shakes. It would be more immersive, as if we were seeing the scene from another boat slowly moving. The mood and rendering is nice tho. J'espere que mes commentaires ne paraissent pas trop "secs" en anglais Bon courage !
  13. Abstract -Colors-Copy

    a one liner ! well done!
  14. copy to points - variant issue

    Salut David, it's weird indeed. I bet it's from the random function at ZERO. Here is one way to go around the problem: just replace the multiple by your seed (*) by an addition (+) then it should avoid the zero, and solve your problem i@variant=int(fit01(rand(@ptnum+chf("seed")),0,3)); instead of : i@variant=int(fit01(rand(@ptnum*chf("seed")),0,3));
  15. something like that, very basic, but work for a lot of scenarios. You can't complexify by adding more nulls, like separating some rotations for more control. Also you can add constraints to your camera. Take a look at the documentation, might help you if you're starting in H.
  16. yes a simple camera rig should help. just use a NULL hierarchy parented to your camera. Simple and effective.
  17. Procedural Robots

    wahoo ! looks really nice ! sweet shader too
  18. Particle workflow popnet

    hey, it really depend on the render engine, and also a bit on the project. (instancing or not...) If you want more in depth comment on your workflow, it's better to post a simplified hip file.
  19. Erode / Rock tool I'm building

    looking good ! will you keep them all "intact" or will you introduce a few broken ones ? It would had realism for sure. Even tho it's already look very real and nice.
  20. Erode / Rock tool I'm building

    Noice ! very floury, I mean they seem dusty. I guess you'll break that up with shader variations. look promising !
  21. Dynamic experiment of cloth and hair in water!

    uhuhuh that's something indeed Blue background and all ! congrats ! encounter with the invisible fish !