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  1. Exporting Transforms to Alembic

    Hi mate, have you sorted your problem? I think i have exactly the same one and just wanted to check with you. Creating primitive per point and generating hierarchy based on attribute would work for you. But in my case i need to transform only transforms, just like you would do in maya, so cant have any primitives in it.
  2. RBD sim and orient

    thank you "qmultiply" was the thingy i needed. In my lack of knowledge i was trying subtract/add etc. or this wrangle. as it turned out, Bullet is spitting something that has completely messed up values, and they need to be reconstructed with intrinsics FROM: http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops#RBD_extract_correct_transform_attributes matrix m4 = primintrinsic(0,'packedfulltransform',@ptnum); matrix3 m3 = matrix3(m4); @orient = quaternion(m3); @scale = cracktransform(0,0,2,0,m4); v@pivot = primintrinsic(0,'pivot',@ptnum);
  3. RBD sim and orient

    i will try to do repro scene. Its nothing in the bullet. As i mentioned without incoming origin (atrib delete) it does sim correctly. There is also thing that if i try to instantiate my geo back onto the points, there is tinny bit of offset. I assume there is something strange happening with pivot/orient, that is not properly translated down the line
  4. RBD sim and orient

    Hello guys. Recently i have run into strange issue. I have my packed objects, that have some orient on it. I need to feed them into the Bullet sim, problem is that if i have orient as attribute on the packed objects, my sim explodes on first frame (no intersecting geo), if i remove my orient, sim behaves as expected. so i have run my sim without the orient coming to bullet (renamed orient to keep_orient) and i thought i will just substranct+add them at the end to get correct orient values for my instancing i do as next step. Problem i have is that i was not able to get correct orient from it. Would someone able to explain me what would be necessary to do to make it work, or why bullet explodes with orient values? sorry i cant share any scene at this point. my whole setup is: points in the space, that have @pscale and @orient (random nodes), that goes into the grain sim, to make sure i have no intersections, then i do copy bunch of rocks onto those points which goes as packed geo into the bullet sim.
  5. this might give you what you are after. Disclaimer: im reading packedfulltransform, not pivot. You can modify it if needed. run over points matrix m = primintrinsic(0,'packedfulltransform',@ptnum); @orient = quaternion(matrix3(m)); //transform fix matrix xform = primintrinsic(0, "packedfulltransform", @ptnum); @P = {0,0,0}; @P *=xform; //rotation in degrees matrix matx = qconvert(@orient); vector extracted = cracktransform(0, 0, 1, @P, matx); v@rotation = extracted;
  6. what about using your low poly mesh as lattice and deform the original high res model? i would assume you want to render the high poly model, not the downres one.
  7. Displaced Tubes

  8. Displaced Tubes

    thx Atom for quick reply
  9. Displaced Tubes

    I must be blind or something. They are all mentioning some mini tutorial, how to achieve it. But i cant find the "tutorial"?
  10. mesh light arnold not working

    you have no materials assigned, geometry that you intend to use as light needs to be renderable - you havent choose your mesh geo to render in Arnold render ROP I updated your scene mesh_light_arnold.zip
  11. you might also consider rendering all in 3ds max. If you have materials on your objects, and you are rendering water, you probably want those materials with textures be visible in refraction in water. In that case, would make sense to render in app, where you have those textures applied. if that's possible of course.
  12. UDIM generation question

    the idea is to divide iteration by 10 to know how much to move in X, and modulo to know how much in Y AUTO_UDIM_mk.hipnc
  13. Color Scheme Edit

    i dont think you can change those colors, i did spend quite a bit for trying to find appropriate field to change. If im mistaken, would want to know it as well.
  14. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    thank you guys
  15. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    Thank you. we never get enough of your tests