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  1. hello, have you found solution to this problem?
  2. Issue with fur on (animated) alembic cache

    animated alembic will need to be unpacked to make it work. im surprised you even see hair on the animated sphere Can you post your scene?
  3. Set parameter defaults for built-in nodes

    anyone would be able to help? I would like to have preset for the ar_light of example As im using arnold i already have Init scripts which came with Arnold install. I was not able to find a way how to run multiple init scripts. For obvious reasons i dont want to modify the Arnold OTLs to add onCreate presets. And hou.ui.addEventLoopCallback seems a bit overkill
  4. Get list of HDA versions

    seems like .namespaceOrder() is giving me what i was after
  5. Get list of HDA versions

    thank you. I did went through the thread, but havent found a solution to my question unfortunately. M.
  6. Set parameter defaults for built-in nodes

    And to answer my own question, yes it does work. Problem is that Arnold comes with their own geo.py script which was taking priority over mine.
  7. Set parameter defaults for built-in nodes

    H Peter. Does this still work in newer houdini versions? I have no problem use it for Arnold ROP (which has onCreate script that looks for those scripts), but i cant make it work for simple GEO node on OBJ level as you described. Wonder if something changed?
  8. Groupselection inside HDA

    """ Performs a selection that is used to populate a SOP Group parameter field. This function takes a number of kwargs options to control the exact form of the returned selection, how the parameter should be set, the allowed selection types, etc. If kwargs['ordered'] is present, then that alone specifies whether to do an ordered selection. If kwargs['ordered'] is not present, then we try to determine orderedness from any selector bound to the node and parameter in question, and, failing that, default to an unordered selection. """
  9. Get list of HDA versions

    Hello guys. Is there a way how to get with python list of all HDA versions installed for given HDA? Those definitions lives as separate files (mk__test__1_0.hda, mk__test__1_1.hda, mk__test__2_0.hda, etc.) Only way i found was to list all installed HDAs in Houdini session and then search through the tupples for specific name. Any simpler way?
  10. I think now Mantra does, Arnold doesnt work with shop_materialpath on points
  11. Hello guys. Im doing some changes to NodeGraphCommon.inc and NodeGraphDark.inc to change my colors and some extra bits. Is there any chance to avoid changing them in the install directory and use my user directory? Not always i have rights to edit those two files inside the install directory. Putting them into userDir/Houdini xx/config doesnt help. M
  12. Hello guys. I recently switched to Linux and im facing very annoying problem, while working on dual monitor setup. O have my main houdini session on monitor1 and my floating panel on monitor2. When im switching (alt+tab, or taskbar click) from another program to houdini, i have to click on my main application and on my floating panel, otherwise only the main houdini window will get into focus. This get even worse, if i have multiple houdini sessions running at the same time and want to switch between them, as there is no way how to tell which floating panel belongs to which houdini session, making it impossible to work with. On Windows, your floating panel, will be visible in taskbar as separate windows, but when clicking on main window session, it brings the floating panel into focus as well. Anyone experienced similar thing? Its very, very frustrating to work with. Martin
  13. Exporting Transforms to Alembic

    Hi mate, have you sorted your problem? I think i have exactly the same one and just wanted to check with you. Creating primitive per point and generating hierarchy based on attribute would work for you. But in my case i need to transform only transforms, just like you would do in maya, so cant have any primitives in it.
  14. RBD sim and orient

    thank you "qmultiply" was the thingy i needed. In my lack of knowledge i was trying subtract/add etc. or this wrangle. as it turned out, Bullet is spitting something that has completely messed up values, and they need to be reconstructed with intrinsics FROM: http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops#RBD_extract_correct_transform_attributes matrix m4 = primintrinsic(0,'packedfulltransform',@ptnum); matrix3 m3 = matrix3(m4); @orient = quaternion(m3); @scale = cracktransform(0,0,2,0,m4); v@pivot = primintrinsic(0,'pivot',@ptnum);
  15. RBD sim and orient

    i will try to do repro scene. Its nothing in the bullet. As i mentioned without incoming origin (atrib delete) it does sim correctly. There is also thing that if i try to instantiate my geo back onto the points, there is tinny bit of offset. I assume there is something strange happening with pivot/orient, that is not properly translated down the line