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  1. Houdini OpenGL 3.3 error.

    Ok, I solved the problem, it was stupid. I had plugged my screen to my integrated graphic card instead of my nvidia gtx 560... So that's just why it didn't work.. Thanks for the help guys!
  2. Houdini OpenGL 3.3 error.

    I just reinstalled windows so all the environment variables should be gone. I've seen other people suggesting other variables to solve this problem and I tried them yesterday but it didn't change anything.
  3. Hey guys! I have a really strange problem with Houdini. I just reinstalled my os (windows 10) and installed houdini apprentice but I can't start it. It says that my drivers can't run openGL 3.3 but I installed the latest version of them. I tried to remove all my graphic card's drivers and reinstall them and same error. I have a gtx 560 ti. I never had this problem before and I can't get rid of it. Any idea? Thanks!
  4. I finally found a solution for this problem while watching a tutorial. I didn't know you could just drag and drop parameters from the parameters tabs directly onto the existing parameters interface, removing the need to go into the "From Nodes" tab which made Houdini crash.
  5. Hi guys, I'm currently facing a really strange crash when trying to add controls to a null object. I have no problem adding custom float sliders or menus, but Houdini crashes whenever I try to add interface parameters from other nodes (segmentation fault error). I tried deleting my preferences, but nothing will do. I can always add the parameters by hand and link them afterwards manually to the specific nodes inside my network but this is really time consuming. Do you have any idea why this crash happens ? Thanks for your help! Thibault.
  6. That was it! Just changed $F to $FF fixed the problem, awesome, thanks a lot =) !
  7. Hey there =) I have a shot with a car driving through a city. The car is staying at the center of the world and a null parenting all the geometry is moving all the terrain under the car to make it looks like the car is moving. We have some problem to reduce the amount of motion blur we have in our scene which is too high. I tried lowering the shutter time from 0.5 to 0.25 but when the value is lower than 0.5 there's not any motion blur anymore. The fix I found for now is to add a velocity attribute and enable geometry velocity blur on all my objects to control the amount of motion blur I want on each object and it's working quite well but I wondered if there's a way to use the shutter time of my camera instead. Thanks for your help!! Thibault.
  8. Motion Blur on procedural texture

    In fact I'm using delayed procedural shader at the end of my pipeline in order to keep my IFD files very light (under 1mb per frame). But I had the same problem when using the delayed load geometry with the bgeo. But I'll be sure to do a test with bgeo next time I have a similar problem, thanks a lot =) !
  9. Motion Blur on procedural texture

    I moved the nodes I had after my object merge directly after my file sop importing the obj terrain and attach the digital asset directly to the animated null and the motion blur is fine as well as the size of the procedural patterns. So it looks like the problem really was the object merge, I don't understand though why the png texture was fine but not the procedural ones.
  10. Motion Blur on procedural texture

    We are using a digital asset workflow so that one artist can work on the terrain modeling / shading while another one can place it on the layout and do other stuff with it on another scene. This is the node tree inside the digital asset, with the terrain coming from an obj file. The shading is on another digital asset and is linked into the material node on this tree. The scene controls is the animated null which is moving the terrain and everything on top of it (rocks, trees and so on). This is the node tree inside the "layout_terrain" node, I'm just importing the terrain and doing some operations on it (flattening the road and so on).
  11. Motion Blur on procedural texture

    In fact we're cheating the car move in the scene by leaving the car at the center of the world and moving the terrain underneath. So I have a null which is animated, and I attached my geometry with my object merged terrain inside to the null.
  12. Motion Blur on procedural texture

    It seems to work, I was not aware that you needed a rest pos at the sop level too, I only had a rest pos in my vop shader. The only thing now is that it looks like the procedural texture has changed scale because of the rest pos in sop but the motion blur is working and I guess I'll just have to get the scale correct. I'll let you know if everything works, thanks a lot for your help!!
  13. Motion Blur on procedural texture

    When I toggle it off the the image texture (the mud close to the road) doesn't have motion blur any more. So it seems to be correctly affecting the terrain for the image texture, but not for the procedural ones.
  14. Motion Blur on procedural texture

    I am object merging the terrain on a geo node and the velocity motion blur is toggled on on the geometry node where the terrain is imported.
  15. Motion Blur on procedural texture

    Sorry for the late reply about the settings, I was just about to post them, I was busy. Here are the main settings of my mantra node. Thanks again for your help!