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  1. How to apply Turbulence to Pressure field?

    I will give this a try. May be I need to control range on that. Also is there a way to visualise your pressure field?
  2. How to apply Turbulence to Pressure field?

    Thanks for the reply Madi. Is there a way to visualise that pressure field? Edit: just tried pressure as a control field. Doesn't work. There is no difference in the sim with or without it.
  3. Hey guys, can anyone here help me with how to mask my turbulence to my pressure field that pyro creates by default? I tried looking around and a lot of posts have been made talking about that it's a really good way to get rid of mushroom looks and add details at the start of the sim. But I cant find an example file for it. Any help on the subject would be awesome. Thanks
  4. Inherit smoke from texture issue

    Hey guys, I saw Entagma's recent H17 video on smoke inheriting the colour from a texture where he is emitting the smoke inside a donut and smoke inherits the Cd attribute from the donut. I have been trying to do the same but with a little different idea. I just want simple emission from an object and the same object should inherit the Cd from itself. But sourcing Cd that way is giving weird results. Can anyone please help me with this? I am attaching a hip file. Also attached is the texture that I am using in "attribute from map" node. If anybody is interested in the Entagma's video, here it is. Houdini 17 Quicktip: Colored Smoke Thanks, fb coloured_smoke.hip
  5. You can either use a wrangle or a vop node to do an "if else" operation.
  6. Hey guys, I have been having troubles with extracting transforms from an incoming alembic and apply it its vdb. My guess is, that you extract transforms using transform matrices in VOPs and apply it to the position of the vdb. But I don't know how. Can somebody help me with it please? -bf
  7. Plastic Curtain on Fire

    Hey guys! Was just wondering what's the best way to melt a plastic curtain with Houdini? Something like this - https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51hzskGD15L._SX425_.jpg I want it to melt and shrink in a way the plastic material behaves when it's on fire. There are many melt examples out there using flip but I am not sure how will I achieve the shrinking effect. If you guys can come with any ideas or point me towards the right direction, that would be amazing! Thanks, bifrost
  8. Melting/Tar simulation

  9. Melting/Tar simulation

    Hey Houdini gurus, I am trying to achieve this effect of a melting object. (video below) Do any of you lot have idea on how to approach this? My guess if flip fluid but how to get the stretchy and deforming part with it? Any help on this would be really appreciated. Regards, b
  10. Custom Vortex Field - FLIP Whirlpool

    Thanks a lot Atom! That's a great link page you have there. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any custom vortex field example in there. There are a couple of tornado ones but their approach is very different that what I want. Also, your file looks great. I will look into it. -b
  11. Hey Houdini Gurus! I am trying to do some RnD on creating a massive whirlpool using flip fluids. Although I am aware of how to create custom forces in Houdini, I am pretty much clueless on how to create a tangential vortex force in order to achieve this effect. In my head, here is how I think I would do it. Correct me if I am wrong. - Create a geometry where whirlpool would swirl on including the middle whole. - Create custom tangential vectors on that geometry with some noise patterns on it to break the uniformity. - Plug the field into the flip. Can anyone help me with this? What would be the maths behind it? I searched here and people have done it using Houdini Ocean Toolkit before but that's not the approach I am looking for. I want to achieve it in flip. Something like this Thanks a lot for the help. -b
  12. Animate pScale of flip overtime?

    I didn't know it did the calculation every timestep. It makes sense now. Cheers James!
  13. Animate pScale of flip overtime?

    Thanks a lot John! That works like a charm. Can you explain the logic here please?
  14. Animate pScale of flip overtime?

    Hey guys! Was wondering if anyone has an idea how to decrease the pScale of flip fluid overtime during the sim? I am trying to do a shrinking effect using flip and thought this might be a good place to begin with. Unfortunately, animating particle radius scale on the flip object doesn't really work. If you have any other idea how to achieve the shrinking effect, please let me know. All help is appreciated. Cheers, b
  15. Melting plastic approach

    Thanks a lot Atom! That really helped. Cheers, b