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  1. Hair with soft body sim

    Hi guys! I have been trying to figure out how to re-create this effect. https://www.instagram.com/p/BiMSgmaHHQT/?hl=en&taken-by=hellompc I have a few questions as to how I should go about this 1)Would I simulate the soft body first followed by the hair or simulate both of them together? 2)Using the simulate guide shelf tool,it creates a separate network that is not part of the autodop that the organic mass shelf tool creates, Thank you!
  2. Hi there! I would like to do a render passes where every object has a constant colour and right now I am doing it via takes ( which is very time consuming to set up). I have also tried the op_id and primid in mantra but that doesn't give me a different colour for each object in the scene. How would I go about doing this more efficiently? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated Cheers! Ronald
  3. Hi guys! I would like to randomize some of the geometry on my crowd agent and I can't seem to find anything in the help docs or any tutorials on it. Do I use layers or shape library to randomize a geo (eg. a sword in hand to a diff variation) and how do I go about baking out the geometry with the agent and randomizing it? Cheers! Ronald
  4. Randomizing crowd shapes

    Thank you!I must have missed this out when I was searching
  5. Latest collection of my rnd work

    Thanks for the tip! I never knew about this
  6. Latest collection of my rnd work

    Nice whale shot! what did you mean by "-circle" when you were showing the different renders for the whitewater?
  7. Houdini 15 Rain Effect

    Hey you could emit particles randomly across the grid by adding noise to the Cd attribute of the grid and emitting based on the color attribute and you can animate the noise if you want to for a more randomized look
  8. Spyrogif

    I love your work especially this,how was it achieved?
  9. Hi guys! I have a copy sop with 25 cubes copied onto it and I would like to simulate the cubes falling, but right now the cubes do not fall individually, how would I go about setting up my dopnet so that the cubes can become individual rbd objects instead of a single rbd object? Thanks!
  10. Individual RBD objects from copy sop

    Thank you for the help guys!THis is exactly what I was looking for!
  11. Hi guys, I've been trying to render a sequence in HQueue for Houdini but it is not rendering my per-light components out, but rendering an "all" component. Hqueue also doesn't show any error when the render is taking place I've tried rendering the same mantra node locally and all the components do appear, I Have attached 2 screenshots showing the difference in the render passes, any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Ronald
  12. Best approach to Object ID Pass

    Hey thats really interesting!I'm not too sure about that but I did find a thread talking about it http://forums.odforce.net/topic/23817-cryptomatte/
  13. Best approach to Object ID Pass

    Hey thanks fencer!This is what I was looking for! Really appreciate it!
  14. Best approach to Object ID Pass

    Hi I got the same result but I have multiple objects in a single object geo node but op-id gives all the objects in that specific node a single colour, would it be possible to get separate colours for every object in the geometry node? Thanks!
  15. Curl from VDB analysis

    Hi! I have used a VDB analysis to calculate the curl values of a FLIP fluid, how will I go about extracting the curl values and go about using the curl values of every point in the flip fluid? Thanks! Ronald
  16. Curl from VDB analysis

    update..so I managed to get the separation of the points but i am not sure if I am doing it the right way. Is this the right way of doing it? Thanks!
  17. Whitewater with ocean evaluate

    Hi guys! I have a Flat tank sim which I deformed in post using the ocean evaluate to get waves on the surface. but now my white water doesn't follow the surface because of the ocean evaluate how do I get the white water from the original sim to follow the surface of the ocean evaluate? Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers!
  18. Whitewater with ocean evaluate

    Thank you for the hip!I will definitely try this method out on my sim! I'm not too sure about some of the things going on in the pointvop 1)Would the source max on the fit vary according to my sim? 2)I played around with the ramp values and I am still unclear about the ramp works,does it control the shape of the mask or the overall height of the mask,or the position as well? Thanks again for the hip!
  19. Whitewater with ocean evaluate

    There is a big splash about halfway through the simulation I'm sorry but I don't quite understand the masking with a ramp I'm sorry but I can't upload a hip file as it is client work
  20. Hey guys! I'm trying to mesh a FLIP sim but I encountered some issues with the holes in the geometry. Out of the 600 frames which I meshed only 1 frame has this tearing issue I have attached a screenshot of the tearing.Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  21. Flip mesh and Infinite ocean

    Hi sorry to bring up this old thread! I read through the whole post and still is quite unsure of how to do it. Can someone help me post an example hip!!! Thanks and sorry for the noob question
  22. H14 crowd looking at an object

    Hi guys I'm using Houdini 14.0.335 and I am trying to get a crowd to look at an object I created the default crowd and Ihave tried using the shelf tools for Look at but the head doesn't turn to face the object, getting them to look at a position but that doesn't work too Thank you! Ronald