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  1. Smooth outline of 2D pointcloud

    Quick test...maybe this helps... kind regards nr_foot_outline_edit.hip EDIT: Oh I see that I am using your output of the triangulate node which is not accurate representation of your footprint...hmm
  2. Hi, I try to offset a texture with a For Loop in a shader. In the example file you can see I iterate 5 times and offset the texture 0.1 units with each iteration. Is it possible to combine all of the iteration steps and show the result of that in the rendered image? Like in the attached picture where I painted in the desired result with red. kind regards Jon forLoop_VexBuilder.hip
  3. Procedural Generated Cyberpunk Building

  4. Hm...Thank you Atom. I will play a little bit with that. In an production example of course I have several different instanced objects but I think it should be possible to automate this technique somehow. Thanks again. Jon
  5. Hi, This is a test export from 3dsMax. The Tubes are instanced. I can export them as fbx file and import them back into 3dsMax while preserving the instances, since fbx format supports instancing. Is there a way to import the fbx file into houdini and preserve the instancing somehow? I know instancing in houdini works very different, and with that example geometry it looks like it doesn´t make a lot of sense. But i also have to import more complex machines from CAD data and there it would be nice to have for example all screws still instanced. kind regards jon instance_3.FBX
  6. directional area light

    hey, I thought because of the sampling I need higher render settings and this will lead to higher render times. But maybe I was wrong here. I tried it with some geometry as a light blocker and linked it to only this light - it works better that expected Also the hint with the light shader ist interesting ( although behind my skills yet ) I will have a look into that. Thanks David.
  7. directional area light

    Hey David, Yea Thank you. I could do it like that but i think its way harder for the renderer to calculate it and dependend on the scene not always so easy to setup. Also SideFX pointed out that I can use a spot light in combination with a texture what kind of gives me some good results. In production so far it was nice to have a parameter that controls just the light distribution of an area light and the shadows etc. change accordingly. I thought maybe there is something in houdini lights and I just dont know about it. directionalLight_example.mp4
  8. Mantra transparency

    A thing, which I know is not the problem here, but anyway good to mention when working with smaller characters is to check the "Raytracing Bias" in the Rop node. I had a lot of transparency issues with the eyes on a rather smaller character. So maybe make also sure to check that the bias is small enough.
  9. Hi, This is an area light with directional parameter turned on in vray. What would be the best way to achieve this type of light with mantra. The spot parameter on the grid light is not giving me the desired results for now. Thank you. Jon
  10. If I apply a uniformvolume shader to an object on scene level it works. If I apply the shader on object level it renders black. Does someone have an explanation for me? Thank you. Jon uniform_Volume_shader_sceneLevel.hip
  11. Houdini Gallerie - jon3de

    Hey Joao, sorry for the late reply. Yes its 100 % Houdini. cheers
  12. You could do it with a sopsolver and the attributes mass and gluetoanimation. unpinOverTime.hip
  13. Houdini Gallerie - jon3de

    Recently I finished this teaser for our local basketball team. As always - all in houdini. I hope you like it.
  14. Show Texture in Viewport

    Thanks for your fast replies. Yes I am aware of that technique but I tried to avoid that. Since its possible to show the textures directly from the material if I plug it into the shader texture parameter directly, I thought it should also be possible to show the textures of the texture node somehow with the same technique.
  15. Show textures in the viewport only works for me if I plug the texturepath directly into the shaders parameter. If I use a texture sop or create a string parm to the texture it will not be displayed in the viewport. A workaround is that I unlock the shader and create a parameter inside with the path to the texture and with "texture" tag. But outside of the shader on mat level it will not work for me. Any tipps how to fix that? Thank you.