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  1. Rigging a book

    Thank you! btw. I did not know that its possible to use a link in the texture parm
  2. camera exposure

    The "White Point" method is pretty nice. Thank you very much Szymon. "This is simply redundant in a pipelines Mantra is usually used" Can you explain that further? Changing the exposure globally seems like a useful thing to me. In any pipeline.
  3. I simply bind a float attribute in the mat context and use it as a value for "sss_int" and it will change the complete object to white strange look instead of controlling the sss intensity. Does anyone also have this issue? Or do I overlook something? sss_int_bug.hipnc
  4. This is basically exactly what Im aiming for. Thanks. Unfortunately it does not work in a subnet/HDA. You can reproduce the strange behavior with a subnet. Put the two nulls in a subnet and expose/relative reference the parameters outside to the subnet controls. If you snap the objects here to each other it will rotate/translate the whole subnet in a strange way. Do you know the reason for that? cheers match_translation_problem.hip ( transforms of subnet are hidden ) Edit: Hm...It kinds of transfers the information of the "match" function to the whole subnet instead of the selected parameter...
  5. I have two helper floating in space but both of them have cleaned Transformation. Is it possible to align one helper to the other in the viewport and the translation/rotation parameters should only display the relative position changes from its current position?
  6. Although I cant remember of any custom configuration stuff I should have done, this solved the error. Thank you!
  7. Hi, I have a strange behavior with the auto Rig Tool in Houdini 16.5 If want to create a Asset it just creates 3 helpers and a merge node and I´m not able to add a Head / Arm etc. In Houdini 16.0 it works fine....Anyone else noticed this behavior? I attached a screen capture to demonstrate. AutoRig_Bug.flv
  8. Cd attributes to stick to fluid sim

    My attempt would be to turn off particle reseeding for fix point numbers and transfer the viscosity attribute from sops via solver sop. change_viscosity.hipnc
  9. displace on XZ plane

    Mountain SOP works with normals. Just create a circle with normals on ZX Plane. mountainCircle.hipnc
  10. Boolean problems

    In your "copytopoints1" node you have ticked on "copy Point Attributes" this will transfer N of the PigHead to your scattered Geo. This is why you shading is changing. Uncheck or add "^N" to keep your normals.
  11. "Look At" Vop

  12. Thank you very much!!!
  13. Hi, I constraint two objects together with chops. Everything works until I use expressions in my parent object. What do I have to do to fetch expression values into chops? kind regards Jon express_chop.hip
  14. I also attached the VOP way to the file if you want to have a look... scaleUpToFrame10.hip
  15. give each point its size and then scale up to this size? Is it that you are after? ( hip File attached ) kind regards Jon scaleUpToFrame10.hip