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  1. If I apply a uniformvolume shader to an object on scene level it works. If I apply the shader on object level it renders black. Does someone have an explanation for me? Thank you. Jon uniform_Volume_shader_sceneLevel.hip
  2. Houdini Gallerie - jon3de

    Hey Joao, sorry for the late reply. Yes its 100 % Houdini. cheers
  3. You could do it with a sopsolver and the attributes mass and gluetoanimation. unpinOverTime.hip
  4. Houdini Gallerie - jon3de

    Recently I finished this teaser for our local basketball team. As always - all in houdini. I hope you like it.
  5. Show Texture in Viewport

    Thanks for your fast replies. Yes I am aware of that technique but I tried to avoid that. Since its possible to show the textures directly from the material if I plug it into the shader texture parameter directly, I thought it should also be possible to show the textures of the texture node somehow with the same technique.
  6. Show textures in the viewport only works for me if I plug the texturepath directly into the shaders parameter. If I use a texture sop or create a string parm to the texture it will not be displayed in the viewport. A workaround is that I unlock the shader and create a parameter inside with the path to the texture and with "texture" tag. But outside of the shader on mat level it will not work for me. Any tipps how to fix that? Thank you.
  7. dynamic bones

    I tried something with chops but its not far as good as in your reference. I think its possible to do it better with that technique but I´m not so far yet. Hip File is attached. If someone has a better idea or can extend this technique I would also be interested in. dynamicBones_01.hipnc
  8. wow! Although I´m not sure if I really understand what the "area" CHOP does it works perfect! Thank you for the quick reply Tim. Is this somehow correct that the area CHOP calculates the "area" under my revolutions channel graph from frame zero to the actual frame and than uses this area value for the e.g. rotation or any other value ? Pretty awesome
  9. Hi, I have a Null Object with an "Rotator" Tab. There is a float parameter inside. Goal is to have the z rotation speed of the helper linked to a single parameter where I can control the "revolutions/Second" of this Null. Example: On Frame 0 parameter is on 0 Null does not rotate. At Frame 10 to 15 I animate the parameter to 5. The null starts to rotate with the speed of 5 and keeps rotating. At Frame 100 to 105 I animate the parameter back to 0. The Null stops rotating and stays at its rotation until I animate the parameter again to a higher number than 0. I hope you get what I want to do. Seems to me a like a nice exercise for houdini but I don´t really get it to work the way I want it to work. Any tips or ideas? Thank you. Jon Houdini_rotator.hip
  10. Some recent work

    Nice work !
  11. tilt-shift lens in houdini

    hey konstantin, Thanks for you tipp. I think this just shifts the view right? I search a way to "correct" the diagonal lines ( which are obviously correct ) to perpendicular lines. Basically what a tilt shift lens does. If you are familiar with the e.g. vray physical camera there is a vertical tilt parameter which let you distort the view exactly like in the picture above.
  12. is it possible to tilt-shift the lens somehow in houdini to force this effect ? kind regards Jon
  13. Houdini Gallerie - jon3de

    Hey, We recently finished our first character clips in Houdini. Maybe you want to check them out. Not so long ago I was the only Artist in our office switching to Houdini. When we got the chance to do some character work (whats really new for us) I was able to convince my bosses to use houdini entirely for this shots to see how it goes. So we started to do this clips in a team with three artists. Me and and two collegues of me which had no houdini experience at all. Our animator Markus did all the animation in Houdini. I was responsible for rigging/shading of the characters. With the big help of my other collegue Kaloyan we did all the environments, lighting, shading, rendering,compositing etc. ( Although It was a little bit hard at the beginning I think I can say he is also a pretty convinced houdini user now ) I really enjoy projects with houdini so much that I actually use it for everything and whenever I can. Its so satisfying to just stay in one software knowing you have everything what you need I hope you like it and of course thank you very much for all the generous help here in the forum. cheers Jon
  14. Export linked camera as alembic

    Thank you David. That works.
  15. Hi, I have a "normal" camera animation with a waggle helper. Exporting the camera as .abc without linking it to the helper works perfect. If I link it to the helper the animation in the abc cache is gone. Does anybody know how to export this kind of setup correct ? Thank you. Jon