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  1. hi, I wanted to import a texture from COP context into my shader as a texture. So I just navigated to the path into the COP context but I always get an error that mantra is not able to load the texture. " mantra: Unable to load texture '/obj/cop2net1/OUT_stripes' " The image in the COP network is no bitmap file or anything else. Its just a ramp texture of the COP network but actually thats it what I want. I want to do that without external files. I attached a very basic scene whith to explain the problem. It would be nice to have some help here. Thank you. Jon textureFromCOP.hiplc
  2. Do you have an example of the effect you achieved in maya to make it more clear what you are after? Do you want random extrusion in an specific area? maybe this links will help you... http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/?title=Houdini#Instance_with_effector http://www.rohandalvi.net/mograph/
  3. Texture from COPs error

    Yea I got it working one time with a quickshade too but after some time it stopped working again. No matter if I use "op:" , quickshade or different texture maps. Thank you anyway for looking into that.
  4. Hi, I started a local fluid sim on my machine over night and saved out the bgeo.sc files. Now I want to interrupt the simulation, have to do some work and later resume the simulation after the last simulated frame? I did not saved out any checkpoints or anything. Is this possible? How would the process look like? Thank you in advance. Jon
  5. Hi, I have a whitewater simulation which I converted to a vdb volume. Is it possible to render a vector pass out of this vdb ? I want to blur my whitewater pass in Nuke as I don´t get proper motion Blur while rendering it in mantra. I tried it with import the velocity to an image plane but this works only for normal geometry. With vdb volumes I did not had luck for now. I would be thankful for some ideas. Jon
  6. Vector pass of VDB Volume

    Ah right. I scaled the values a little bit now I can see the effect. Thank you very much David. Anyway do you know how its possible to render out a 2d Vector pass to blur it in comp ? Or is this generally not a good idea to blur volumes in comp?
  7. Vector pass of VDB Volume

    Thank you David for this hint. I created an additional velocity volume. What do I have to do to tell mantra that it should use this for motion blur calculation?
  8. Whitewater from Ocean Waves

    hey, I created some ocean surface with the ocean waves shelf tool. My goal is to have some whitewater and mist on top of that which is colliding with the pillar in the middle. I wanted to ask you if you have some tips in general for me what could be a good way to go. I looked at the whitewater shelf tool but it works with flip simulations underneath and my setup is not simulated at the moment. I thought I create the ocean surface itself without simulation as the results are pretty nice and than some simulated white water and collision foam on the pillar...but I get a little stucked. Again I would be very thankful for some general tips about the workflow. kind regards Jon
  9. Whitewater from Ocean Waves

    So is this right if I say you have your basic Ocean ready with the ocean Wave shelf but not simulated. After that you create the Wave Layer Tank. In ( wavelayertank_inital ) you replace/use your Ocean Spectrum Node from the Ocean waves shelf to get the right waves for simulation. This is the way I try it at the moment. Sorry for this confusing questions... Jon
  10. Hey guys, I wanted to change some geometry progressively to a simulated cloth Object. After some tests I now ended up with an aproach that sets the @pintoanimation attrib to zero if the @Cd attribute is going to a brighter color than black. Like you can see in the hipfile I create a group in a sop solver which progressively colors some points to white and after that I set the @pintoanimation attrib to 0. That works fine. ( idea stolen from peter quint ) Here comes my first question: If I do exactly the same only with an solver sop instead with the group sop it does not work anymore. The coloring of the points is working though. I do not quite understand why. But I would more likely color my points via the solver sop for better control. As I couldn´t wrap my head completly around dops I will ask a additional more general question: First I created this color growing effect in sops and thought to import everything in dops and then use the changing colors there to play with. That was not working. So I find out If I want to have something like an live exchange of my attributes from SOPs to Dops I always need an SOP Solver combined with a multisolver which feeds in my actual live data from SOPs to DOPs every Frame. If I do not do that I only have the first frame of the SOP network which doesnt change anymore even if the geometry changes after some time in SOPS. Is that right? kindest regards Jon TurnToCloth.hiplc
  11. Thank you for looking into that David. Thats cool. I did not knew that. Much smarter than my approach.
  12. CG Short film, WIP

    Wow thats awesome stuff!!
  13. use attrib to control the emission of particles

    Thank you very much for looking into that and for the additional infos. Try to solve as much as possible in sops makes really sense to me I will keep this in mind. Jon
  14. Hi, playing a little with matts branching example http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniVex#Solver_and_wrangle_for_branching_structures I have a sphere with a custom attrib int @active = 0. I set one point as active and after that a solver with a wrangle for the grow effect. That works fine. But I want to create a setup where I use another obj to set the first points active instead to create them manually. I did that with attribute transfer. So as the solver only runs on "active" points I created another sphere with active points to transfer the attributes. But then the solver works no longer. Thats a little bit confusing to me because I thought for the solver sop has nothing changed. I attached a file for better understanding. I would be thankful for a hint here. kind regards Jon houdini_grow.hipnc
  15. ha "Reading attributes that arent´t from first frame or previous frame" ....this is awesome. Thank you!!
  16. Ahh...after some time I think I got it. So is it right that the solver sop gets the data of attributes etc. on the first frame and then works with a "copy" of that data which will never change only if I explicitly tell it to the solver. I think I was not able to understand this to 100% because I thought "Ok but the previous frame has changed attributes" -- "Yes it has, but not in the data which the solver is using at the moment". And that´s it what you do with : if (@opinput1_active==1) { @active=1; } So basically. "Hey Solver because you cant know that the attributes are changing...look at opinput1 ( the live geo ) and check again for all points if the attribute active is "1" before you run the code. And use that for your copy of data" At the beginning I thought the solver works with kind of a life connection with the data all the time. But i guess that its more so that you pass a copy of you data to the solver ( "into dops" ? ) which is then independent from you live data. At least I hope that this is not complete nonsense
  17. Thank you very much matt, Now it works as desired...admittedly I didn´t get the problem to 100% This "previous Frame" and the different inputs are somehow confusing to me. I fear I do not understand the work of the solver sop good enough so I will go some steps back and give this a try again after some simpler solver examples
  18. ah...can you try "reselect for current tool" you find that via right mouse button on the selection tool on the left side. Make sure that you have selected your group node. Hit enter in the viewport and select "reselect for current tool"......should work. Jon
  19. vdb attributes

    I think you have to use "Volume Wrangle" to access you primitives. Is it that what you are after? change_density.hipnc
  20. In the same group node e.g. you can just type in the primitive numbers you want to attach to your group. If you use another group sop just use the same name and set Merge Operation to "Union With Existing" to merge them to the existing group. Jon
  21. Houdini 15.5 Installation

    Man....SideFx offers you such an easy and legal way to download/use the software with apprentice, indie...........embarrassing
  22. Group according to attribute value

    You can use expressions in a group sop or vex in a wrangle e.g. I made an example file but you can read also here Jon GroupfromAttrib.hipnc
  23. Align Copy To Primitives Normals Not Points?

    This is nice! Matt it seems like you have a magic crate with a solution for all problems
  24. Sounds cool! Nice features!
  25. Nail Board Rig

    Hi, This is my approach for Nailboard Rig. It´s very simple and maybe useless but I thought I will share it here so other houdini beginners can investigate/improve. I used ray sop to create a distance attribute and a little bit of vex to move the nails according to the distance. kind regards Jon Nailboard_Rig.hiplc