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  1. I want to copy objects on points and randomize them in rotation (e.g. Y axis) from 0° to 360° but in 90° steps. I think I need kind of an expression like " (round(rand($PT))*90)" but this gives me only 0° or 90°. I do not quite come up with the right solution for 360°. Would be nice to get some help with that. kind regards Jon rotateIn90degreeSteps.hipnc
  2. hi, I want to control the emission of my particles via attrib. E.g. Cd, or a custom attrib it doesnt matter. In the attached example file I animated some points to get white after frame 30. When I use Cd for emission after that in the pop network it spawns particles everywhere on the surface until frame 30 is reached and than it uses the attribute as expected. Can I control the emitter in the particle network with attributes like if (@Cd> 0.5) ---> spawn!! if not - dont spawn anything. Or with a custom attribute like if(@heat > 30 ) spawn particle....etc. Or is this better achieved in another way in houdini? Thank you in advance. kind regards Jon attrib_as_emit_value.hiplc
  3. Hi, I bought the 3D galaxy Tutorial on cmivfx. Unfortunately I need some help already at the beginning. A circle is used to scatter some points on. When the the circle type is changed to "Polygon" the points change the distribution in the tutorial like in the screen. I tried to set this up but in my setup the points are always evenly distributed on the surface. I found some notes on the internet that the scatter sop was rewritten. I do not know if thats the reason or if I missed some settings. I would be grateful for some help here. Maybe anybody has a tip for me how I can achieve that effect in houdini 14 if its no more possible to do it the way I did it. kind regards Jon
  4. I have a simple setup with a two sided shader. On the backface somehow my normals are messed up and I cant get them fixed. Anyone has an idea and can help me out? Thank you. kind regards Jon twoSidedShader_01.hip
  5. This is an issue with the fix of the shadow terminator issue. Adding this as a parameter to the grid and uncheck it fixes the problem.
  6. Hm....increasing Bias indeed solves the problem here but will give me a lot other render problems with smaller objects.
  7. tileable projection map in lights

    Hm no I search for a solution with mantra renderer. I could tile the image in COPs but then I just have a tiled texture in the same spot. I want the light to iluminate the same area than without the texture.
  8. I have a simple scene with a direct light. If I add a texture to the light it does not tile the projection texture like expected. How could I achieve a tiling of the texture instead of just black color ? That would be very handy for stuff like caustics projection or whatever when you dont have extreme large texture maps. Thank you! Jon directional_lightMap.hip
  9. $JOB or $HIP

    At work we use almost exclusively $JOB. I think it depends on you work environment. If you work in a studio with shared model or texture libs for many projects $JOB is better for this paths. Also if you submit jobs/hip files to the render farm you will get erros with $HIP cause the file location changes. If you save all your assets and files in your project and render mostly local $HIP may be fine.
  10. Houdini Gallerie - jon3de

    small coconut spot I made entirely in houdini
  11. Houdini Gallerie - jon3de

    hey, this are some shots I did with houdini the past months. I know its short and still not the quality I want to achieve but yea... Some of the shots e.g. the leather inflate is a not just a hobby shot rather a production shot I did most recently. Switching from 3ds Max to Houdini was the best decision I made.... kind regards Jon
  12. Hi Dominik, That sounds not to bad. I will dig into that. Since Im rendering with Deadline I could also create the array with a python script and paste that in the override Frames parameter in the deadline Submission Dialog. That could work. Thank you!!
  13. I have a switch with some inputs. Swtich input is linked to $F to loop through. For all of the inputs I created a detail attribute "type" e.g. "sphere" / "torus" / "box". The null node reads the detail attribute and writes the value in its parameter. I want to setup the rendering in a way that it will skip the render if the null node detects that I am rendering a "box". I thought of doing that with a pre frame script that checks the parameter of the null node if its == "box" and then skip the render. What would be the best way to skip the render here? Is there a hscript or python expression for that? Jon skipFramesByAttributeValue.hip
  14. Hey Jeremiah, thank you for your post. If I got it correct, in your file the renderer does not skip or abort the rendering prozess for that frame it just renders the next object in the switch. And then in the next Frame it renders that object again. Which is not what I want. Lets say I render this project for the first time. I have rendered frames 1 - 10 and I have 10 ifd files on disk . Then I have to rerender the images because of some adjustments on the sphere and the torus. I want to be able to send the whole sequenz to the farm again but the script should prevent oversaving the ifds where it detects that there is the e.g. "box" attribute on it. This scene file is a small simplified part of an automated pipeline Im working on with thousands of images. Maybe my plan will sound a little bit strange
  15. Just stumbled over : It seems there is a special points() expression to read string attributes. That solved my error. Thank you Peter. Edit: ...and David
  16. Hi, I have a point with a string attribute. A null node with a string parameter. Inside of the string param I have a point expression that should grab the string attribute of the point from add1. Instead of returning the attrib value "test" it returns "0". Can someone explain to me where my mistake is? Thank you very much. Jon pointExpression.hip
  17. Is it possible to show my render with a logarithmic compression directly in the render view ? For balancing lights I like it to check my renders with some color mapping applied to see better how it will look in compositing. In Vray e.g. you can directly color map the image ( Im just talking about color mapping the values while still have linear data ) I thought about creating a LUT for that in cops, and use that in the render view, but unfortunately i can´t create a LUT from a vopcop filter. Only from color correction operators. Is there something what I am missing or does someone have a idea how to achieve that? Thank you. Jon This is the linear render. The second picture shows the compressed image and how I want to see it in the render view. unfortunately you ( or just me ) cant convert this vopcop filter with softClip inside to LUT....
  18. Hey Dave, Thanks for your reply. Yes I could also choose a lut directly in the render view. That was my attempt to create a lin2log.lut in a vopcop and convert this to a lut but conversion to lut from vopcop is not possible unfortunately. Only from pixel operators. Do you know where to buy/download a pure lin2log.lut ? Somehow it´s not that easy to find one
  19. Hi, Im fighting with a strange bump error what appears very often to me. I have a small object and a simple shader with some bump. If I have a very close camera it renders correct. But I want to render it with a zoomed in camera or by changing the screen window size directly in the camera. Rendering with the camera farther away from the object gives strange errors in my renders. I made example scene that shows that behavior. If anybody has an idea how to fix that would be very great. Thank you. Jon Bump_Problem.hip
  20. Thank you very much Jeff and Happy Anniversary! Looking forward to see you again on some Event. It was always a pleasure.
  21. Smooth outline of 2D pointcloud

    Quick test...maybe this helps... kind regards nr_foot_outline_edit.hip EDIT: Oh I see that I am using your output of the triangulate node which is not accurate representation of your footprint...hmm
  22. Hi, I try to offset a texture with a For Loop in a shader. In the example file you can see I iterate 5 times and offset the texture 0.1 units with each iteration. Is it possible to combine all of the iteration steps and show the result of that in the rendered image? Like in the attached picture where I painted in the desired result with red. kind regards Jon forLoop_VexBuilder.hip
  23. Procedural Generated Cyberpunk Building

  24. Hm...Thank you Atom. I will play a little bit with that. In an production example of course I have several different instanced objects but I think it should be possible to automate this technique somehow. Thanks again. Jon