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  1. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Maybe I misunderstand, but can't you temporarily move P to uv space, paint and move back to world?
  2. Also, right click the camera icon in the left hand side toolbar whilst the camera is activated to change options for where to keep focus when moving and tumbling etc.
  3. ACES in Houdini

    Set the icio config to ACES. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/io/ocio.html
  4. Great that it worked! Wouldn't know why it would be less render efficient.
  5. Noise/Curl blend effect?

    Hi Alvaro! This might be interesting in some way? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-2GOIDQgnA
  6. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Does the point deform not perform even better for you? It does for me, but maybe I'm not getting some special feature of the wrap deformer...
  7. cull spheres based on bounding object

    Boolean SOP? Or fiddle about with Intersection Analysis SOP?
  8. Glad it helped! I'm sure you can rebuild the set-up with the new for loop system if you want to.
  9. Check out the BaconDrop example here: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini14.0/nodes/dop/popgrains Might be of some help?
  10. For Each Element in Group

    Hey! Happy it worked out Care to share the .hip setup of the loop version?
  11. For Each Element in Group

    I haven't had time to look at the loop approach, but I managed to get a group of points to get beveled in the new bevel SOP. Attaching file - is this what you want to do? polybevel_pointGroup.hiplc
  12. For Each Element in Group

    Group -> Name -> For Each Loop -> Primitive SOP/VOP manipulation of points and prims is what I'm thinking , but hard to know without more info. Maybe I'm misunderstanding your question?
  13. For Each Element in Group

    Hmm ... what do you mean by "element" in this scenario? What are you , more concrete trying to achieve ? What's the end goal?
  14. For Each Element in Group

    You can use groups as a base for the Name SOP - creating a name attribute you can use as identifier for a piece in the for each loop.
  15. Fizzy Fluid wip.

    Hi again! I understand the whole reasoning around the motion blur, and I certainly were to agree if it was a slowmo shot. Of course it can also be an aestethic choice, even at full speed. My point was just that it's an easier sell as realism with motion blur , once again only imho. Nice to hear your reasoning with the bubbles! I'm sure you'll nail it I would also instictly think about a vel field akin to ink in water + upward buoyancy, sounds like a plausible track. If you advect the bubbles using the vel field, it's worth playing around with the different kinds of advection in the dop node, can give very different results. Best of luck!
  16. Fizzy Fluid wip.

    Hi Nigel! Cool! IMHO it's hard to gauge a full speed fluid sim without motion blur , it somehow always looks a bit like liquid glass - what you've got already looks really interesting. I do wonder, however if the velocities of the bubbles moving downwards on pour is a bit aggressive/linear. I would maybe expect them to move a bit more in an arc - if it makes any sense?
  17. Fizzy Fluid wip.

    Looks really nice! Wonder what it will look like with high samples + motion blur.
  18. 1. Create a ROPNET 2. Go inside ROPNET 3. Create fetch nodes, and point them to different ROP nodes you have. 4. Merge fetch nodes 5. Go back up one level and press render on the ROPnet.
  19. I usually output the particles, a surface and an automatic flipbook using the opengl rop. That way you don't have to load the caches to get an idea of the result.
  20. Look into ropnet and fetch nodes. You can output node by node or frame by frame.
  21. bash: cd: /hfs16.0.633 no such directory??

    Go either cd /opt/hfs16.0.633 or cd /opt cd hfs16.0.633 but not /hfs16.0.633 which would change directory to a folder called hfs16.0.633 in the system root.
  22. If I remember correctly, it's dependent on other assets.. Wheel rig asset maybe?
  23. Pump not working

    Running on Windows? Use Windows style paths.
  24. GL Reflections

    Agreed, however I cannot raise the samples enough for low or no roughness, where I would most need them for exact highlight placement. A toggle to make them reflect a plane instead would be lovely for those situations imho. Otherwise, love all the new shaded mode features.