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  1. ocean displacement with deformed geometry

    Yes, I checked the Displace Particles, but it only displaces the foam particles according to the ocean spectrum. I think the best bet is to calculate the curvature and other attributes. I found another thread where the same question was brought up, which also provided a hip file. I think for now I will use this as a starting point and work off of this. Thx for all your suggestions and advice JO!
  2. ocean displacement with deformed geometry

    Thx for the link JO. Actually, I have watched this Masterclass, but from what I get, the oceanfoam SOP is projected on to the ocean spectrum plugged in above, and forms foam particles on the cusps. Using the custom deformer, the ocean foam SOP does not recognize the deformation. I was more or less hoping that I can form whitecaps where the crest of the deformed wave would be. Similar to how the ocean evaluate uses the cusp attribute to form whitecaps. The look of this tidal wave deformer in this link is ultimately what I am trying to achieve. Any clues on how to do something similar?
  3. ocean displacement with deformed geometry

    Hi, I know this is an old thread, but I am trying to do the same thing as the above mentioned, and I cant figure out how to get the foam on the crest of the wave being deformed by a custom deformer. I tried the suggestion above with the trail SOP, but it didnt seem to change anything. I am basically using the small ocean shelf tool and deforming the grid going into the ocean evaluate using a custom deformer. Also creating foam with the ocean foam SOP, but I dont think its being produced correctly because I am projecting it on to a deformed object? I have attached my hip file. Hope somebody can help. PS - I am using Houdini 16.0.557 rd_wave_deformer_v01.hip
  4. Reflective volumes

    Cool...Appreciate all of your help!
  5. Reflective volumes

    Thx once again David. Would've never been able to come up with that on my own. Just to make sure, would I render out the points with a volume shader and connect the normal parameter to the specular (ex: PBR Specular, PBR Metallic) in the shader? I tried this approach and got the specular reflections, but wasn't sure if this is the correct method.
  6. Reflective volumes

    Thx for the quick reply David. It worked like a charm. I actually have one more question. What I'm really trying to achieve is trying to get specular on my whitewater sim, which are cached out as points. I want to render them as a volume with specular highlights. The cached points have no normals. Would I need to convert those to polygons via Particle Fluid Surface first to get the Normals and then convert to a VDB? This guy that posted this on vimeo https://vimeo.com/159216723 states that he converted his FLIP particles to VDB with "VDB from particles", then used "VDB Analysis" to calculate the gradient field, but doesnt really go into detail about anything else. Do you understand how he is doing this?
  7. Reflective volumes

    Hi. Know this is an old thread, but was wondering if anybody can help out. Trying to get specular highlights on converted vdbs from particles. Used the same method as the hip file (reflective volume_v02.hipnc) above, but the normals dont seem to be recognized. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I've attached a hip file to explain what i'm trying to do. reflective volume_test_v01.hip
  8. Make boat react to waves?

    Hi Jeff, Thanks for taking time out to explain the logic behind the previous example and putting the new hip files together. Very helpful and very easy to understand. Havent done much animation with CHOPs before, so need to do a little research, but I think I understand the process leading up to that. I have one basic question. What are the benefits of animating on the object level as opposed to doing it at the geometry level?
  9. Make boat react to waves?

    Thx for the reply Atomic. I actually tried the Minimum Distance, but the movement gets really rocky with that setting. Would be great if I can get that smooth movement like when the setting is on "project rays" without the flipping.
  10. Make boat react to waves?

    Hi Tomas, I am trying to do the same thing and I checked out your hip file and this is basically how I want to approach it, but I was wondering how to fix the flipping issue that occurs on several frames. If you can point me in the right direction, would surely appreciate it. Thanx in advance!
  11. how to make a particle loop?

    Hi. Is there any possibility you can post a hip file with any of the above techniques? I tried using Peter Quint's method on looping flames, but apparently that method doesnt work with particles. I've attached a hipfile with my failed attempt. Any help would be greatly apprecreciated. Thx! loopPart_v01.hipnc
  12. Per-object camera motion blur

    @Shinjipierre Thx for the reply and the hip file! It's a great reference. Not too fluent with VEX, so I'm gonna have to research this a bit more, but I understand the general idea. Was also wondering if this works if you change the shutter speed of the camera? I changed the shutter speed to 2, and I get some motion blur in the rendered image. Would I need to change some of the expressions? Thx in advance.
  13. Per-object camera motion blur

    Hi, could you please explain how to compensate the camera shutter speed by adjusting the velocity of the object?
  14. Thx! Havent yet tried this out, but if you're gonna do it through switches, I believe that the DOP I/O SOP is actually doing the switch internally, so maybe better to reference the internal switch and not have to add the extra File SOP? Anyways, will give it a try later. Thx for the advice.
  15. OK, I understand the thinking behind your process and there's no doubt it works. Will def implement this until I find another solution Was just hoping there was a way without breaking the node tree apart, just in case I had to re-adjust the simulation. Thx for the help! Much appreciated.