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  1. Hey, hijacking this topic to not create a similar one. I'm trying to make some (RBD) to stick on a moving Vellum Hair object. Using the Glue Vellum constraint, the Hair is sticking to itself and it's creating artifacts everywhere. I don't find a way to do differentiate the Hair and the RBD so that the Hair can only be glued with the RBD, and not with the hair itself ? I tried playing with the "Define Pieces" and putting a unique attribut on the Hair and the RBD but nothing change. Thanks ! Edit : The issue was the auto sleeping, processing the grain and the hair as well at the beginning of the sim. And putting the Hair in the Geo Group, and the Grain to the Target Group as well.
  2. Init Pop Grain Explosion

    Ok I see how you did it. but the thing is I can't have the explosion at the beginning. It destroy my initial shape. In any case, i think i found a trick for my sim to blend a fixe state and the moving part. Thank you for your help
  3. Init Pop Grain Explosion

    I don"t see any real changes if I put like 0.001 in Velocity Blend. Instead, if I put a higher value in Drift Threshold (around 0.5), they stop moving quicker? I don't know if it's a good method but it does the trick i guess.
  4. Init Pop Grain Explosion

    The Update Collisions during Iterations doesn't change anything :/
  5. Init Pop Grain Explosion

    Thank you ! And I want to ask you one more question. My pile is like melting on the floor until it's completly flat. How can i keep the shape i get from my geometry ? If I want to keep a pyramide or a box with noise on it for example ? Many thanks.
  6. Hi, i'm facing a problem that is really annoying. I'm trying to setup a pile of grain on a non-flat surface and the volume I use has part of it inside the non-flat surface. (If i'm not clear, the HIP with my message show a basic setup of what i'm trying to do) At initialization, all the grain are exploding. I tried to use a PopWrangle with "@v = 0" for the first two secondes but it does a weird thing. I tried having 10 Substeps + 150+ Constraint Iterations but same, doesn't change anything and it's still exploding. If someone can explain to me what i'm doing wrong. Would be amazing Thank you ! Grain_Init.hip
  7. Hi everyone. I made a destruction FEM simulation and i'm trying to render a MV Pass in Arnold to composite a little and practice a bit. My problème is I can't get a correct pass. --> I cached my simulation in bgeo file. Velocity attribut is present in my Load File Node when I import it after. --> I have an Arnold Shader with just just a motion_vector node. --> My camera has Arnold Properties with MOtion Blur activated. Same for the Geo sop. --> Rop node with MB activated as well. --> Every shutter speed at 0.5 (i tried to followed the Arnold Doc on Mvector pass but without success) With everything like this, i just end up with a full green shader, and nothing else. I tried to use it in Nuke with RSMB but nothing. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. IF someone can give me a hint ! Many thanks I put the Hip file and the screen of my render. Houdini HtoA 1.3.1 Arnold Brain_Splatter_2.hip
  8. Question around Particles and VDB

    Yep, I can see the volumein the viewport even without the Volume Visualisation (maybe a H14 thing) but nothing in the rendering (Mantra PBR or even RayTrace) Everythning works perfectly with the basic PopSource as a source of particles. I don"t even need to put a volume shader, I can see the Fog VDB like this. But when i'm using Grain particles and solver, and doing the same process. Nothing work. I can see something in the viewport but the rendering view is empty. Edit : After tweaking some stuff here and here, I manage to visualize the VDB From Particle in the Render View (Mantra PBR). I just had to low down the particle séparation from the grain solver. Particle Separation : 0.012 ( Pscale of 0.006) Voxel Size : 0.002 Apparently if the Particle Separation is too smal, the VDB node can't compute and don't use any particles since they're too small fore him. That way, i don't know how to use it with like half a million particle or more with an Upres simulation.
  9. Question around Particles and VDB

    Ok i got the point with your file. Thanks. In mine, of course it doesn't work. I guess that the Voxel Size Attribut needs to be smaller than my particles PScale ( 0.016 ). ( I tried on a new scene with a smaller setup ) But If my voxel size is not 0.001, nothing appears in the viewport, and my Ram is exploding. And in any case, nothing appears on the render (I put the same setup as your scene) Really don"t know what i'm doing wrong
  10. Question around Particles and VDB

    Yes I know. I get the point of using Vdb From Particles while doing Flip Simulation, to have a mesh for the water etc. But here I'm trying to get a volume from the particles, by using VDB From Particles, then Convert to with the volume option. But from there, i'm stuck and can't get anything on the render :/ I tried with Volume Rasterized Point with my Sim and the Convert To Volume fo the Base Volume Input, but still nothing.
  11. Question around Particles and VDB

    Hi everyone, i'm pretty new to Houdini and I'm a bit stuck right now. I want to do a simulation of someone walking the snow using the PBD feature. I have a simulation with 2.8 Millions particles (Upres from 300K particles) and I want to get rid of the "Particles" effec and get a render like this : https://vimeo.com/115714070 I understood that I need to use VDB to transform my particles, but I don't find the proper way to get this result. If anyone can guide me a bit or give some hints Thank you I put the render i actually have, and the hip file, just in case. Snow_Walk.hip