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  1. Long hair grooming

    I must admit... I've never understood the purpose of proto_install. It seems like it's used to hide some pretty useful functionality.
  2. Add a spare channel in houdini 10

    The method for adding spare parameters has not changed since 9.0. You can also access the edit parameter interface by clicking on the gear icon in the parameter pane.
  3. PBR snack

    For what it's worth, it seems like the post rating system is broken. I just tried to give this a positive rating, and got an error stating that I have used my quota of positive ratings for the day. This being the first time I've attempted to give a rating. That said Brian... you have my positive rating in spirit.
  4. Long hair grooming

    Too long, did not read. I used to just let it dry naturally after showering. It's best to use conditioner, and to brush when wet. But seriously, sorry to say that I've never done anything with long hair in Houdini.
  5. What I read elsewhere on the net is that Maya's smallest unit of time is 1/6000th of a second. 24 frames per second 6000/24 =250 so that's 250 "ticks" per frame. When I was writing out in Houdini, I was caching as particleShape1.`$F*250`.pdc
  6. And for those who aren't following at the SESI forums...
  7. how can I source my own expression

    I have never heard of having to reload an expression... can you explain what's happening a bit more clearly?
  8. Assign random materials to groups

    I'd consider foreach node for ease of set-up grouping1.hip
  9. Maybe I should put ads on my site Says my site is worth 1759.3 USD Edit: Sweet! arabicsexonline.com has the same server IP as me!
  10. Uprez SOP Volume

    Off hand, I don't know of a way; I'd be tempted to scatter points in the volume, transfer any attributes, and use those points to generate new volumes of whatever resolution you want.
  11. Houdini in Japan

    There's a japanese section on the Houdini forums. It might be worth trying to ask your question there.
  12. New HDK documentation

    Hey, that's a nice image too! I like it a lot better than the previous image that was in the docs section.
  13. A fanboy pic

    My only critique is that it could use some caustics.
  14. Avatar Thread

    From the time Cameron announced Avatar in 96, his goal was to have cg actors that you couldn't tell were cg. That's supposedly why he waited so long, was so that technology could catch up to his vision and let him do it. I just don't get it though. When characters become too realistic I start thinking to myself... "why is that not a real person? The shading is wrong... something's off... that's a zombie.". I think that ultra real people serve their purpose. If it's a shot here and there to stand in for some stunts... something that a person can't/shouldn't be doing, well then hey... go for it. I don't know... some people dig it. People like Beowulf, and Polar Express... and now they'll have something else they can enjoy. It's not for me though.
  15. Avatar Thread

    After seeing the trailer, I'm looking forward to it about as much as I am the next Robert Zemeckis film. Which is to say, I remain ever unimpressed with the ultra-real style of cg.
  16. “Google 翻译”是可怕的 生日快乐
  17. RenderMan-like dynamics engine ;)

    For what it's worth, my comment was not suggesting that you ripped off any of Houdini's architecture, but that it may have made more sense (at least at first glance) to incorporate your work into Houdini rather than starting from scratch.
  18. RenderMan-like dynamics engine ;)

    wow... have they never heard of Houdini?
  19. New Digital-tutors Houdini lessons

    I must admit I'm disappointed with the streaming as well I just went a week without internet, and it was nice having access to the downloaded content from them.
  20. Retiming Particle Sim

    I'm still doing it with the point sop, but I'm also doing some attribute transfer followed by a delete sop which seems to correctly handle the creation/death of particles throughout the sim. It doesn't seem like it would be especially accurate though if some particle were moving slow and others fast as attribtransfer relies on a distance threshold...
  21. Member icon sizes

    the reputation thing takes up a bit of extra space
  22. Retiming Particle Sim

    So I unlocked the timeblend and replaced the blendshape node with a point node Match By Attribute: check Attribute to Match: id Position: $TX + (($TX2-$TX)*($FF - floor($FF))) $TY + (($TY2-$TY)*($FF - floor($FF))) $TZ + (($TZ2-$TZ)*($FF - floor($FF))) Is there a better way to do this? vops perhaps? Since the import attribute vop only runs on ptnum, I'm not sure how to iterate through based on id.
  23. Retiming Particle Sim

    curse you, now I want to do this and can't seem to figure it out. edit: Oh, hey! Look at that, didn't even notice that they added the Match by Attribute option on the point sop! edit again: Wow... it's not even new... how did I never notice this?!