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  1. where can I find the Xray shader?

    May as well note that in Houdini 10, the Simple Ramp material has this type of functionality.
  2. Retiming Particle Sim

    you'll likely need to find a way to do it with chops. If you have changing point counts, the time warp/blend sops will not work.
  3. Tron Legacy

    agreed Also... they were better at digitizing characters in 82 then they are now? Why cg stand-ins for people when the live action precedent had already been set for Tron?
  4. how to blend two materials?

    we all would
  5. how to blend two materials?

    the glass material has a combination of the decal and glass materials.
  6. inspiration

  7. pixar fx dept using houdini?

    I know he went to work there, but I have no idea whether his role had anything to do with Houdini. It's Michael O'Brien that I'm thinking of.
  8. pixar fx dept using houdini?

    There's at least one Pixar guy that frequents the Houdini Mailing List.
  9. New forum skin

    After the outcry when H9 came out with a new interface, I'm surprised that odforce would dare update its look! I like it though.
  10. inspiration

  11. Kill alone particle

    http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com...&Itemid=132 if you look at the last four videos, it shows how you can build a tool to manually select particles in the viewport and delete based on $ID. You could also look at some of the particle fluid attributes. I think there's one called density... you might be able to delete based on that after the fact as well... it might be much more simple but may not offer the same level of art direction.
  12. How brave are you?

    The banana is from ‎October-‎22-‎00... so I would have been 16 at the time. I'd never heard of photoshop at the time, but we had some software that came with our scanner. It was meant for getting rid of red eye or small touchups. I did a banana using the lasso tool and some gradients. It was the first time I'd done anything outside of MS Paint. The knight was done in a program... again I don't know the name... that didn't allow you to create polygons... it came with a bunch of pre-made shapes which were supposed to be used to make airplanes. So.... he's made pretty much out of scaled wings and stuff. January-‎08-‎01 My first attempt at 3D.
  13. cmiVFX Launches Houdini Shading And Rendering Video

    Nice! Congrats on getting some more content out there. Too bad it's streaming video, I would have been interested in buying something on this topic.
  14. od[force] Houdini 11 Wishlist

    I have to agree with this one. Houdini is beginning to garner a bad rep for it's speed.
  15. Icky Meat / Gore / Viscera Testing

    Was this a sop effect?
  16. Snapping Wires

    Any ideas on how how might approach this if there are n number of wires? The glue constraint driven by velocity is great when doing a single wire, but I'm not exactly sure how this might be set-up when using multiple wires. You wouldn't want them all to break at the same time.
  17. Ubershaders are bad for you, mmkay?

    The surface color vop was changed a few months back. This allows for more flexibility in the material. I had mailed a fixed version to eetu, but I'm guessing he hasn't had a chance to update the version he offers on his site yet.
  18. generating an environment map

    How dare you insinuate that Toronto has anything but nice weather!
  19. turn off headlight when rendering

    In Houdini 10, it's already on the Mantra node for you. Look under the objects tab.
  20. where is pyro shader

    Sorry, but there may be some confusion there. The materials that are at the bottom of the palette are the same as the materials that were in H9.5 (possibly with some adjustments here and there). The new Pyro "Shader" is coded using VEX and so was left as a VEX shader and not converted into a material. This is something that may change at some point, but for now, you can place it into your network either by using the shelf to create your pyro effects, or by pressing tab in SHOPs and selecting "VEX Pyro"
  21. Mantra surface Globals VOP

    Cf and Of are not the equivellant of Cs and Os. Cs and Os are actually editable parameters (you can access them through the edit parameter interface) wheras there is no way to edit Cf and Of. These simply exist in Mantra as a way for the shader to render something in the event that you have not explicitly attached anything.
  22. 3D World Challenge

    The rules as far as I know, are that you have to use Houdini, you have to use the supplied tracked footage, and you may only submit one entry. The actual effect can be anything you want.
  23. Surface that read Displacement?

    You might need to double check how you're sending your uvs to the material. I could be just missing it, but I don't see them in there, which would explain the swimming.
  24. Smoke to points

    you need to up the oversampling options EDIT: Didn't notice your edit