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About Me

Stephen G. Tucker has worked with Houdini since 2005. He began working for Side Effects Software Inc. after obtaining both a certificate in Art Fundamentals and a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Animation from Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. In his time there, Stephen helped to create training material and would frequently work to help troubleshoot customer files.

He later moved on to the film industry where he worked as both an effects artist and effects technical director at studios including Starz Animation in Toronto, Dr. D in Sydney, and Digital Domain in Vancouver.

A gamer at heart, Stephen eventually transitioned into the video games industry and has worked as a visual effects artist in AAA games at The Coalition in Vancouver as well as EA Motive in Montréal.

Stephen has taught both online and at the post-secondary level at places such as fxphd.com, Udemy, and VanArts.