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  1. Hi folks, i have a Python Processor with 5 work items and i would like to create a dependencies based on a attribute WorkItemID that increase for each work item. How can i create dependency to cook those work items exactly in the order that i want and not in parallel ? Thanks in advance
  2. work_items and ROP USD

    Hi folks, i have a python processor that contains 5 work_item, in each of them i have two variable string lopPath, that point to a geo that i want to be saved in USD, and usdPath that contain my path where i want to save. Wired to my python processor there's a ROP USD node, how can access to the data that i have in my each work_item from the ROP_USD node and use lopPath ad usdPath stored previosly ? Thanks in advance Solved, actually just use `@usdPath` and `@lopPath` in the two fields in the ROP
  3. Access to TOPs from another file, or script

    Ok, i just discover the topfetch node and seems exactly what i need
  4. Hello folks, so, i have a bunch of houdini file with a top node at OBJ level, all file have the same structure and are in the same folder I would like to cook the TOP node from external, Python or another TOP graph. I tried in a background script to access with hou.node('/obj/topnet').parm('cookbutton').pressButton(), but it seems that doesn't cook anything Any idea ? Thanks in advance
  5. Read a TOPs attributes from SOP

    Nope, not yet. I just did a workaround without use TOPs, but with a Python node that read everything and set everything But, i would like to know the answer to my question
  6. Hello folks, i'm reading a .json in TOPs, creating string attributes, and collecting. Now, i would like to read those attributes that i created in TOPs from SOP, i'm tryng with @myattr, and pdginput, but no luck. Basically it's the same situation described here: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/66408/ Any idea ? Thanks in advance
  7. Hello magicians, i'm trying to do a curve collision in VEX, using volume sample and volume gradient for calculating collisions. i would like to understand how implement the original curve restlength in my VEX code, as you can see of course the curve stretch until now. Any suggestion, link, idea ? Thanks in advance collision_test.hip
  8. Python in Houdini Question

    Hi guys, is there a way for select a node inside an OTL via Python, without dive in ? I have an OTL with this code piece of code: ... geo = node.node('./OUT_both') geo.setCurrent(1,1) ... Doing in this way, Houdini dive in the OTL, is there a way for avoid this behaviour ? Thanks
  9. Multisolver Inputs

    Hi, guys i would like to create a Digital Asset with the same multisolver input look, so two input one normal, one multi. Anyone know if and how is possible to replicate this kind of inputs ? Thanks in advance
  10. VDB Points?

    That's exactly what i'm looking for, do you have, some examples ? Or Links ?
  11. Transfer point order by UV

    It works, thanks guys!
  12. Hello guys, i'm breaking my head on a problem, that probably is very easy to solve. I have a FBX of a character in TPOSE, and i want transfer the point order from this FBX to an Alembic animation of the same character. The only stuff that i can use for transfer is the uv that are exactly the same. The topology is the same. So basically i want transfer the point order based on UV, is that possible ? Thanks in advance
  13. Best NPR ever

    I saw this link: http://blendernpr.org/chibi-ryu-realtime-outline-shading/ And it's the same method that they use in GDC talk, but in Blender. I'm quite convinced that's possible achieve the same result in Houdini
  14. Best NPR ever

    The GDC show is very interesting ! I didn't see, thanks for the link. It's a big plus that every works in realtime, i would like to have some time for test this solution in Houdini Abvfx, that's true, but i was thinking to build the setup for the normals in a Wrangle SOP