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  1. Hi, did you try to change in the SOP import, the "Kind Authoring" checkbox to "Nested groups and components" ?
  2. Multiparm callbacks

    Hello magicians, there's a way to put different callbacks on those buttons in the multiparm folder ?
  3. Hi folks, i have a Python Processor with 5 work items and i would like to create a dependencies based on a attribute WorkItemID that increase for each work item. How can i create dependency to cook those work items exactly in the order that i want and not in parallel ? Thanks in advance
  4. work_items and ROP USD

    Hi folks, i have a python processor that contains 5 work_item, in each of them i have two variable string lopPath, that point to a geo that i want to be saved in USD, and usdPath that contain my path where i want to save. Wired to my python processor there's a ROP USD node, how can access to the data that i have in my each work_item from the ROP_USD node and use lopPath ad usdPath stored previosly ? Thanks in advance Solved, actually just use `@usdPath` and `@lopPath` in the two fields in the ROP
  5. Access to TOPs from another file, or script

    Ok, i just discover the topfetch node and seems exactly what i need
  6. Hello folks, so, i have a bunch of houdini file with a top node at OBJ level, all file have the same structure and are in the same folder I would like to cook the TOP node from external, Python or another TOP graph. I tried in a background script to access with hou.node('/obj/topnet').parm('cookbutton').pressButton(), but it seems that doesn't cook anything Any idea ? Thanks in advance
  7. Read a TOPs attributes from SOP

    Nope, not yet. I just did a workaround without use TOPs, but with a Python node that read everything and set everything But, i would like to know the answer to my question
  8. Hello folks, i'm reading a .json in TOPs, creating string attributes, and collecting. Now, i would like to read those attributes that i created in TOPs from SOP, i'm tryng with @myattr, and pdginput, but no luck. Basically it's the same situation described here: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/66408/ Any idea ? Thanks in advance
  9. Hello magicians, i'm trying to do a curve collision in VEX, using volume sample and volume gradient for calculating collisions. i would like to understand how implement the original curve restlength in my VEX code, as you can see of course the curve stretch until now. Any suggestion, link, idea ? Thanks in advance collision_test.hip
  10. Python in Houdini Question

    Hi guys, is there a way for select a node inside an OTL via Python, without dive in ? I have an OTL with this code piece of code: ... geo = node.node('./OUT_both') geo.setCurrent(1,1) ... Doing in this way, Houdini dive in the OTL, is there a way for avoid this behaviour ? Thanks
  11. Multisolver Inputs

    Hi, guys i would like to create a Digital Asset with the same multisolver input look, so two input one normal, one multi. Anyone know if and how is possible to replicate this kind of inputs ? Thanks in advance
  12. VDB Points?

    That's exactly what i'm looking for, do you have, some examples ? Or Links ?
  13. Transfer point order by UV

    It works, thanks guys!
  14. Hello guys, i'm breaking my head on a problem, that probably is very easy to solve. I have a FBX of a character in TPOSE, and i want transfer the point order from this FBX to an Alembic animation of the same character. The only stuff that i can use for transfer is the uv that are exactly the same. The topology is the same. So basically i want transfer the point order based on UV, is that possible ? Thanks in advance