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  1. Show all layers Comp node

    You mean like the layer contact sheet in nuke? Would be interested to know as well.
  2. Wiki!

    Never used it, always found the documentation/the forums to be better and more suited . The one "wiki" i frequently take a look at is this http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=Houdini
  3. Link to cached geo in ifd files

    thank you very much, that did the trick . Now I am a bit angry for overlooking that, a real "head meets table" moment...
  4. Link to cached geo in ifd files

    Hey, I removed the candidate Parameter and forced the geo node. But even with a delayed load shader the size of the ifd files doesn´t change. Il´look into the alembic delayed load worklfow, thanks for the hint.
  5. Link to cached geo in ifd files

    Yep, I´m positive. Could you take a look? I might be missing sth stupid. The "render_pyro" sop is empty and the procedural shader setup. I can render it, so the referencing seems to work. But the generated ifd files are still roughly the size of the geo. Thanks a lot DB_PROD_070_v005_out.hip
  6. Link to cached geo in ifd files

    Hey, thanks for that. Unfortunatley it does not seem to decrease the ifd filesize. I created an empty geo sop to test it out and it still seems to cache the geo to the ifd.
  7. Link to cached geo in ifd files

    How would I go about doing that? Instead importing it in the DOP Importfiled , read back with a file node and then use a pack node?
  8. Hi there, I am working on a few pyro shots which get quite heavy geo wise (around 6+gb per frame). We are using "Royal Render" (comparable to Deadline) to deploy to our farm. RR needs ifd files. My question is, if there is a possibilty to just link to the already cached bgeo files in the ifd? All machines have network access and could just grab the bgeo files. As it stands right now, I spend hours caching the bgeo files, then generate the needed ifd files via the rop, which again takes hours and produces quite big files aswell (comparable in size to the geo files). So to me it seems, that the ifd files not just link to, but contain the actual geo - which seems a bit odd to me. Am I missing an option to check? Do I somehow need to declare the geo? So far I only found the option to compress the ifd file. I am working on H14. Help is apprecieated. Alex
  9. You can resize and retime an existing pyro Simulation multiple times. Funny enough, this was a topic recently at the Houdini Pyro FX in Production Workshop.
  10. Free tutorials (mostly SOP/VEX)

    Danil, thank you very much for these insights Greatly appreaciate your work
  11. DUAL Xeon Cooling.

    Hey, I run dual xeon e5 2630 with these coolers http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ADTOKPO On this board https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Z9PED8_WS/overview/ I have tested my rig for a few days now at almost constant 100% cpu capacity, and so far everything runs smoothly. Space is an issue though, The heatsinks are pretty large, so getting to your ram slots is a bit fiddly. If I look at your MB layout it might get tricky to fit sth this large on there. Heatsink Dimensions : L155 mm x W53 mm x H170 mmYou need to add a bit for the fans edit : just realized how old this topic was, sorry for that
  12. Wow Thank you so much! I´m gonna look through your infos and the file you found. Reading it seems logical, i´ll see if i get it implemented. Thanks again!
  13. Hello there everybody! It is my first time working a bit more in depth in Houdini. I am currently messing around with different RBD solvers. The Idea is, to compare a few in regards to Performance and outcome. I was wondering, if there is a way to properly keep track of some elements like Rendertime, Polycount and so on? In Maya, i can handle this via burn ins on the rendered frame, i haven´t found an option like that in Houdini so far. I know the "details" tab exist, but i was hoping for an more automated approach. Can somebody enlighten me, or point me to the (probably obvious) settings? regards Alex