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  1. Hello all, I'm rather new to Houdini and this has left me scratching my head. My goal is to have a bunch of spheres moving up and down, as if they were bobbing on water. I've created a field of spheres by scattering some points onto a grid and then linking a sphere into a Copy Sop. I then stamped a variable called "bobbing" with this expression: rand($PT)*sin($F*10)/3. This makes some of my spheres move more than the others. My issue is that I can't manage to stop them from all starting this motion together and the sine curve kicks in for every one at the same time giving me the effect of a sound speaker playing. How do I get them to retain their current up-down animation while offsetting the start time? I've tried a ForEach SOP and also a Timeshift SOP but none of them worked and I'm stumped. I'd be grateful if you could offer any suggestions. I've attached the .hip file. bouncingBalls.hipnc
  2. Randomizing with Copy/Stamp

    thank you very much eetu. I had a gut feeling it was something simple that eluded me. I did as you said and additionally multiplied it by a factor of 10 like so : rand($PT)*sin($F*10+$PT*10)/3. this creates the bouncing ball effect that i was looking for. much appreciated
  3. Hello all. I have about 30 animated points swarming through my scene. I use a blendshape to get them all lined up in their final, resting position. However, the blendshape is applying this transform to all my points at the same time and I'd like them to come in just one at a time,sequentially. Any ideas on how I can achieve this?