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  1. Freelance Pyro Expert (remote work)

    Hi Jesper, I do a lot of fx work remotely, from Stockholm. Lived and worked in New York City for 10 years. (Cg Supervisor @ Aardman Nathan Love). Hit me up if you like, www.vfxsouth.se Best Regards, Mats
  2. Redshift sand sparks?

    Caskal, I would instance non-spherical geo onto the points so that they don't render as spheres. Then also put some variety in the pscale so that some of those larger pieces pick up more of a prominent specular highlight. Also, random rotation on each particle will help. (I usually just create a few "attribute randomize") nodes, as they are very useful for that stuff. The highlights you are seeing in your reference are most definitely flat surface areas reflecting light. So I would use something like a cube or tetra, with hard normals. That should do the trick. Dont forget to rotate them with time, and you should see some nice specs travelling around. Your reference seems to have a metallic shader on it, and a light source that is very small. Your render seems to have softer shadow and larger lights. As well as a more diffuse lighting. What you need is contrast, in both your shader and your lighting. Also remember that you are looking at a bokeh effect. So dialing your aperture size and focal length will also affect the look. I hope this helps, Good Luck Mats
  3. Finding Houdini Lighters

    Hi John. I am based on Stockholm but if you need a remote Houdini lighter I am your guy. I spend 6 years as the Cg Supervisor and Lighting TD at AArdman Nathan Love, before moving back to Sweden. I have done lighting in Houdini for 3 years now, and am familiar with every renderer out there. www.vfxsouth.se Hit me up if you want to chat. mats@vfxsouth.se
  4. Particle control and render passes.

    Hey Guys, My deadline is coming up and I have a few small problems that I quickly need to resolve. 1. I have a snow covered car. The snow falls off the car to reveal a new body-paint color. The source is a pre-constructed, scattered and point-replicated point cloud on top of the car geometry, revealed based on input particles from falling snow. (I used attribute transfer with a solver node for that) Everything is working fine, except of course that all my particles are dropping from the car, simultaneously. My question is; how do I start them off "frozen" and have them fall based on my input? I was imagining an animated noise pattern so control the activation, of sorts. But maybe an animated metaball setup? I am just not sure what particle attribute to use. The "active" one doesnt seem to do anything. 2. Ideally I would like this snow to be grains, so that I can have clumping and stacking, but since I am colliding with car geometry, the grains always explode. Is there a way to maintain constraints without everything exploding? I am using a vdb collision volume sample of the car. It looks like Houdini automatically adjusts the particles so that there are no intersections with the collision VDB, but I cant seem to get away from the explosion. 3. How the hell do I get geometries with a shadow matte shader assigned, to not cast shadows on one another?! but only from objects that are NOT a shadow matte? I am basically just trying to render this snow out in two passes, and one is a shadow pass. I only want shadow from the snow, affecting my ground and the car. But no shadows from the car affecting the ground & vice versa. Much like Vray's material wrapper. 4. I have 6 licenses but have not yet set up HQ server. Could anyone briefly explain the process of getting this setup? Thanks so much for any help and input! // Mats www.swedeballs.com