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  1. You can use this code if you want, it will create small UI with name of flipbook and you can manually set whatever frames do you need. also it will create two folder: 1 jpg sequence, 2 hip file Important! You have to have in your project folder "flip" (it will save your flipbooks inside this folder) and the name of hip should containe version, as example "test007_sc4546_v003_explosion") so flipbook will take this name "explosion" import toolutils import hou import os import sys import re from datetime import datetime ### frame range ### start = hou.expandString('$FSTART') end = hou.expandString('$FEND') ### ui ### text_to_search = hou.expandString('$HIPNAME') pattern = re.compile(r'[v](\d{3})[_](\w*)') matches = pattern.finditer(str(text_to_search)) for match in matches: def_name = str(match.group(2)) print (match.group(2)) gamma = 0.7 #def_name = "flipbook" list = ["Name", "Fstart", "Fend", "Gamma"] list2 = [def_name, str(start), str(end), str(gamma)] read = hou.ui.readMultiInput("Flipbook settings", list, initial_contents = list2) range_start = (read[1][1]) range_end = (read[1][2]) gamma_in = (read[1][3]) ### folders ### date = datetime.now().strftime('%d.%m.%Y') job_folder = hou.expandString('$JOB') hip_name = hou.expandString('$HIPNAME') flipbook_folder = job_folder+"/flip" data_folder = flipbook_folder+"/"+date version_folder = data_folder + "/v0" if not os.path.isdir(data_folder): os.mkdir(data_folder) filelist = [] os.path.isdir(flipbook_folder) find = version_folder.rfind('/') cut_path2 = version_folder[:find] #print cut_path2 for folder in os.listdir(cut_path2): pattern = re.compile("^v(\d*)$") result = pattern.match(folder) if result is not None: num = int(result.group(1)) filelist.append(num) mx=0 if len(filelist)!=0: mx = max(filelist) version = mx+1 version_folder = data_folder + "/v" + str(version) jpg_folder = version_folder+"/jpg" hip_folder = version_folder+"/hip" file_name = str(jpg_folder)+"/"+(read[1][0])+".$F4.jpg" os.mkdir(version_folder) os.mkdir(jpg_folder) os.mkdir(hip_folder) hip_name_save = hip_folder+"/"+hip_name+".hip" hou.hipFile.save(hip_name_save) ##### Copy the viewer's current flipbook settings cur_desktop = hou.ui.curDesktop() scene = cur_desktop.paneTabOfType(hou.paneTabType.SceneViewer) flipbook_options = scene.flipbookSettings().stash() flipbook_options.frameRange((int(range_start),int(range_end))) flipbook_options.output(file_name) flipbook_options.gamma(float(gamma_in)) scene.flipbook(scene.curViewport(), flipbook_options) #newPath = file_name.replace('/', os.sep) #hou.ui.displayMessage(jpg_folder) #os.startfile(jpg_folder)
  2. Add force to ragdoll

    Hello guys. I cant figure out how to add force to my ragdoll. I have point it has a velocity that a want to apply for ragdoll. But when i try to do it, they just fall down (1 approach). Or i have a vector field, how to apply it for crowds ragdoll. For now i apply a VOPForce (2 approach) but it hard to adjust force and I cant see attribute in spreadsheet (length, distance, velocity). Thanks! ragdoll_force.hip
  3. How to compute timewarp from nuke

    Jamesr thank you!
  4. How to compute timewarp from nuke

    I have sim cache in linear timespace and a timewarp curve in .chan file from nuke, and I want to get difference of time change from it to use as a multiplier for increasing velocity in motion blur. For now I`m stuck on my on e solution: I use slope node on timewarp to calculate the differences in time change, but I`m not sure that this is a right solution. frame_camera_expChan.chan timewarp.hip
  5. VDB fracture work perfect boolean_vdb.hip
  6. Hello. I have some problem with boolean SOP, when I Shatter model after Convert VDB to polygons, it just slices geo. Doesn't make separated pieces of geo. I tried to remesh and fuse geo before Shatter but it gives me nothing. boolean.hip
  7. Change resolution breaks pyro sim

    you have to remove a mask. DOP Field To Use As Mask/ Velocity Volume/ fuel
  8. Dirt from wheel

    think is done dirt.mov
  9. Smoke From POP

  10. Dirt from wheel

    Nebucadnezar Thank you! It would be a great if you can create example
  11. Dirt from wheel

    Thanks vtrvtr but it needs to be non emitting setup. for now i created one setup with stickiness but now have trouble with grouping in DOP. wheel_dirt2.hip
  12. Dirt from wheel

    Hello. I can't find solution with creation dirt from wheel. For now i created sticking particles to the wheel. The problem is when sticked particles have to fall they started emitting every frame. I need only existing point to stick and then fall off. Thanks.
  13. Gas solver

    Hello everyone! Can someone help me find "Gas Solver" node in H14. I wached this turorial with older Houdini version - http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1234&Itemid=263 on 2:00 (4.simple_gassolver_gas_advect) he has "Gas solver" node, but I cannt find it. Please help!