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  1. How to compute timewarp from nuke

    Jamesr thank you!
  2. How to compute timewarp from nuke

    I have sim cache in linear timespace and a timewarp curve in .chan file from nuke, and I want to get difference of time change from it to use as a multiplier for increasing velocity in motion blur. For now I`m stuck on my on e solution: I use slope node on timewarp to calculate the differences in time change, but I`m not sure that this is a right solution. frame_camera_expChan.chan timewarp.hip
  3. VDB fracture work perfect boolean_vdb.hip
  4. Hello. I have some problem with boolean SOP, when I Shatter model after Convert VDB to polygons, it just slices geo. Doesn't make separated pieces of geo. I tried to remesh and fuse geo before Shatter but it gives me nothing. boolean.hip
  5. Change resolution breaks pyro sim

    you have to remove a mask. DOP Field To Use As Mask/ Velocity Volume/ fuel
  6. Dirt from wheel

    think is done dirt.mov
  7. Smoke From POP

  8. Dirt from wheel

    Nebucadnezar Thank you! It would be a great if you can create example
  9. Dirt from wheel

    Thanks vtrvtr but it needs to be non emitting setup. for now i created one setup with stickiness but now have trouble with grouping in DOP. wheel_dirt2.hip
  10. Dirt from wheel

    Hello. I can't find solution with creation dirt from wheel. For now i created sticking particles to the wheel. The problem is when sticked particles have to fall they started emitting every frame. I need only existing point to stick and then fall off. Thanks.
  11. Gas solver

    Hello everyone! Can someone help me find "Gas Solver" node in H14. I wached this turorial with older Houdini version - http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1234&Itemid=263 on 2:00 (4.simple_gassolver_gas_advect) he has "Gas solver" node, but I cannt find it. Please help!