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  1. Simple Way to Disconnect Edge?

    Hi, you can also try polybevel. It is not exactly the same, but quite similar (you have to extend the edge selection). edge_polybevel.hipnc
  2. Linear Vertex - Help

    Hi, the linear vertex number is useful, if you want to loop over all vertices at once (without looping over the prims). The linear vertex is independent from the primitive, where the vertex belongs to. Each prim has multiple vertices but each vertex has only one prim. Or lets say, if you put all vertices of all primitives into one list with unique identification (increasing numbers) you will get the linear vertices. Just put this source code into a vertex wrangle, to see the differences (you can also see, that each point can have several vertices aswell but each (linear) vertex is exactly one point reference) i@vn = @vtxnum; i@pv = vertexprimindex(0, @vtxnum); i@prim = @primnum; or just a file linear_vertex.hipnc

    You can also try to deform your static rest geometry and apply this deformation onto the deformed geometry using position and orientation attributes. Here is an example philodendron_model_03_for_forum_mod.hipnc
  4. Transfering attributes issue...

    Or you shift the previous frame to the current position and apply the attribute transfer on it (all in the solver). AttributeTransfer_03_shift.hipnc
  5. Square Bottom Bottle Modeling Question

    Hi, you can sweep with different cross sections for example. bottle_sweep.hipnc
  6. deform area with pathdeform

    Hi, you can scale the rotation (of the pathdeformer) with an attribute, by setting a float attribute on the spine. Here is an example. pathdeform_rotate_scale.hipnc
  7. If nothing else work, you can always use a foreach loop and write each piece attribute to detail, and reference it by detail(input, 'name', 0) in any field.
  8. Keep point numbers after polyextrude

    You can also store the ptnum as (extra)attribute before extrude. Extrude will transfer this attribute to the new points, which can be used to sort the points.
  9. Problems connecting curves with the skin/loft nodes

    Here is another update with some comments. If the primitives are sorted in a right order, you can shift the vertices based on the differences between the u-values. This will probably only make sense, if the polygons are closed (or open with same first/last point ~ which is the case here). You can also look into the file from anims link, there is less VEX Code. curveSkin_modA.hipnc
  10. Problems connecting curves with the skin/loft nodes

    Hi, you can try to set primgroups based on the neighboured points. If you walk over both prims and taking the sum of the lengths of a set of point pairs with different directions, one direction should have a smaller sum (which should be prefered). Based on this information you can set the primgroup. Here is an (heuristic) example. curveSkin_mod.hipnc
  11. Keeping displacement using rest pos

    Hi, one option -> point deform: first input: deformed and displaced geometry second input: deformed non displaced geometry third input: rest geometry (rest node not necessary here)
  12. Intersect All VEX only works sometimes?

    Hi, not sure what you are trying to achieve, but if you want to detect the points with intersection rays, which are in the overlapping area, you can duplicate the geometry, add an offset to y and move each points slightly based on their point number in y-direction. Now you should be able to send a ray from the original point to y-direction with little offset from the starting point. here is a file intersect_all_overlap.hipnc
  13. Help with offsetting grid

    Hi, if you want to keep the border points in place, you can use the relbbox function. Here is file with some aspects from the given example. grid_point_xy_offset.hipnc
  14. Sidewalks - PathDeform?

    You can also try polyexpand2d (if not already done), but it is only working on planar curves (which is not a problem, since you can project your curves onto a plane and project them back after it, if the curves aren't too distorted). It is also working with intersections (Intersection Stitch can be used before ~ depending on cases). Once you have this you can use the input curves to calculate uv-coordinates.
  15. Sidewalks - PathDeform?

    Hi, if you want to use a path deformer, you can bevel each curve point circular. Unfortunetly there is no inbuild solution yet (afaik). Make sure, that the object width corresponds to the curve radius, the radius should be slighty bigger than the half width of the obejct. Here is an example using a path deformer and a round tool (VEX). path_deform_along_circular_beveled_path.hipnc