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  1. My problem is that my points after delete, are changin their point id instead of being fix. If you show point numbers in viewport and then grab the timeslider, you can see for example der point 4 change it's position to point 5. But i guess I solve it with an custom attribute id. ( i@id = @ptnum in an wrangle right after solver)
  2. Hello Guys. I got stuck here in a middle of an project and i can't find a solution. My problem is : I have a grid of points , and an animated point running over the surface of the grid. My "running" point have an attribute that is transferd ( via attrib transfer SOP inside anSolver) to the grid points by an proximity radius. then I use the transfered attribute to isolate only the grid points that are tuched by the "running"point. But the @ptnum of the remaining points is changing. And i need the @ptnum to grow in the order detection ( @ptnum 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc) why is that happening to understand better I've attached the scene file ptnum_chaos.hip
  3. Point Normal - Control each point's normal separately

    Simple and nice ! thank you !!
  4. Hi guys Does anybody knows a method to rotate separately each normal of a point from a curve ? I want to select 1 or X number of points and than to rotate their normal as desired. how to do that? Thx
  5. another VDB dilemma

    Great. thx guys. Apparently the smooth velocity does the trick for me ( relatively slow ocean and fast splashes) i'll dive into that, hopefully i'll manage to build it. If not, i'll be back Philipp, i've seen your post. Cool idea to smooth everything until the droplets dissapear and than use it as a mask . Could be tricky in my case because i have a large ocean swell - big slow waves that deforme the whole volume a lot , and big splash. i'll see it anyway. sound easyer to build than smooth velocity ( at least for a rookie like me)
  6. another VDB dilemma

    Thx. Sounds good. I'll try with pointreplicate
  7. another VDB dilemma

    Thx. For now this could be a solution, but still... i'm loosing the droplets from the splash. So this solution should be a compromise between smoothness of the surface and lack of detail in the splash ? Or there is another solution out there to keep the separated particles from the splash (droplets) and also smooth the surface build between all particles - ? maybe just separate the splash from the rest of flip tank and simulate it different from the body of water?
  8. another VDB dilemma

    here's another screen - see the difference between the ocean wave surface and the VDB surface from the splash tank. - the shape of the waves is the same, behaves the same etc. ( i have a blend between the two on the edges) but the details from the VDB surf are far too graini
  9. another VDB dilemma

    Hi all, be gently, i'm green So, i'm working on an old cliche: boat splash in waves:). My particles sim is not a big one ( 4 milions ) but still the VDB is not following the particle shape as desired. Anyway , i can live with the quality of the splash , but I'm not happy at all with the quality of the surface of the ocean .Have this orange skin texture, like cellulitis .... I've tried with dilate/smooth/erode - and this method affects the splash too much loosing it's details ( and i don't want that) and apparently didn't influence de surface of the water ("ocean") enough to smooth the "orange skin" out !!! . I've also tried to decrease the particle separation ( now is .06 to .04 ) : the details pop up of course , but so does the jitter from the ocean surface ( "orange skin" ( i have an splash tank and it's copying an ocean wave surface) attached you have screens shots with and without VDB operators to see the difference question 1- what can i do ( what other combination of VDB operators can i use ) to get my water surface smoother without affecting the details of the splash too much