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  1. Image to point

    Trying to do the same thing, replicate a nuke DeepToPoints node in houdini. Have you been able to do it? Anyone?
  2. houdini PositionToPoints from aov

    Very simple and works great : ) Many thanks!!
  3. houdini PositionToPoints from aov

    Thanks Tomas! Will try right away : )
  4. Hi, currently I am using Nuke to create a point cloud from a world position pass / P pass, and after that exporting the alembic to houdini to create a mesh from the point cloud. I would like to avoid using nuke, and rebuild the data directly in houdini. I know it must be easy peezy but really have no idea how to do it after a lot of reading. How can I recreate Nuke's PositionToPoints node in houdini, so I can rebuild the point cloud from the P aov of my exr, hopefully by combining multiple frames. Thank you!!
  5. Redhsift broke and I cant fix it

    Your Redshift version does not support this houdini build most likely. Make sure you read the release notes of the redshift version for supported houdini builds, this is most likely a question for the Redshift forum, Juango would be happy to help.
  6. Animated Gravity Field

    Hi, thank you both very much for your help. I was able to make it work with a mix of your solutions. The Pop Force in the velocity of the Flip Solver is working very good. I attach the working scene if somebody else wants to see the setup. I was never able to read the particle group in the Gravity solver like you suggested Diego, do you have more tips for that?... I write the group in the gravity, the group exists but it seems to be just on or off, no animation possible. p.s. Also a tutorial here for grouping particles, around 7:30: FLIP_Gravity_Field.hip
  7. Animated Gravity Field

    Hi, I have a keyed gravity that affects a FLIP simulation (a box of water..), and I am trying to find how I can offset my gravity force to start with top particles down to bottom. Ideally I would have an animated box that would trigger the gravity effects on the particles... After a lot of research, it seems that I need to use the mask slot of the gravity but can't figure out more than that, as I don't see in the viewport any feedback for the scalar field and vector field. Help? Thank you!!!
  8. Hi, so I am new in Houdini and I am trying to deliver my shot now haha. I have a FLIP setup with a custom emitter, and I am trying to animate the emission with expressions and (animated) custom attributes coming from the geo emitter... So my questions are: 1) how can I use a noise() expression in the y scale of my emitter only? Coming from Maya, I was using noise(time) all the time but can only use rand($F) in houdini right now 2) can a POP source use a custom attribute coming from the geo of the emitter, created with Attribute Create? I read my local variable on the emitter but can't use it I can't work with VOPs currently, it's a little bit too complicated, as it's my first houdini scene. I've tried but can't make it do what I want. Thank you!
  9. VDB Mesh Jitter

    I am new to Houdini but I think I was able to resolve this issue by making my simulation at a bigger scale. I think the jittering comes from the voxel size of the vdb being inadequate for the simulation. So sometimes a voxel is read as full and the frame after empty, so if you make the sim at a larger scale the interpretation will be smoother. The particles have more voxels to pass through and define the resolution. Just my understanding of this situation... Maybe just adding more voxel resolution would do the same, but it might get more cpu expensive?
  10. Emit Flip fluids from particles

    Thank you Illusionist! Finally I was able to make it work by: - connecting manually my particles (POP Source) to the flip solver instead of using the shelf tool - changing the keeponlypoints of the particle_fuid context Group Type so the vdb meshing works This way I can replace the emit particles fluid from the shelf and emit from a normal particle system. Thanks!
  11. Emit Flip fluids from particles

    Hi ODForce! First sim, first post, super newbie... we just started working with houdini at work and we have a whole serie of blood splatters simulations to create. We would like to have them as much art directable as possible, so I am trying to control my flip fluids emission from standard particles. How can I emit from a standard particle system?... what operators or workflow do I need between the two solvers? Currently when I try to "emit particle fluid" from an existing particle system it says no surface detected or something like that. Thanks!