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  1. Bullet: small objects not stopping to move

    ok, I have this problem for a really long time! not only the moving issue and also the crazy rolling issue. what you guys need is a "pop speed limit" node ! cheers
  2. Large scale beach probleme

    This is a really general question. I been work at theme park media production for two years. There is always have some to do like that. the answer is using fake the scale by adjust the velocity and gravity. using the distribute sim doing it procedural way( that one is a little tricky )
  3. Bullet: small objects not stopping to move

    I think you guys need "pop speed limit" and "pop spin limit" node.
  4. Dynamic Cracks on a glass dome

    glasscrack.hip here is some basic idea for you to do the glass crack. Basic you need control the curve revel to make the crack animation. you also can use carve sop to control a hero curve. if you want to do the cracking with some segment falling down. you can bring the setup into sopsolver. hope it helpful
  5. Hi guys I'm new to crowd simulation. Dose any one know why some agents are blinking when get them rendered( actually the agents suddenly disappear and them show up). I add the crowd render blow. Anyone knows what reason cause this problem? crowd.mov
  6. pop grain cause particle disappear

    Thanks Noobini It is some display problem. when I reload the cache on the windows system, It looks fine.
  7. pop grain cause particle disappear

    Hi guys: I'm working on a snow simulation project. when decrease the number of particle separation in the POP Grain node, some particles just disappeared. Really don't know what reason cause this problem. Any one figure this out? Need help!! add the image below
  8. Gear animation problem.

    Hi guys: I try to make this model (shows below),but I really have problem to figure out how to animate the red circle part. Anyone plz help me. Link: project2.hipnc