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  1. Hello everyone. I'm setting up a crowd scene for a massive battle scene. There are a lot of props inside the system and corresponding materials assigned by "style sheet" however when I scrub or play the timeline maps vanish. They don't get erased they still show up in render however the viewport shows default grey material. How can I fix this?
  2. bake agent for crowds

    Did you find the answer?
  3. Points as force in RBD

    Thanks a lot. Pradeep's example helped me. Prashant I coudn't understand the project because it's too complex for me right now but thanks for both replies. Appriciated.
  4. Points as force in RBD

    Hello, My name is Atilla. I'm a new member of this forum and also new in Houdini. I wanted to introduce myself as it is my first post here. I made a pop sop which includes some particles spawned from a sphere and gave them an outward velocity. Now what I'm trying to do is using them in a basic rbd setup containing a ball and drive the ball with those particles like it's exploding. I've searched the forum but because I'm new I think I coudn't even search for what I was looking for . Can anyone show me a way to do so. Thanks;