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  1. Drop Water

    I want to make a animation. A drop goes to down and create this shape. Can you send me please some link? Many thanks for advanced
  2. splash flip

    Hi friends of houdini. I stay looking this Fx and I love it a lot. Some guy to knows how I can do this: Many thanks for advanced
  3. Drop Water

    Hi my friends, I'm new in houdini and I have a huge question, I want to do this in Houdini and I don't know how I can do, some can explain me please Many thanks hou people
  4. Hello at all. I'm newbie with Houdini I have a question, I'm doing a boat with a flip. The boat moves very slow and just creates a splash. I would like to create a force around or in front of the boat who could create and manipulate a splash power depending on the height you want. I want like to Custom Splash FLIP as this example. Can someone explain me with an example as I do? billion thanks: O)