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  1. I'm glad it's working for you it's confusing the heck out of me Lol!
  2. Yeah I'm not sure I'm fully understanding why it isn't working as predicted but like I said I just went back to dopsetup. I needed varying types of collision for the geo.. mesh collision for the unbroken part of globe.. a simpler collision for char.. I didn't know how to set that up in the sop setup.. in dops I simply specify what to use.. far less stress. I think the reason my pieces started moving immediately was because they collided from frame 1 on the unbroken globe.. So instantly they became active.. like I say I'm not sure 100% Like I say hopefully I can still use some nodes to create higher res pieces then transform pieces sop.
  3. i ended up going back to dopnet approach and omg its a total joy to work with. I can activate the sim at the frame i want. I'll use transform pieces sop to shift the sim to higher res geo down the line but this should work sweet. that SOPS method has MUCH work to do before ppl start switching to that - its cute and fun to twiddle in sops - reality is in a production workflow its a sodding nightmare from what i can see. thanks guys for all the help anyways i appreciate it and learned some trickery on various bits! ant
  4. exactly that mate - i'm glad its not just me seeing the same thing - i've seen a bunch of tuts.. simple boxes... basic fences hit by hammers... yeah its adorable... all that geo is made in houdini. Fetching something in... fracturing it running a sim.. adding uv's and then piping that back out to render elsewhere is much more involved lol!
  5. hey thanks I tried the @Frame and $F as you suggested - it makes no difference - its like the The other method i was showed was to create the whole globe statue as fractured geo... then group the points and use i@active ==1 in a group node but the main problem with all this is that its ALL the globe being fractured. Its heavy handed for just a few pieces. I just need those pieces to stay static in space until i allow them to become active - currrently its like this new SOPS based method doesn't give me the option - in dops i would just add an rbd keyframe active node and specify at what frame they become active - this HAS to be do-able with the new sops based approach surely ?!
  6. awesome theres some great stuff there for me to look at so heres some grabs of my scene... i've set it up using the bounding box area you showed me... seems to work great for what i need. question - how can i get the pieces to activate at a certain frame? Right now they all start falling immediately - i need them to only become active at a later frame... I triend entering a simple if command into the rbd configure active area but it didn't work The pieces just stay static sadly...
  7. awesome - i haven't took a look at your v02 scene yet but i definitely will - this rbd configure is exactly what i was missing and wondered where it all went to hehehe! It makes alot more sense now overall. I'll try the group expression tweaks too!
  8. this bounding box method seems to work really well thankyou so much for helping out - i've also found i can take my oriignal points i scattered onto my shape to fracture ...and then copy a sphere... then use those spheres to create my bounding geometry which is equally cool thanks again!
  9. cool thanks i'm taking a look now the bbox is crude but might work for what i need point 2 is already fixed in that method you've given me - only the pieces in the bbox are activated - the rest stay static
  10. i have a ground plane that i wil add in later but the object is suspended above the floor... i dont need it to fall on the floor and rest... i just need it floating there.. suspended.... then when hit only the pieces fall and hit my ground plane. not used the rbdconfigure no - can you please help me out here i have no idea how to use that sodding node and all i can find is f**king entagma tuts and varomix with "heres a box i dropped the material fracture node on" - i cant find any vid for using that node especially where it involves using my own custom points
  11. simple_ball_Fracture.hiplc built a simple scene of a ball being hit by another - i stuck a sticky inside the network... basically i need: 1 the ball to not start falling the second the sim starts - i need it static. 2 only the pieces that were created from my red scattered points to be active - the rest i need static. I cannot for the life of me understand why this is so convoluted to sort out with that rbd material fracture node - any ideas on approaches to this would be a huge help its really biting me in the neck
  12. So what did you do exactly ? Are you using a wrangle to pin the other pieces or is there a setting in the rbd material node ? I tried a wrangle but for some reason I can't seem to select the packed points I need it's like the node unpacks them or something The scene is pretty much as simple as you have except i have an object colliding. I can't share the geo for this scene I'mafraid
  13. Hi guys it's been a while since I was on here due to work but I'm digging into Houdini again. I have a simple scene.. a ball.. I scattered some points on it.. then used those points in the new rbd material fracture tool. It seems to work.. the points fracture the ball.. giving me smaller pieces in the impact area.. and the rest is bigger chunks. However I can't for life of me get those bigger pieces to remain static! Is there any sensible way to do this? So far all the pieces fly away. Ideally I want to use this tool because I like the interior detail and edge random features it has. Can anyone help here ? It's probably really simple but I have been trying all day. I'm not great with wrangles either :/ Ta Anthony
  14. when use houdini engine, alpha attribute problem

    Hi I'm not 100% sure with redshift I use vray in Maya as my char anim stuff is rendered there too. I export out my particles as alembic (promote to vertex before rop alembic export). In that export is my Cd and Alpha I bring in my particle sim from hou using the import proxy tool. I usually need to use a node to connect the Cd attribute to colour on my vray shader. I use a userdata node and enter Cd into that and then plug that into my shaders colour value. It's picked up. The same thing happens for my Alpha plugging a userdata node in and setting that to "Alpha" (capital A) Those are my main ones for my particles. I can also poop out pscale to control particle radius too There may be a similar option in redshift I heard it's very similar to vray.. Worth a bit of a twiddle to see what nodes are in there to do the job?
  15. Hi yeah this is pretty cool and makes sense. So basically I would have my target skeleton at base pose and my animated skel.. and I transfer the anim to the target skel. The target skel will have extra stuff on it e.g. muscle sim perhaps. I've not much clue how to set that up in chops.. I imagine it's ok for one node but getting it to work with 100+ bones could be monotonous. Is there by documentation or tutorials for such a thing ?