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  1. Hi Sam, Polyextrude makes the extrusion, based on normals. Add the direction you want using a Point Sop, and inside Poly extrude choos Point Normal/Existing. sorry for my english. winding_polyextrude_01.hipnc
  2. flipbook with simulation time

    I upload a file with a solution, but I still want to learn if there is a simpler solution than python and two nodes, like Atom solution, only one line... I dont know how to replicate Atom solution :(. flipbook_with_time_python.hipnc
  3. flipbook with simulation time

    Thank you Atom, I had found this command in the forum but I couldn't make it work what I'm doing wrong? I also tried to export file sequence with this ->$LT Local time - not including stretch or offset<- in the file name... No luck
  4. Hi, is there any way to make a flipbook and print out the current time through vcomment? I want to save the sequences and remember the simulation time. I found a python script that gives me the system time, but I cant use getattrib or detail in viewport comment. any idea Please???, Thank you Nikos