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  1. I think I found a way: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/61608/
  2. Hi all, I'm writing a little python script to change some geometry values and it's working only if I declare the parameter name. hou.node("../subnet1/").parm("L_ear_shape01") But since I've about 20 custom parameters (could be more), to be passed to a function, the current parameter should be returned as soon as I change it's value, either by sliding the slider or roll the mouse button over it's text field. If there is anything like this it would be great: hou.node("../subnet1/").parm( #CURRENTLY_MANIPULATED_PARAMETER# ) I tried the following code at the very top of the script, but it returned None once. hou.evaluatingParm Is there away to get which parameter is being manipulated?
  3. setprimattrib not working properly

    WOW! Thank you very much! Sorry for the late respond. I had some life troubles to handle. Anyway, I want to ask you so much questions, starting with What kind of coffee do you use? that's amazing really. I used to pick nodes randomly hopping for the best, but you! you know how to make magic. Great. Say, if I want the particles to keep emitting for longer than 50 frames (which you set in the timeshaft node, I wonder why?), how can I do it? I tried $F, and 1000 but ..
  4. setprimattrib not working properly

    I tried VOP SOP rather than Point Wrangle, but I get the same result. Cubes colors change back after the loop ends. same as previous Gif attachment. I don't know how to setup this in Solver SOP, but I'll try.
  5. setprimattrib not working properly

    Thank you guys. I get this result, from the code above. The problem is that setprimattrib() function is not working outside foreach loop. Is there a way to keep the color red after they get out of the loop? I don't know how to use a Solver SOP as suggested, and I'm not sure if my problem with pcfind.
  6. setprimattrib not working properly

    So the point wrangle sould be inside the solver sop? I never understand how the Solver SOP works . The wrangle works fine, I just can't understands why setprimattrib() not working outside the wrangle.
  7. Inside a point wrangle node, I've added this vex code: vector pos = prim(1, "P", 0); int prims[] = pcfind(0, "P", pos, 3.0, 200); foreach(int prim; prims){ setprimattrib(0, "Cd", prim, {1,0,0}, "set"); } This should change the primitive color for which passed the pcfind test, right? Well, the color changes to red while inside the radius pcfind, but it changes back to the original color as soon as it leaves the radius. What to do to keep the color red permanently?
  8. Hi all, So I'm trying to split a group of objects into two groups based on a distance or something better. See here: The Blue group have six balls close to each other, same for the Green group, So, to split the two groups, I want to use the space between them if possible. What I tried is this: I've connected a point SOP to Group1, then attached a foreach SOP to the point SOP, and plugged a Ray SOP to the each SOP inside foreach, since Houdini document stated that the Ray SOP needs points as input 1 to work. But .. I couldn't figure out how to use it probably. So, what can I do? splittogroups.hipnc
  9. Well, now I feel stupid just started with Houdini.
  10. Yes, there is a "Group" parameter, but there was a "Group Mask" parameter too, it's been removed in Houdini 14 . I'm using an assemble SOP of course, then I tried to use "Delete By Expression" in the Delete SOP, but I get an error..
  11. How can we do this in Houdini 14, because the "Group Mask" of the Blast SOP is not there anymore! I tried to use the Delete SOP, but there is something wrong.