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  1. Animated Noise

    Yeah pretty much like flcc: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xbrzsaevj51ruut/Donut Noise.hiplc?dl=0
  2. Efficient point rendering

    I'm rendering a big point cloud from a BGEO file. The only thing that changes is the camera animation. If I use the interactive renderer then the scene updates super quick and renders at about 10-20 secs a frame. If I render using a mantra ROP it takes about a 60-70 seconds. I'm assuming it reloads the geometry every frame (or something!?). Is there a way to get something like the interactive render speeds in Mantra? I've tried using delayed load and disk primitives and also various renderers in Mantra (e.g. micropoly, physical) without much success. There is no lighting or any other vex or vops or anything going on. Simple constant shader. Thanks Simon
  3. Random link of interest

    This reminds me of Theo Yansen's Strandbeest's
  4. Ah I'm a fool! Thanks James
  5. I was wondering if anyone could help. I'm trying to get Thomas' shaders in the Additive.gal file to work. I've attached my scene. I've added the shop material to the geometry, put it in Raytracing in Mantra and turned off Stochastic Transparency. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious. Any pointers would help. Best, Simon Addative Rendering.hiplc
  6. N-body via SOP solver with OpenCL

    This is a lovely tool I'm trying to recreate it Indie but can't keep getting an error on the opencl node. (clCreateKernal (-46)). Anyone know what this may be? I've put my project here with the original node and my recreated one. Ta OpenCL Nboby Rebuild SR2.hipnc Ah, realised I didn't change the kernal name
  7. Music Visualisation

    More info here: http://simonfarussell.com/The-Creatures-of-Prometheus
  8. MIDI Automation Channels

    Ah yes! It works nicely just copying and pasting the automation into the MIDI. Sweetness
  9. MIDI Automation Channels

    Ah thanks Tom, that's it. I now have my lovely Automation running through into Chops. One problem is that I really don't know DAW stuff so now I don't know how to use that Automation to map to what I want in Ableton although I assume it's easy. Sure I can link... somehow... And hey Jon, yeah I've got Andrew's book. It's where I've learn pretty much everything audio related. Some of it is still somewhat over my head but I love it!
  10. MIDI Automation Channels

    Hey Thomas, Yeah I tried dropping a * into the index, I figured it would show anything that's there up. But it didn't. But it's interesting to know it's possible. Maybe it's a Mac thing? I don't mind Chops. I think it's because it's one of the first things I've learnt so I'm not polluted from all the other 'proper' Houdini workflows edit. Now I look, I don't think I'm exporting the Automation from Ableton. I think I need to read up a bit more and try again
  11. MIDI Automation Channels

    Does anyone know if there's a way to bring in automation channels from MIDI (eg. volume, pan, fx controls) from MIDI files (not realtime)? I thought it maybe the Control tab in MIDI In but I've had no luck. Thanks, Simon
  12. I did a sketch that may help illustrate the issue...
  13. Hey, I'm trying to get particles to emit in a spiral outwards from another particle. In the example I've done this with one particle firing upwards then others emitting outwards in the XZ plane. This is great but i want another set of particles emiting out from this second set... relative to the particle they're getting emitted from. I can't quite work out the correct approach. Is it some Vex in a pop force or easier with Vopsops? Any help would be appreciated Relative Velocity.hiplc
  14. Audio playback in v14

    Yeah I think I'll give that a pop but I'm a little reluctant as everything is working ok at the mo... well apart from Houdini v14
  15. Audio playback in v14

    Hi, I'm having very bad playback and processing of audio in v14. The same techniques work fine in v13. I'm on a late 2013 Mac Pro OSX 10.9.5 I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar issues or know what the cause might be. Basically the playback of audio is very glitchy. When processing lots of audio through chops playback almost stops. (again runs fine in v13) I do have realtime playback enabled. Houdini will just crash if I don't have this checked. Any help appreciated. Simon