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  1. SopNode object is not iterable - python

    My mistake...! Thanks Dannio!
  2. Hi! I have a problem with what strikes me as a simple task. I made this simplified test setup (see image): 4 boxes in a geometry node all going into a merge node. I select the merge node and run the following python script from a shelf tool (Don't bother about the purpose of this... This is only to show my problem): myMerge=hou.selectedNodes()[0] toDel = [] myBoxes=list(myMerge.inputs()) print(myBoxes[0]) toDel.extend(myBoxes[0]) This will fail at the last line that is supposed to add a single member of the myBoxes list to the toDel list. It throws the error in the second image. What bothers me is that the print statement works appropriately but for some reason, the same structure doesn't work to add the item to the list. Am I just missing something?? Thanks!
  3. Great! Thanks for the info Edward!
  4. Hello! I`m trying to write to a detail attribute which is an array of ints. Here`s what I do: I create the attribute using attribCreate and set an integer of size 10 named myArray and i get this in the spreadsheet: Then in my VEX, I am only able to write to the first entry using the function below: setdetailattrib(geoself(), 'myArray', 8, 'set'); I tried many syntaxes: 'myArray[2]', 'myArray2', '@myArray[2]' but nothing seems to work. Also found this post which seems to explain how to do it in H14 using setattribtypeinfo() but we are stuck with H13 for now. https://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&p=172640&sid=e43b886abc29f89722b567acb0e54efa Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  5. AttribVOP VS VOPSOP

    Actually, I just tested and the AttribVOP also works if I don't use the Input from the globals but rather op:/obj/ [...remainingPath...] So the mystery still lingers...!
  6. AttribVOP VS VOPSOP

    Hi fathom! I just redid the whole thing just to be sure I wasn't imagining things and I end up with the same results. Very simple setup. It is a VOP SOP containing a pcOpen node and a while loop. The only thing in the while loop is the pcIterate node so that I don't get in an infinite loop. Here's an image of my graph below. As soon as I plug my integer const in the while node's "condition" input, my VOP SOP dies. (i.e: the VOPSOP node turns red and all attribs disappear from the details view.) The exact same setup works in an attribVOP with the only exception that I use "input1" from the globals to assign my point cloud texture.
  7. AttribVOP VS VOPSOP

    I see! Thanks Pradeep! I'll have to push my understanding of the difference between VEX and CVEX.
  8. Hello! So I have just spent the last few hours trying to understand why I wasn`t able to have my point cloud nodes (pcOpen, pcImport, pcIterate, etc.) running normally. It turns out that my problem had nothing to do with the pc[...] nodes but rather about the fact that I was within a VOPSOP node rather than in an AttribVOP. In the end, what I noticed is that whatever was sent into my "while" loop to be processed with pcIterate would end up going nowhere. my while loop wasn't able to return anything else than null data. When I rebuilt my loop structure within a AttribVOP instead of a VOPSOP, everything started to magically work. It seems to me the problem is similar to another problem I've seen about PointWrangle VS AttribWrangle where some functionality works in one but not the other. From this thread it seems that it's all about context. In the end, I did find a workaround by using the AttribVOP instead but I have to admit that I really don't have a clue about why I should use one or the other... Is AttribVOP always better? Is it just a more generally usable node; VOPSOP being more specific or something? PS: I think I've heard that these nodes changed in H14 but we are using H13 because of production requirements.
  9. AttribWrangle vs. PointWrangle

    Very helpful! Thanks guys! edit: I wish SideFX would hire a team to completely review their doc and make it accurate and helpful... It is quite hard for newcomers to hit so many walls of incomplete / inaccurate infos..
  10. Hi! I'm trying to create a predefined UI template on a null to be imported as an importblock in an HDA. The whole thing seems to work fine except for one weird issue: For some reason, no matter what I do, the first 2 params that I create in my import block are never carried over when I refresh my block imports. So if I have only 2 params in my importblock, nothing gets carried over upon refresh. If I have 8 params in my importblock, 6 get carried over. If I swap the order of my params so that the first two that were previously ignored are now lower in my params list, the new top 2 params will be ignored while the ones the used to be ignored will now be visible.] So my workaround would be to add 2 bogus parameters... It feels kind of sketchy... Any thoughts? Not sure if I explained this clearly but I can try to give more details if need be. Thanks!
  11. Hello all! First post here! I'm working on an OTL that scatters points and then instantiates objects on it. I have many layers of potential rotation patterns that can overlap or not (i.e: imagine 3 VOP SOPs on top of each other that can all output a quaternion to the "orient" attribute) I'm just wondering if this workflow is acceptable or if I need to worry about data corruption as I am always reading and writing from and to the same attribute. Any advice? Thanks!