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  1. managing .sim checkpoint files

    I guess so you have a couple of situation where they might come in handy. I have worked on both large scale and small and have never run into a time that I needed to start the sim over midway. If I did it was because the sim was broken but I also am an FX TD, not a pipeline TD, so I can't disagree with you (although anyone else with a different answer, I would still argue the point that the sim is prolly messed up and they need to fix whatever is wrong and re-sim). Has these above-mentioned issues come into play at your studio? or are these preventive measure?
  2. managing .sim checkpoint files

    Why are you using those bloated files? if you are managing your scene and your sim correctly and efficiently Houdini can solve correctly without crashing.
  3. With a connectivity sop you can separate each piece with a attribute called class you can extrude/bevel, with this.
  4. Couldn't you just point deform the static mesh with the animated mesh?
  5. fill volume with complex fem object

    If you are trying to get a watertight mesh you can add a divide node after your geo, and check on remove shared edges. Then merge your geo and the shared edges and add a fuse node.
  6. Hey thanks for these two great solutions!! Both ideas work. This is pretty much what I had in mind! The only thing that is a cheat per-say is that imagine this is a cache so there isn't a curve to resample so get the curveu attr as easily as you did... but it looks like the only reason you did that was to get the correct order of the points and I think you can come up with this after the wrangle. The whole idea is that there is a human body 4 limbs and a torso and I find the center points of each limb and torso(basicallt creating center curves through the model) without splitting the model. I wanted to get this to work on a tube as a human character is basically cylinders. with this solution I would still have some work to do in splitting the mesh and find the rows and colls. This is a great step in the right direction, thank you for this! Rob
  7. Hey Thanks for taking a stab at this! That is a really interesting solution. and it works for this example. But if I changed the geo it wouldn't work. I was wondering if there is a way that I could do it with a vol. My idea is (I just don't know the proper vex function), scatter points in the vol of the object and find the center line of the vol and push the points to the center line. Is there a function for this?? or I was thinking maybe find the center of the edge rings and then addpoint to the center of the edge ring. But Then I don't know the vex function to get the center of each edge ring. Let me know if these Ideas can help find the solution! thanks for your help Aragatory. Rob
  8. This is probably not as hard as I think but I'm trying to find a way to draw a line down the center of an animated object using vex. I have a tube that is a cache and it is deforming. The points and polys don't change. I want to create a curve that goes directly down the center of the tube. I was successful by manually deleting some poly loops, and using a divide node with remove shared edges and then packing the shared faces then using an add to connect the center points, this is a quick and DIRTY way that worked. But I would like a more robust procedural way of doing this, if I had a lot of objects this way would be a pain. I have attached a .hip for if someone would like to help me out with this it would be much appreciated thanks in advance. Rob FindthecenterTest.hip
  9. Is there a environment variable that will allow Houdini to open in manual when Houdini is fired up? That being said, is there an env variable that will also allow me to save incrementally? Thanks for your help Midi
  10. Hi I can't seem to export my rigged character from Houdini as an FBX to come into Motionbuilder with the bones. It seems that only the nulls and controllers are coming in (which is the opposite that I want). I am using 16.5 and it looks like there has been some changes in the fbx export. Has anyone done this successfully? What where the FBX settings? Thanks in advance for the advise. Rob
  11. Ramping into a group in POPS

    Perfect... I was over thinking it! Thanks!!
  12. I think this is prolly an easy answer and I know I should know this. I have a pop net and I have to points enter a group based on the age, and once they are in that group a pop force takes over. but as of now they kinda pop as soon as that force takes over. is there a way to ramp into that group rather than it being an on or off so there is a smooth transaction into the pop force. Thanks for your suggestions in advance!! Rob
  13. Cycling animation cycles

    WOW thanks for the quick reply!! This is a nice solution I'm defiantly going to give it a try. I would love to use the crowd tools although I have never. Do I need the rig to bake out an agent? or could I just bake out the alembic geo as an agent and skip the collision joints and configure joints steps? Thanks again Rob
  14. Hi guys, I'm trying to come up with a solution to cycle through animation cycles and instance them onto points. Basically I have a few alembic animation cycles (exported from maya). They all loop seamlessly. They are a butterfly waking up and taking off. The first cycle is: opening his wings and getting into position 1. The second is a resting state, minor wing movements, and staying alive. and the third is a flutter and take off. The idea is to populate the butterfly onto points, have them cycle through the animations, and then have the points fly away taking the butterfly with them (on the third fly away cycle). I am just having problems coming up with a nice and neat solution for having these cycle through the animations. Idealy it would be great if I can find a way to have control to stay in the second state a bit longer on some then others. I hope this makes sense. If anyone has any idea this would be fantastic!! Thanks in advance Rob