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  1. Hi all, I have a bunch of door and window frames. The door frames don't connect at the bottom but the windows do, and I want to be able to separate them into different groups without manually doing it for future-proofing changes. Help appreciated! EDIT: Solved using @numprim and isolating by number of prims.
  2. Smoke sim slow despite no density?

    Does this mean be more aggressive with the dissipation and up the threshold on the resize field? Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, might be a silly question but my smoke sim has density sourced from particles which have bursts throughout the timeline so there are gaps in time where the smoke has dissipated. Despite this, my sim is still taking a while during these gaps and I am wondering if there are rogue fields still active that I can eliminate to speed it up? Anyone have any ideas? Cheers
  4. Alembic Velocity Issue

    Hi guys I am having a rather strange issue. I have a particle system which is advected by volume from a pyro sim, and then I have bits of geometry copystamped to this system. But when I export this to Maya with ROP Alembic I am not getting velocity. What's strange is if I do a convert to points from volume using the original pyro sim, copystamp that and export it instead... the velocity works in Redshift Maya.. why does it break when using points from pops? Does anyone have an idea about what's going on? EDIT: Found a workaround. Convert the velocity to colour in houdini, and use it as the motion vector source in Maya mesh controls.
  5. Slomo Paint From Speaker fx

    You could do a flip sim to drive this sort of effect. Those tendrils are basically from surface tension. Animate the speakers so that they are creating some velocity and collide them, you could use gravity/forces to pull them up. For the bubbles, you can use a simple pop network with particles moving upwards and dying off quickly, copy stamp some spheres on them and then use that as collision objects for the flip.
  6. I am trying to simulate egg whites inside the eggshell which then gets pushed out by an escaping yolk (the yolk is not a fluid, just a deforming collision object), and drips down onto the eggshell. I can get a simulation running by making the eggshell collision geometry really thick prior to vdb conversion, however the fluid actually needs to conform to eggshell surface which is really thin, so this is not going to work. But without some thickness the fluid simply exits the collision geometry. What is the best way to approach this? Cheers
  7. Hi guys I am making a simple smoke sim whereby I need the density of the smoke to be controlled by velocity. I have car wheels that move from a stop position and am needing the dust to grow in density as it moves. Can I do this through a wrangle SOP or is it more complex? Cheers!
  8. Gas Stick On Collision

    Ah that did it! Thanks so much!
  9. Gas Stick On Collision

    Ah I see, thanks! It seems the effect isn't really applying? Or maybe I have done something wrong. Please have a look at my file. stick.hipnc
  10. Hi guys, I am simulating a mudlike fluid hitting a wall and would like some sticking behaviour. How do I utilise the GAS Stick On Collision to affect the flip fluid solver? Cheers!
  11. Hello guys, I didn't get any answers from the sidefx forums so I'm trying my luck here. I am simulating urine from a medical cup going into a toilet bowl. Obviously, the water in the bowl is going to be clear, while the urine would be yellow in color. So I will need two separate objects to bring back into Maya for rendering (this is necessary). My current setup is successfully colliding with each other (the urine and toilet water). I am not sure what the correct way to set it up was, but this is currently how it is set up: * Urine fluid particles are sourced from a flip tank sop that's pruned– to match the shape of the cup that's holding the urine. That is then imported into the autodopnetwork through the flipobject sop and put into the first input of the flip solver. * The water in the toilet bowl is sourced slightly differently. For this one I did the same process by making a flip tank, pruned it and then made that a vdb and used the fluid source sop. This one is put into the fourth input of the flip solver. The reason I did this set up was I just could not get them to collide with my previous method. I tried making them both into flipobjects and merged them with mutual collision (i also tried left affects right) but they wouldn't interact. With the current set up, they do. Now I am wondering, how do I isolate the two different fluids so I can export them as separate objects, is it possible? Would appreciate some help, thanks!
  12. Hi guys, I have a scene where I have turned some popnet particles into curves, and then to polygon through the extrude sop. I cached it as a .bgeo and rendering it in Houdini gives me motion blur. I used ply2vrmesh tool so I can bring the bgeo into Maya as a vrmesh file. Everything is fine except I have no motion blur, after looking at the velocity pass my guess is that motion blur was not baked into the .bgeo export. Or was it the conversion into vrmesh that left motion blur out? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi I am just wondering what is the best way to export animated curves to Maya. I have a particle system that I have turned into curves using the ADD sop, but now I want to export these curves into Maya for Rendering. However when I do I either get a blank document, or when I use a clean SOP I get some curves but the animation is all wrong and not all of them are there. Would be grateful for help! Thanks. EDIT: I am using the ROP ALEMBIC for export btw.
  14. Particle Meshing

    Thanks very much guys. I've got it working. Thought I don't know in the long run if meshing rain is even a good idea. I want to utilize it for an animation, but it might bog the whole scene down.