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  1. As I have gather from this topic. It's sad there's no real alternative to maya in the serious CA line of work right now. University teach maya because of job position count. Making tutorial for maya make more money. Writing script for maya sell more. Making a blog about maya get more view count. It's like the full ecosystem of money revolve around maya. Autodesk take advantage of this fact and release under developed/buggy maya because they know people will have no chice.. I'm new to this 3d business so I don't know if i'm being too negative or if Autodesk is that bad. As far as I gather from Cgtalk they don't hate maya as the foundry or reddit forum. I don't know why though.
  2. I am a beginner in 3D so I don't have much choice except to follow what other has done. Maya is production proven CA app. There is loads of tutorial and script on CA anound the web. But it's hell to work with if I don't have TD friends near me. I cried many time redoing all the work because of some stupid error(which I guess because I don't know maya well enough). It has too many pitfall to fall. But in my situation of doing CA, guess I am stucked in the Mayan-labyrinth for a while until I master all the rigging technique from maya tutorials out there, then transfer those skill to houdini.
  3. I am new to houdini. I just play with it for 30 min and I think this software operation make much more sense compare to Maya (exept vertex pushing/pulling) . The GUI is clean and logical. Everything flow nicely that I consider using it as my main app. The problem is I want to do realistic character animation. Can anyone some example of ridiculously amazing character animation made entirely in houdini? Or is it just not efficient to do CA in houdini compare to Maya? Sorry if this like app vs app thread. I just want to know if anyone doing CA in houdini for a living at all.